for my information: introduce yourself

who are you?

why do you read this blog?

what do you think this blog is about?



  1. nadnuk

    I started reading your blog by way of wardrobe_remix and finding rss feeds having to do with it.

    I like the combination of your personal taste, artistic ventures, and fashion research link-o-rama. Plus it’s a great addition to the w_r, which I have become addicted to. I found out about threadbanger through you, too.

  2. Maria

    Hi Tricia, My name is Maria Joao and I live in southern Portugal. I stumbled upon this blog (your livejournal version) a few years ago through Wardrobe Remix (can’t remember how I found that!). I have commented before but very seldom – I’m just not a serial commenter ๐Ÿ˜‰ I read this blog because your take on fashion is very interesting and thought provoking – I should say clothes and not necessarily fashion. It’s definitely pulled me out of a (clothing) rut more than once! Your last question: I think this blog is not only a vehicle for yourself – your opinions, thoughts, etc., – it essentially encourages everyone to look beyond every conceivable “fashion” limit, including those we establish for ourselves. Everything about clothing and “style” should be a pleasure and not a chore / bore!! Oops – this almost an essay. I’ll end by saying thank you for sharing your ideas and perspective – it’s been a pleasure reading your blog and I hope to continue to do so!

  3. Kimberly

    I live on beautiful Vancouver Island in BC Canada. I cant remember when I stumbled across your site but I usually check it daily. I love your sense of style and I am a huge thrifter myself so Im always interested in what others are picking up across the world. I love all your links to different sites. I believe this blog is about fashion and how you can make it your own. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Claire

    My name is Claire. I am 17 years old, and I live in upstate NY. I started reading The Coveted a few months ago and noticed she was a member of wardrobe_remix…Then I found you!

    I think your blog is more bout your personal relationship to clothes rather than fashion. You don’t regurgitate the same information that many blogs do (blabla is doing a collection for Target, whatshername is the face of Miu Miu this season, etc). You share news about more unknown labels, and focus more on making/reworking/thrifting than buying from fancy stores.

  5. Jessie Mae

    Hi! My name is Jessie Mae, and I’m artist down in Pasadena. I love reading your site for good fashion and art ideas, and because I generally find you interesting. Plus I’m inspired with the color combinations you come up with. You make me want to put more thought into what I wear.

  6. stephanie

    Hi Tricia ! My name is Steph, and I’m a student/artist/writer/color addict living in Boston. I first heard about Wardrobe Remix in Adorn magazine, in the ‘Remix Redux’ column. It was completely addicting, and though I’ve never joined (far too nervous to post my face and fashion on the internet !), browse through it frequently. But I must say… I enjoy your blog far more, because, obviously, its more personal. I love reading about your thoughts on fashion, our fashion culture, color, creation… its very inspiring, as many have said before me. Color, to me, is the essence of design, and you’ve broken a lot of conceptions about how it should be used, which I love. So I come here mostly to have my brain picked a bit– when you pose questions about fashion, it gives me an incentive to actually think about that specific point in a fresh way. Thank you for the inspiration and thought provoking blog !

  7. loriz

    My name is Lori. I currently live in the O.C., though I moved here from eastern Canada a few years ago. I am a science Ph.D. student.

    I read your blog because you make me think more about my clothing and colour choices. Via you and your links, I have developed an interested in street fashion.

    Describing what *I* think the blog about is probably more closely tied to what I get out of it than what you think you are putting out there. That said, I think your blog is about living a colourful and stylish life while remaining an individual and refraining from over consumption.

  8. crabby rangoon

    My name is Erika and I can’t remember how I stumbled upon your site. I love it, though–especially your WR posts. I LOVE that you started WR on Flickr. I keep meaning to post. Someday soon…

    I think this blog is about creatively expressing yourself without feeling the pressure of your peers, while simultaneously gleaning bits and inspiration from your peers for your own creative endeavors. Ok, I’m rambling. Keep up the fabulous work!

  9. julie christie leary

    I am a 49 year old mom of 2 teen girls. I love thrifting, junking, curb pickin’ etc…I am big on the vintage accessories. Been collecting vintage purses, scarves and jewelry for 35 years. My older daughter snags stuff from my closet all the time. I am a big lurker, but hope to post in wardrobe remix soon.


  10. Mel

    My name is Mel, and I’m a journalist from Utah. I read this blog simply because it is interesting, and very aesthetically pleasing. As far as I can tell, the blog isn’t specifically about anything. Style, creativity, art, fashion … that’s what I see here.

  11. Casey

    I’ve been commenting for awhile, but I’ll go ahead and introduce myself a bit more!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m Casey, 22 years old and live near DC. I stumbled upon your blog back when season two of Project Runway was first airing… I remember because I would look through your lovely blog (I think it was still on LJ at the time!) during the commercial breaks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been an avid fan ever since; your style and sense of color is always exciting and has inspired me to push myself and my boundries with design!

    I continue to read your blog mostly for the reason I just stated! The candy-colored designs and fashions you are drawn to really inspire me. I’ve become more bold about color since I started reading your blog. I have become more aware of different styles of design as well–been introduced to ideas and concepts that I never would have. I also love the fact that you post interesting articles and posts about the design world–it really sets you apart from a lot of the other blogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    To me, your blog is about celebrating all forms of creativity and design. Encouraging experimentation and thinking outside the box. Having fun with fashion, art and design–not taking anything *too* seriously. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Claire

    who are you? My name is Claire and I live in Nottingham, England….

    why do you read this blog? I find it very interesting and entertaining. I love to see others’ perspective into fashion, esp the accessories!

    what do you think this blog is about? I love it! It’s always bright, colourful and refreshing to read :o)

  13. Ali

    Hi I’m Ali! I’m 20 and a fashion student in Sydney, Australia. I use Stumble Upon, which brought me to the Painfully Hip blog on the day that they reviewed their Wardrobe Remixers of the week, and after some curious clicking, I found my way here. I’ve been posting on Wardrobe Remix for the past few months (Alex&ra).
    I keep reading this blog becuase I’ve subscribed to it and I try to read a wide variety of blogs. I like it because its not about whats on the runways or in the stores – It’s more about style, design and creativity.

  14. Beth

    Hi there, my name is Beth, the president of a nonprofit printmaking studio in Portland, Oregon and a printmaker. I found your blog through Wardrobe Remix (can’t remember how I find that) and enjoy your writing and thoughts on style, thrifting and design. Your blog has a very nice balance of personal style, thoughts on culture, photos, new designs and your own life. If I had to sum up what your blog is about, I’d say “personal creativity and style”, not just yours but from a cultural perspective.

    P.S. I also love the printmaking tidbits you include from time to time, naturally.

  15. pamela


    I’m pamela. I’m a design student who has recently discovered thrifting. I expect I’m on the north end of your readership agewise, being over 40, but I still want to look individual and unique and your style and unique way of looking at things inspires me. In you blog I hope I’ll learn something about shopping vintage, and wearing it with a contemporary twist. I found your flickr post this morning really inspiring!

    thank you,

  16. Rowsella

    I’m of a certain aged female, married with a teenaged son, I paint, write, sew, and craft. I mostly feel like I’m ten years younger that actual age.

    I’m from central NY and found your blog via Adorn and circle from Threadbanger to Wardrobe Refashion and back, practically live on Patternreview.

    I read your blog because you and all the membership of Remix remind me of how I used to dress when I was younger (I’m in my early 40’s) and collectively, I feel you keep fashion accessible and fun. Whenever I find myself in a rut (you know the one, the tshirt and pajama/yoga pant rut) I look to you, burdastyle, dressaday and WR.

    I think your blog is about personal style, design, and wearing what is true to you, not just another high fashion collection. Wear your truth, your fun and your own essence no matter what your pocketbook.

  17. bermuda_triangulation

    hello. my name is alysonne. i am a professional floral designer…… i work in the only “A” list flower shop in michigan. i live in detroit. i am also a silversmith….. and i enjoy lapidary arts as well. i love to sew and reconstruct thrifted finds. i collect metal lunchboxes and cheesecake art and simpsons stuff. i used to read your livejournal. well, i like to read your blog because you are very interesting and inspirational. you are very positive…… you never have negative posts or bash anything or anyone. i admire that. i think your blog is ABOUT inspiring other people and sharing your love of beauty and aesthetics. also about urging people not to follow trends but develop their own identity and personal style. i think it’s very, very modern of you. i wish you lived closer!

  18. jessica

    i’m jessica, I’m a person. I read your blog mostly for the photographs. For me, your Blog is about style, personal fashion and shoes. :0)

  19. blingblingkitty

    Firstly, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Meatloaf. My boyfriend and I just found out that our 13 year old girl Peppa, aka Mrs. Peasley, has diabetes. RIP meatloaf.

    I am Katie. Currently, I live in St Paul Minnesota. I knit and sew (clothing mostly). I enjoy all types of design, art, and craft. And I am a long-time thrifter and collector of vintage clothing. I read your blog almost daily because you are intelligent, unique and inspiring. This blog is positive and all-inclusive.
    For me this blog is about design, culture, crafting, fashion, and color.
    Thanks for sharing your style and all of the links to articles etc. with me.

  20. soNOTcool

    Hi. My name is Jodi. I read this blog due to a lifelong obsession with personal style.

    I am a photographer. I have find wardrobe remixers to be an inspiring, not just for “fashion”, but also my art. My new photo series (titled “unmasked”) is definitely inspired by wardrobe remixers as well as Face Hunter. (For some photos from the series, look here: or

    I read this blog because it is interesting, inspirational, and fun.

    Personally, I think that the blog is about finding your own style, creativity, and being resourceful when it comes to personal fashion.

  21. red_swirl

    Hello Tricia! Online, I use the name red_swirl. Traditional about me: I live in Sydney, I’m an IT/Japanese language student, also a Mum. I used to be a lawyer. More important about me: I’d like to make more of my own clothes for style & environmental reasons, and because I’ve always liked doing a variety of crafts. My favourite part of this blog is when you write your thoughts on fashion / style, and when you refer to interesting artists. I guess you want honesty, so I least like the “if money was no object” sections, as I’m trying to buy less & I haven’t learnt to make shoes (yet). However, I also really like your wardrobe remix picks and interviews with remixers, very inspirational to see real people (of all genders, races, body types) being stylish. I guess this blog is about things people wear, when they look good & why.

  22. chloe

    hi, i am a high school student living outside of philadelphia and would like to study textiles/fiber in college…not sure yet if i want to do more practical design, working for a company or doing more of an “art show” career (i can’t think of a better way to say that). i found you way, way long ago from a post you made on punk_knitters and started reading your lj blog then. i originally read your blog for your creations and your experiences as a design student. you don’t do your own stuff so much anymore but i still enjoy reading. like the person above me said, “i think your blog is ABOUT inspiring other people and sharing your love of beauty and aesthetics”. very well put!

  23. Deborah

    Hi!I am Deborah AKA Deborathecraft.I’m a mother,a wife,an independent business woman!
    Ive ‘known’ you online for years.Although I dont remember where we first ‘met’.Possibly the old Glitter?Thru Linda?Anyway we used to ‘hang’ on LJ!When you finished at Paterson and moved to SF I thought we’d get to hang out but not so far!Ive seen you at tsome of the shows (Capsule!) but havent even got to meet you in person yet!
    I read because you inspire me to keep being an individule,keep recycling what I love.Keep my vision.Float in a direction and blow in the wind if an oportunity takes me there!
    I think your blog is about you,your creativity,the people you meet,the people you can and do inspire.Fashion and what it means to you,what it can be in terms of happiness to an individual.Creativness in its rawest form.Learning.Making.More.

  24. Maria

    Hello, my name is Maria and I’m a Swedish journalist student. I found your blog through wardrobe_remix and while I thought w_r was interesting, there was just something about your blog that stuck in my mind and made me check it more often than w_r. I like how you mix your thrift findings with link findings and also the occasional, but nonetheless important, reflections about fashion, personal style and everything that comes with that. Thank you for everything!

  25. tess

    I’m Tess! I came to your blog through iCiNG, I think. I read because I love your personal style and I am in awe of your crafty skills, and I think we share a very similar design aesthetic and opinion about fashion etc. I think the blog is carving out a unique place for discussing radical authenticity in design and fashion, from the mind of someone who is extremely talented and knowledgeable about the industry and the skills required in the industry. I love your unique perspective on things, and how you refuse to go along with cultural prescriptions. Something i admire greatly in a person!

  26. Emily

    My name is Emily. I live in Brooklyn and am an artist. I don’t remember where I found your blog. It was a while ago. But I think that I keep coming back because of all your wonderfully colorful posts.

  27. karen

    i’m karen. i don’t really know what to say about who i am in this context – i’m somebody who’s interested in design, diy, etc. etc. who reads a lot of blogs. i keep up with wardrobe_remix but i’ve only posted once.

    i think of this blog as more or less a personal one – things that you find interesting, if focused in certain particular areas. those being fashion and more general design and aesthetics, knitting, and that sort of thing. i read it because i find many of the same things interesting, and your take on things is always thoughtful and interesting.

  28. stellardolly

    Hi, I’m Bestie, a College student from Manila, Philippines. I have been an avid reader of your blog for months now.. though I’m not quite sure how I discovered it in the first place. I think I stumbled upon wardrobe_remix on Flickr first, then found this.

    Why do I read you blog? Well, why wouldn’t I? It’s wonderful! Insightful, inspiring, addicting. I have been looking for the right “push” to pursue my dreams of working in the fashion industry (not sure which area yet though!) and I have always – ALWAYS – dreamed of attending Parson’s. So when I found out that you studied there, imagine my glee..!(:

    I think your blog (and truly, w_r in general) is a place to be yourself, and love yourself. I adore your little bits of advice (about personal style, the “mob”, etc.) because you set a great example for people all over the world. Even your entries about arts and crafts and what-not are truly inspiring! All in all, you make it sound like the concept of “being yourself” is the best thing since, I dunno, sliced bread.

    So thanks Tricia.(:

  29. Arlene

    I live in Spokane Washington
    I am a Grandma
    I so enjoy – sharing – you being YOU.
    I enjoy seeing others succeed.
    I am very conservative – but enjoy seeing your youthful fun fashion. I think I may be a closet remixer…with gray hair.

  30. Giselle

    I’m Giselle
    I’m brazilian
    I’m 19
    I’m an Architecture and Urbanism student
    I participate in Wardrobe Remix

    I love Bits and Bobbins because of your unique perception of fashion and art in general.
    I love it because it’s crafty.
    I love it because it gives me good and fun lecture and leads me to other sites with good content.
    I love it when you show off bits of your apartment.
    And I’m very jealous of the things you thrift *lol* (brazilians don’t have this thrifting culture… it’s really hard to find good stuff).

  31. Rachel

    Hey Tricia,
    I comment occasionally but read regularly. I’m grad student in my twenties getting my Ph.D. in biomedical science. We probably compete for some of the same stuff at Thrift Town and other secondhand stores, because I’m also a San Franciscan and thrift addict.
    I read your blog for inspiration and entertainment and because I find your emphasis on individuality refreshing. To me, it’s about finding your own personal sense of style and learning to express it through fashion, art, and craft.

  32. Persephone

    Hi Tricia,
    My name is Persephone. I have commented before. I have been reading your blog since you were pintuck on LJ. Maybe about two years I would say.
    I read your blog because I am so not a fashionista, but I love to sew and your sewing and wardrobe and thrifting abilities are a huge inspiration to me. Plus, I had big plans to go to school for fashion design and *life* and its surprises got in the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Kaitlin

    I’m Kaitlin, an English Lit Student in Upstate NY. I have no recollection of when I found your blog– I went through a mad frenzy last year when I finally started reading fashion or style, crafty, art, whatever-related blogs and started reading yours that way. I read because it’s interesting, thoughtful and has a good balance of text and pictures (I’m not going to lie. Like a kid, I like blogs that have more pictures), and also an abundance of interesting links.

  34. Tracy

    My name is Tracy. I play with fiber in all it’s mutations. I adore thirfting and have a great respect for people who wear what they want when they want.

    I read this blog because it makes me smile, without fail. Whether it is because of the links or, the fabulous looks you or your re-mixers come up it, it always makes me smile.

    Hmmmm, what do I think this blog is about? It’s about fun. It’s about knowing what you like and doing/wearing it. It’s about color and freedom.

  35. Elizabeth

    Hi Tricia,
    I’m Elizabeth and am reading you from New Zealand. I dabble in knitting, sewing, etc. I work in a library and, as a result, have the opportunity to request purchases of some amazing books. I also love thrifting because I like to exercise some creativity whilst saving money. Standing out from the flock is an added bonus!

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I did start reading when you were still over on LJ. Your style is so inspiring and has certainly given me fodder for pushing my own boundaries. So, thank you!

    What do I think this blog is about? It’s about finding one’s own uniqueness and celebrating it! Self-empowerment? Definitely. Enjoying your life? Most definitely. Oh, and it is, of course, about colour; something I think NZ lacks sometimes.

  36. annie

    i’m annie and i am and born and raised in san francisco. i am addicted to etsy and make collage art and other paper stuff. i read your blog because i like the glimpses of your home and the pictures you take. i also love seeing all the bright colors and i like it when you talk about style and also i love seeing the things you make.

  37. dorkas

    i’m a blogger, an academic, and a theatre artist who likes to dress up. i found you on wardrobe_remix when it kept popping up among the most noticed flickr groups. i like your aggressively individual aesthetic and i mainly feel that this blog is about letting your personality rule how you look and not vice versa, and about exploring your own creativity and constantly asking yourself what that means and how it affects your place in the world.

  38. jesse

    who are you?
    This is a weird question – I have my hands in about 100 different things, but the thing that most closely relates to the topics on this blog is that I have been thrifting for 18 years (god) and like clothes and do a blog that vaguely intersects with thrifting/conservation themes.

    why do you read this blog?
    I think I came across it on w_r which I never even realized was moderated or created by anyone still moderating it until you posted a bunch of “OG W_R” posts recently. I think I thought of it more akin to StyleDiary but without the Toolbox articles. I thought it was just created and people posted pictures – until recently I had no idea there was a blog about picks from it each week or so. It’s on my RSS feed so I usually skim.

    what do you think this blog is about?
    I don’t know – I thought it was your personal blog for w_r/type stuff? Cool stuff? Musings?

  39. Russty

    HI Tricia, I’m Russty. I’m a fiber artist and mother of two. We live in the desert in Southern California about two hours from Los Angeles. I have been sewing and designing my own clothes for years. I found your blog when I was searching for fashion blogs to inspire me. I love your blog, because to me its about wearing what you love. You share things that you love and make you feel good. In turn it has encouraged me to really look at the way I design for myself and what I buy off the rack. I joined W_R and it has really made my day to day fashion much more fun and inspired me to get out of my rut of black and frumpy.

    What I expect to find in your blog is fashion, thrifting, and artistic inspiration. I can’t really box you into one category. I just consider you to be a creative blog.

  40. Elaine

    I’m Elaine.
    I’m in the UK
    I read this blog and Wardrobe Remix (and a few select others!) because there is nothing out there in the print world that I can relate to in the tinest way compared to what I read here. Your site is a heady mix of oooh pretty, practical and thought-provoking. and I never find anything inaccessible or exclusive in terms of age/body size pettiness. I love the thrifting philosophy and generally giving a sh!t about what we put on our backs without being grim-faced and superior. I think this blog is a paen to colour and the individual. Wardrobe Remix is the most supportive and positive online community I’ve found so far and every day is a gift in terms of what people share visually and personally.


  41. Jill

    who are you?

    Jill, nice to almost meet you. I am 23 years old and live just outside of Philadelphia.

    why do you read this blog?

    We share a similar aesthetic.

    what do you think this blog is about?

    Fashion as a tool for self expression/exploration.


  42. Lotta

    I’m a 23-year-old student from Finland who reads this blog to get totally inspired by the way you use colours and textures. I’ve actually tried to comment a couple of times but have been filtered by the spam protection, I guess… (never thought I was that full of rubbish ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    From what I can gather, this blog is mostly about being yourself and expressing it to the fullest. Which is nice, because in a town as small as this one that I live in, you need some support every once in a while.

  43. Cecilia

    Iร‚ยดm Cecilia, Iร‚ยดm in Finland. I read your blog because you write about intresting things and you are one damn good thrifter ๐Ÿ™‚ i like the way you combine a number of different subjects. I believe that your blog is about that which you are intrested in; clothes, fashion, thrifting and seeking out people with great personal style. Please continue blogging, because you have intresting ideas!

  44. me si

    I’m a visual merchandiser from Finland, right now working with starting a company and an indie fashion label with my friend. I have a passion for color, thrifting and repurposing, which is why I follow this blog regularly -for inspiration and and the good fresh vibe. I’m a w_r member as well.
    To me this blog is about featuring positive creative energy, linking like-minded groups and individuals globally.
    Thank you, and keep up the good work Tricia!

  45. Shelly

    My name is Shelly, Im 27, from Tel Aviv in Israel.
    I first got to know you through W_R in flickr, and then got addicted to your blog :).
    I think its just about life style in general, with fashion being the main interest.
    I got to really love knitting through you, and ofcourse started thriftting much much more…

    I actually consider you an inspiration!
    keep doing what you do…


  46. Gwen

    Hi! My name is Gwen. I’m in my mid-40s and live in Florida with my husband and 3 cats. I can’t remember exactly where I came across your blog, but it may have been through Pattern Review – that’s where I found many of the blogs that I follow. I really enjoy the wardrobe remixers – even the outfits that seem odd to me are inspiring because I love it when people ignore convention and boldly let their personalities shine.

    Sometimes I sew for my young niece – one of the first outfits she picked out was made in a large pink hibiscus print, and she had me add rose bud trim and a poodle patch. I loved it! It was so sad when, as she got older, she became more sensitive to conventional fashion and started copying the fabrics & trims shown on the front of the pattern envelope…

  47. Sarah

    I am a trainer living in Tokyo with my Japanese hubby. I’m British and as such the Internet is very important to me for communication and English.
    I got to your super site via Lisa Congdon, who I got to through a craft site I read. I love Blogs. I love yours because you have inspiring style, you recycle, you create you mix it up and you look great. You have given me confidence to change and experiment and drag things from the back of the wardrobe into the now.
    I think wardrobe remix is one of the greatest things around.
    You site is about you and about style and creativity and about connections and sharing.

  48. Karol

    Hi Tricia. My name is Carolina a.k.a. Karol. I’m a venezuelan living in Montreal. I came to your blog through a link while looking for crocheted stuff. Your blog is in my reader so I can visit it when you have new posts. I read bits and bobbins because its fresh, attractive and it always has new links to discover and visit. Your blog is the reflexion of your sense of fashion.

  49. Jenny

    My name is Jenny Harada. I am a maker of stuff and a momma of two and I live just outside NYC.
    I read this blog because I love all that you do and you inspire me. I especially love your appreciation of color.
    This blog is about you and your fabulous style, and how you search for that style in everything in or out of the mainstream.
    I admit, I also get giddy every time I see the picture at the top that I made, and am happy to be able to say I worked with someone so fab.
    Thank YOU! xoxo

  50. tee tee

    I’m Tee from Louisville, KY. I’m a teacher, mother of two girls, and in a personal re-inventing/re-finding period.

    I read your blog for inspiration. I do not just look for style ideas. I love to see how you and others you blog about find random items and but them together, resulting in fun and greatness. It has helped me in many ways. Color (in clothing, and in attitude) is quickly finding its way into my life.

    I believe your blog is about personal statement. I want to say “fashion,” but it is so much more than that. You have helped me on my quest to not be afraid of expressing myself.

  51. caroline

    hi, tricia!
    my name is caroline.
    i am 29 and live in queens (nyc).
    i discovered your blog when lisa congdon mentioned going vintage shopping with you on her blog, which is literally the first blog i’ve ever read. i immediately loved your sense of color, your enthusiasm and the beautiful photos you take (close-ups of the details, objects beautifully arranged, and – of course – lots of brights!), and that’s why i keep going back to your blog every week.
    what do i think this blog is about? your love for visual and tactile things; crafting, thrifting, dressing. the blog also seems like a way you force yourself to be creative every day, and a way for you to inspire and encourage others as well. your links and the eloquence with which you describe the nuances of style are fantastic.
    great work and best of luck!

  52. Raphaelle

    I’m a university student without access to a sewing machine here at school. I LOVE sewing and crafting and one day I did a search on DIY stuff, knitting, sewing, remixing, etc and found your blog! It’s so colourful and has a diverse range of topics from things you love, to things you thrifted, to things you and other people made/designed/put together. It’s awesome. This blog is one of those things that keeps me going when I don’t have the time or the means to make things, and then inspires me when I do!

  53. Fig

    Hi, Tricia. I’m Fig รขโ‚ฌโ€œ though I post as buttercup_rocks on wardrobe remix. I’m 48, an art school lecturer and writer and I’ve lived in London all my life. I found you and wardrobe remix via the fatshionista community on live journal.

    I read your blog because your attitude to colour is spookily similar to mine and I enjoy reading about your visual influences and seeing your fabulous thrift scores. (I’m nosy like that). I can’t knit or sew to save my life but am a lifelong magpie and remixer. In my teens and 20s I pretty much lived in vintage clothes and still would if they were easier to come by in larger sizes. (I comfort myself with accessories instead, indulging my passion for bold textiles through my extensive collection of vintage silk scarves, mainly from the 30s, 50s and 80s). I find the blog and wardrobe remix equally inspirational – I got stuck in a clothing rut for a while, and reading you has helped me rediscover myself sartorially speaking. I also enjoy seeing how you express your personal style in your living and working environment.

    While I love clothes and dressing up, I loathe the majority of women’s magazines and believe they have a profoundly negative effect on the female psyche. I like that your blog is more about personal expression than following the herd and that you don’t slag anything รขโ‚ฌโ€œ or anybody รขโ‚ฌโ€œ off.

  54. jennifer

    hi, tricia! i’m jen. i live in richmond, va. i am a sixth grade teacher!

    i think this blog is about colorful stuff, because it totally is.

    really and truly, i read this blog because i’m interested in people and their lives. that’s why i read all blogs. the fact that we share some of the same interests is a total feather in my hat, and so i keep coming back. so, basically, i’m interested in you. easy.

    ps, my favorite posts are ‘reviewed by me for you!’ i love those.

  55. pina

    hello! i’m pina..i own my own website and do a bunch of other stuff (which is not really worth mentioning cuz it’s not as fun as the website). your blog is such a creative, colourful source of inspiration. i love your highlights of the wardrobe remixers…that’s got to be my favourite part and always look forward to it.

  56. s. drew

    Hi there. I’m a 26-year-old filmmaker living outide of Cleveland, Ohio.
    I read your blog for style inspiration and tips. I think it’s about diy/outsider fashion and promotes developing individual style. Good job, by the way. Keep it up.

  57. Anna

    Hi! My name’s Anna and I’m a librarian from Los Angeles.

    I was just bouncing around a couple of different craft sites and came upon your site. I liked the title and your posts.


  58. samantha

    hello, i am samantha mcguire and i am 16 and live in michigan. i stumbled upon this blob by being in the livejournal community “thrift_whore”. your thrifts were all so wonderful, and you made a link to this very blog. I bookmarked this and have been reading it for at least 5 months.

    the clothes you post are all so inspiring to my own wardrobe and some of the things you post are quite amazing. you are such an interesting person.

    keep up the color!


  59. Annalise

    HI Tricia.
    This is Annalise (we met once at a yoga class on Stanyan St.). I live across from USF in San Francisco and attend The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.
    I read your blog because I think you have a great sense of style and design. You also have a great use of colors and textures (your knits are wonderful!!). I love learning from you and getting inspiration from the links and photos you post. It’s also fun that you live in San Francisco. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I think your blog is your own personal statement of design and style. Not necessarily only fashion but home, crafts, and self too. It’s a way to make readers and yourself to think deeper about everything around us. And I think you’re doing a great job.

  60. Donna

    Hi Tricia!
    I’m Donna, a jewellery designer from Scotland.
    I read your blog for: wardrobe remixers of the week, your amazing links, the pics of your own wardrobe, inspiration.
    I can tell you what I love about your blog rather than ‘what I think it’s about’…the celebration of creativity and individuality, the fact that you aren’t promoting the latest range at whatever store, the idea of broadening of my fashion horizons..your blog and wardrobe remix make me look at my wardrobe with a fresh eye!
    Keep up the good work!

  61. Victoria Rose

    My name is Victoria and I am 25.
    I live in Northern Ireland but grew up in the US mostly in the Mojave Desert and Virginia.
    I have always been kind of crafty, my momma had been sewing since a child and so i drew up running my hand up and down fabrics in joanns dreaming that i would make the most beautiful dresses but life got difficult and there wasn’t much sewing in the house and
    wasn’t for a few years with the exception of prom dresses .
    fast forward after high school , i tried to go to fidm but found the campus in LA bogus and moved back home.

    my confidence was low so i moved to NI with my mom to live with her family and i became sick with arthritis and found myself with a large amount of time on my hands and then realized i wanted to be creative and found your lj on my quest for inspiration.
    i have a neat boyfriend who is in freaking awesome indie pop band that travels a lot and I study sociology and media as well as making dolls of people who i think are cool looking.

    I read because i enjoy your creativity and your point of view, I have found many sources of inspiration through wardrobe remix and many of the woman have become my screensavers from time to time when i am feeling like i need something to drive me.

    I think this blog is about making art out of life.
    I am your regular girl with black hair and cat eye glasses who doesn’t always believe she is an individual and your blog yells at me to make everyday more than just a day in bed watching movies.

    sorry for the length of this comment maybe i should start blogging my own life!

    trisha you are amazing!

  62. Leah

    My gosh, loads of responses! Hello Tricia, I’m Leah. I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and quite liked it, so I continued to read it. I love the general vibe that seems to come from it (which goes across to wardrobe remix) – self-expression, experimentation, thrifting and other such things you post. A friendly atmosphere is always pleasing to come to! xx

  63. Grace

    I’m a seventeen year-old wisconsinite, looking to major in fashion design when i go to college next year. I randomly found your blog through live journal (i think?) and have been reading it regularly since. I like the your approach to fashion, you provide a lot of inspiration for me. You have a truly individual style.

  64. heather

    my name is heather I live in atlanta
    i read this blog because well, it’s WONDERFUL, so full of color and creative whatnots
    i think your blog is about creating things and sharing these creative juices with others
    it’s great don’t change a thing and really keep on keeping on

  65. Therese

    I’m Therese, 30-year old Norwegian who reads your blog for pure relaxation and inspiration. I love the colourful pages, the useful links and the fact that you inspire me to put on a red jumper instead of my normal black one. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m unsure how I came across your blog, it might have been that your photo was in a pool on flickr, and that I looked it up from there. What this blog is about? Hmm – feeling creative and colourful and passing it on to others?

  66. sarah

    who are you?
    I’m Sarah. I’m 25. I currently live in Houston, but will be a resident of The Netherlands early next year. I talk all about myself & the things I love on my blog (

    why do you read this blog?
    I started after seeing the photos of your home. The card catalog! The craft supplies! The colors! And I stayed because it’s an interesting read with a nice balance of bits about you, style & creativity.

    what do you think this blog is about?

  67. Amanda

    I am a 35 year old mid-western and Texas girl who relocated to Tampa FL a year ago… missing austin.
    I Thrift, junk, sew, cook and try to be a creative being.. raising 2 creative beings.
    I am a work at home mom to a 3 year old and 5 month old. I’ve been reading your blog for almost 2 years I guess – could it be that long??

    We don’t really watch Tv in our house ~ reading blogs breaks up my day and gets me thinking – better than reading a local paper most days!

    I read your blog to see inspiring, creative fashion. I love the colors, the remixers, and your sense of style. I think it helps me see my days, how I dress, and the people I see out in the world differently. I guess to sum all that up, I read you for a perspective different from my own, one that broadens the way I see ‘fashion’ and style and color.

    I think this blog is about – your perspective on fashion, color and style.. and about mixing it up.

  68. Miss Smith

    Hello! I’m 24 and live in a small town in Georgia these days. Somehow came across your blog a few months ago and got hooked. Not just because of your eclectic style, but your intelligent and well-written posts. I sew and crotchet and enjoy being creative in general, but have been lacking motivation for a while, so I come here for a little inspiration! Someday I’ll get through all those sewing projects I haven’t finished…

  69. Sarah

    Hi, I am 26, a Seattlite, and work at a Natural History Museum. I have regularly read bits & bobbins since learning about WR, probably two years ago. I may have found B&B while browsing friends of friends on livejournal (persephessa/Kore). I check in for always colorful photos, fantastic links and thought provoking monologue/dialog on fashion, creativity and personal style.

  70. Rorosto

    Hey, my name’s Aurora and I found your blog through hitting one link after another on what started out as the few aesthetically based blogs that I read. I’m a buyer for a store and love love love just… fashion, and craftiness, and women finding ways to make their love for something like that go somewhere, and the community of people who also love it. Realizing there’s this community of people all writing about and snapping pictures about the same things inspires me so much, and is becoming more and more an obsession of mine daily, and I want to start my own blog one of these days – have a voice to add to the mix. But for now it’s great to read, to see the colors and shapes and sources of inspiration that you all are using, and I must admit I like the personal stuff a whole lot, too. It’s nice to feel like you’re someone I know, as opposed to just seeing the web and fashion/art blogs and sites as vessels of info. My own opinions as to what I like and don’t like have turned into so much more of a “dialog” in my head ever since I found all of this.

  71. Eva

    Hello! My name is Eva, I’m German and live in Helsinki. I read your blog, because it’s inspiring, colourful and I always learn something, be it about some websites I didn’t know of or art/style/fashion-related themes. In my opinion your blog has a great mixture of craftiness, fashion/clothes/style, art and reflections on these topics. And it is highly original and personal in its style. Well, I read your blog, because all of the topics above are interesting and fascinating to me and your approach to them appeals to me and inspires me very much. If I had to say, what your blog is really about, I’d say it’s about style in a very broad sense and encouraging people to find their own personal style, while providing inspiration in the form of your personal style and a forum to discuss this topic. I hope this helps. Thank you for a great and beautiful blog!

  72. Kara

    Hi my name is Kara and I have been around for years, I’ve just never been much of a commenter, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you sharing so much creativity with your readers! I know I have participated in one of these call outs of your’s before though.

    I am a dabbler by nature, l am bookmaker, and recently I have started sewing, I enjoy fashion and thrifting, as well as interior design. Everything I try to do with sustainability and repurposing in mind. Things that I can tell you are interested in. I like how multifaceted you blog is; you give glimpses into your style (fashion and home), as well as posts on art and culture, design, and there is always the ever inspiring wardrobe remix! What a great resource, for instance I think I first heard about the quilts of Gee’s Bend from your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share so much!

  73. Jo

    Hiya, I live in the UK (formerly London, now Kent temporarily), I have a Fine Art degree and I love making my own clothes, in fact I’m sure this is how I want to make my living. I think I found your blog through Wardrobe Remix which I found about a year ago through browsing on Flickr. I don’t add photos yet but intend to at some point!
    I read this blog because I’m interested in what you’re interested in: colour, clothes, thrifting, art, design, jewelery, people and most importantly, being true to oneself! I like that you believe in personal style, not following the latest trends and I also like that you’re thousands of miles away giving me a little insight into SF life. I love your photos, they’re always crisp and succinct and I really envy your knitting skills! You’ve made me appreciate certain colours more too, like orange.

    I think this blog celebrates being an individual and knowing yourself. It’s about having an interest in fashion but not being a slave to it, appreciating good design be it furniture or knitwear or accessories, and generally having an interest in what’s happening out there!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

  74. laura

    i’m laura, you know me from flickr.
    i’m reading your blog, because it always inspires me in many ways. for instance, i can always find links to other great blogs or people here, but in addition, i also get inspired to make things myself, think about my own style, fashion in general etc.
    i think your blog is about supporting individual and “diy”-style. you constantly convince people to be theirselves and try to express what they are – again, in many different ways.
    keep on bloggin’, girl! (:

  75. EJ

    I’m EJ, a 23 year old English female originally from London, now in Manchester.

    I think i came across your site through style bubble or possible icing- you have so many linkers! – and kept reading as it’s so lovely to look at, with the right balance of words, pictures and links.

    what do i think it’s about? a tough one… things you love, personal style and tastes. am i right?

  76. Esther


    I guess it’s good to come out of hiding for us “readers”. I’m Esther, 23, from the Netherlands. I’m not sure how I found you’re blog but only shortly after discouvering it i got addicted to wardrobe remix… I love reading creative blogs and getting inspired, obviously about clothes and arts but also about lifestyle and thinking outside the box…
    So… thank you for inspiring world wide ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. vintagevamp

    Hi, I’m Desiree from Brisbane, Australia. I’m 39, a print journalist, married with 4 kids. I found you via Wardrobe Refashion and am really a lurker here. Absolutely zero time to upload pics on Wardbrobe Remix so I just admire your work. I see this site as a way to encourage creative people to listen to their inner voice. In this day of the super-stylist and celebrity fixations I think it’s harder for people to go their own way when it comes to fashion and design in general. Sites like yours, along with many other blogs, encourage people of any gender or age to feel free to play with their look and develop individual tastes. My current obsession is WWII style – but I usually mix up the eras a bit – I’m not one for a head-to-toe era look. I wear vintage everyday tho’ – I figure it gives people something to talk about when I’m not there!!

  78. Aarika

    Hi Tricia. I’m Aari, and I read your blog for many reasons. :] I love that you have a wide range of what you choose to blog about, while you still keep it semi-narrowed down and focus on what you fancy. You have a fun, original, quirky style of writing that makes your blog more enjoyable to read. While reading many blogs, my mind tends to wander and I usually just end up looking at the pictures. However, your writing style (in my opinion) is your strong point. This, combined with the overall pleasing visual eye candy, is sheer blog perfection. I also love that you veer away from the “fluff” of typical fashion blogging (like what’s supposedly “in” at the moment) and blog more about what appeals to you personally. What do I think this blog is about? Individuality and confidence. Doing what you love and loving what you do. You seem to have a really positive energy that rubs off on others. I know you’re a huge inspiration to me and many, many other people. This was probably much more than you were looking for, ha. Toodles.

  79. Alicia

    Hello, I’m an Australian-Finnish 27 year old. I check about twice a week what is going on. I am a former blogger, but have stepped down after 5 year blogging. I was blogging before blog was even a word! I really enjoy your text and links. I knit, crochet, scrimp and thrift my way through the seasons, and love your colours. I love black and red on myself and don’t dare dye my hair after I turned it green once (I wanted blue) and grey the 2nd time (I wanted black).
    This blog is about another life outside the ordinary, of colour, uniqueness, ideas and invention of life and persons…

  80. lyssa

    i’m not sure how i found your blog, through a knitting site/blog i think. i like reading it to look at the stuff you’ve made/knit/sewed/thrifted. i like looking at the different color combos you use and esp. your flickr favorite things. i also like your links to various other websites i wouldn’t otherwise know about. i think the blog as a whole is about your design thoughts, whether they relate to fashion, decorating, whatever and that you happen to have a particularly interesting filter.

  81. Cherith

    Dear Tricia,
    My name is Cherith and I hooked up to your blog through your Wardrobe Remix Flickr Group. I’m from N. Ireland which has very little by the way of fashionableness (made-up word alert) or any kind of thrift community spirit. I read for inspiration and because I am quite the curious cat and like to see what other people do with their lives.
    Your blog is about a woman followig her passions and working darned hard to do it. I love it. I have developed alot more confidence in my own style as a result of this blog and wardrobe remix. Thanks. My mum is very proud!

  82. Pamela

    I found your pictures in Flickr. Then I suscribe to your blog. I read it once in a while for merely inspiration. I love your work and taste.

  83. Patti

    I live in SF. I work a boring office job by day but LOVE teaching Pilates in the evenings. I also design a line of greeting cards (in my spare time). Many years ago I managed a vintage clothing store in Santa Barbara, CA and my love of vintage clothing has only grown stronger. I’m talking 30’s 40’s and 50’s. The fab stuff that is sooooooooo hard to find now. I read your blog because I enjoy your sense of style and your take on fashion.
    p.s.- I’m also vegetarian animal lover and was very sorry to hear about the loss of your cat ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  84. cindy

    Hello! Im cindy and a am from the philippines, I discovered it thru Adorn Mag.I enjoy going through your blog, It makes me see that there are endless possibilities to make evrything beautiful and much more exiting than store bought merchandise. Your blog is all about freedom and being unconventional! Kudos to you!

  85. Robin

    So I’m a bit late on this, but here it is: I’m a 26 year-old self-confessed internet lurker and big-time internet advocate. I’ve just moved to the west coast of Canada from Montreal, where I was studying communication and media practices – specifically as they relate to contemporary identity and style. I came upon your blog during a particularly cold winter as I snooped through friends’ friends’ flickr accounts. Your wide range of topics and clever writing style draws me back on an almost daily basis. I come here for new ideas, new places to check out, and simply for a good read from someone with a (seemingly) decent head on her shoulders.. (also, I get lazy and don’t always put all of my links in delicious, so I use your blog as a delicious account of sorts…) To me, this blog is about the musings of a socially-conscious, well-spoken creative woman on contemporary culture and style. Always a pleasure to read.

  86. Morgan

    Wow! So many comments! Congrats!

    My name is Morgan and I live in New Brunswick, Canada. I’ve lived here for all my life. I’m a photographer and artist and do freelance graphic design. I also work as host at a local restaurant.

    I love to read this blog because I feel very much the same way you do about fashion and personal style. It’s great to have a pep-talk every now and then, accompanied by some lovely eye-candy that is your style boards and wardrobe-remix participants.

    This blog is about inspiration. It is about your day-to-day inspiration, about inspiring others to..uh, be inspired, and about your personal successes (whether they are in your wardrobe, your creating of wardrobe-remix or your personal projects) which are of course inspiring.

    Thank YOU!

  87. Susan

    Late to the game, but here it is. Born and bred Torontonian in Canada. Can’t remember how I found your blog, but probably through some fashion blog reading somewhere.

    I read this blog because I love your creative bent, and wish I had it, too! Maybe I do but it’s quite hidden, deep, deep inside and that’s okay with me. Exploring it is what it’s all about. I’m a conservative person who loves fashion and admires those with fashion balls. Every time I read your blog, I get a little bit of your shine on me.

    What do I think this blog is about? So many things: art, fashion, style, individuality, risk-taking, reassurance.

  88. alicepleasance

    I’m late too…
    My name’s Anna, I’m from Italy and I live in a small city by the sea. I studied cinema and now I’m a jewelry maker and a part time babysitter of a girl aged 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My jewelry is “food themed”; I love miniature fake food and all things tiny, colorful, cute and kitschy. I have a store on Etsy and I sell to real boutiques too. I also love cooking, drawings, embroydery and all things crafty.
    I found your blog via Wardrobe Remix (I’m anna-photo there) and I think you do a great job. The group is wonderful – I hate negative people and WR is a heaven! – and the blog too is great cause it is a unique mix of fashion-art-crafts-life. I like it so much cause it’s not only a showcase, but you put yourself, your ideas and points of view in it in a great positive manner….
    Clap your hands for Tricia ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. Becky

    Name’s Becky, I’m a classically-trained musician trying to eke out a living in Delaware. And I’m kind of addicted to sewing clothes because I hate shopping at malls and dressing like everyone else. I’m pretty sure I found you through some connection having to do with Wardrobe Refashion. And I think this blog is about your love of fashion–not the high-end runway stuff, but just your own personal style and celebrating that and the other unique things people wear. I love the idea of wardobe_remix, btw!

  90. Hyena In Petticoats

    Hola Tricia!

    I am Hyena In Petticoats – maker of stuffed toys and random outfits, in Australia.

    I have your blog on my Bloglines list and have done so for the last year or so.

    You have revolutionised the way I think about colour. Seriously.

    I don’t care what this blog is about – you could write exclusively about wooden clogs and I’d still read it.

    Thanks – I think you’re well on your way to becoming a style inspiration, and one day, when I’m old, I’ll have a coffee table book about you. We just need to get you a cheetah on a leash!


  91. Lady Smaggle

    Hi I’m Lady Smaggle!

    I’m an actor, blogger, jewellery maker and English language tester from Australia.

    I found this blog ages ago when Coolhunter featured Lebonbonmulticolore in their fashion section. I thought the idea to document outfits was the coolest thing ever. It took me a few weeks to figure out that she wasn’t the only one doing it!

    I read this blog because it’s colourful and crafty. And inspiring.

    I think this blog is about sharing fashion in a non-judgemental way and celebrating the differences in styles through out the world. At least I hope that’s what it’s about… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I adore your outfit posts and your lists of things that you love. Also how colourful you are. I am a black and white girl and I really admire your ability to rock the brights!


  92. Eve


    My name is Eve. I am a Visual Arts Student in Perth, Australia.

    I came across your blog through wardrobe remix, where i post as johnnycutcorners.. It is lovely to see different styles and individuality in what people wear, and there is a lot of positive feedback in this group, which i think has an enormous contribution in boosting people’s self esteem ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your blog has a lot of creativity, art, fashion, craft and bright colours. I think its lovely!

    Eve xox

  93. Abigail Cleeland


    This is late…but I came to your blog from wardrobe_remix, which you wonderfully created!!!
    Love the remix and your blog….it provides so much inspiration for me. I have a clothing line, abblesauce…and of course am always inspired by people like you and your great posts.


  94. Maija

    i’m Maija.. Haven’t checked in recently, but wanted to respond. I’m a 30 yr old (whew, that’s new, sounds funny still) living in Portland, OR. I work in local government. I think I found your blog via Saucy Dwellings on LJ, most likely. I keep coming back, as I love the simplicity of your page layout and the great photos you use. In fact, if there are lots of posts I haven’t read, I often just scroll down to view the images. I am inspired by how different your style is than mine – many times I think, hmm I wouldn’t wear that – but I love that you are bold enough to. My color leanings are much different – I learn towards lots of soft blues, greens, some black/gray, a little pink & purple, but always baby blues… At my work, people dress fairly conservative, so I like coming here to see something new & different.

    I think this blog is not only about sharing your creativity with the world, but also inspiring yourself. this blog becomes a record for you of what you’re doing, wearing, thinking, and aspiring to be. It kind of holds you accountable to fully realizing yourself, if that makes sense. And that’s inspiring to me.