11.28.2007 detail

it’s been a long time again. i’m a bad wardrobe_remix founder. *spanks self*

-hand-block-printed indian vintage shirt dress: thrifted at goodwill, i added the elastic in the hem
-black jeans: old navy
-black ankle boots: thrifted @ thrift town, SF.
-multicolored bracelet: SF MOMA
-red resin cocktail ring: dinosaur designs, NYC.
-olive and mint green plastic clip ons: alameda antiques fair


sorry i’ve been so AWOL lately. i’ve had so much work to do and so much personal stuff to attend to, including that traveling i did this month…blogging can sometimes take a back seat, and it sucks. i apologize. but i am here and i do what i can when i can. much love to all!


  1. tricia

    lady smaggle: yes, we sure do! it’s a teeny tiny shop in a neighborhood close to soho called nolita. they have all the jewelry and things arranged by color, which absolutely delights me. i wanted something in every color! when i lived in NYC i used to pop in there regularly and ogle their stuff, but never got around to purchasing anything. i made sure to finally get a DD piece earlier this month when i was in NYC, though!

  2. Miss Shoo

    I love seeing your fotos that show your style, it’s inspiring and continues to remind me that I need to raise the bar and show mines jajaja. Your fotos always pop with life, and an I just say the accessories, the print on your dress, the entire outfit comes together – and can I also say that I loveee your hair!

  3. tricia

    annie: i respectfully disagree about needing a belt…i love them and have many of them but i don’t think every dress or every day requires one, this one included. tis a personal decision, and it was mine not to wear one. thanks!

  4. Casey

    what a fabulous outfit!! 🙂 I just love how the dress drapes–and that you added elastic to the hem (great idea!). And that bracelet–which I know you’ve posted about before–is just amazing. It really looks like someone melted a whole bunch of crayons together and thens sliced them up. 😉 lol

    Don’t worry about not posting regularly! I think the holidays tend to get a little hectic! I’ve been running into the same thing myself. Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday!! 🙂

  5. tricia

    jill: thanks for the backup on the belt issue! i make my clothing decisions carefully…if i wanted to wear a belt or thought i needed it, i would have worn it. 🙂

    those earrings are great! thanks for thinking of me and for the link. sadly, i have SO MANY earrings, it would be naughty of me acquire too many more! haha!

  6. tricia

    to anyone who wants to call my choice not to wear a belt frumpy or unflattering:

    when i post pictures of myself in my own blog, i am not looking for suggestions, unless i ask for them. i am merely documenting my life.

    i make my clothing and aesthetic choices carefully. they may not be the choices you would make, and that’s fine, and is just the way it is.

    i made the choice not to wear a belt that day BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO WEAR ONE. i wanted to wear something loose due to how my stomach was feeling. if it looks frumpy or boxy to you, so be it. i am who i am, and i wore what i wore.

    no apologies.