brights for winter. purple and orange are good friends.

-fuchsia scarf: thrifted
-red-orange sweater: zara
-purple acid wash v-neck tee: AA
-red-orange jeans: dittos
-gold crackle oxfords: frye
-orange watch: nixon
-red and orange acrylic cocktail ring: thrifted
-turquoise blue leather earrings: thrifted
-purple handwoven clutch: thrifted


  1. tricia

    everyone: thanks! i felt pretty awesome in this outfit. it was really energizing! i topped it with an orange vintage coat, and no less than 5 people stopped in their tracks and complimented me on the outfit, which was really heart-warming. i have found that there’s something about color that really moves people…that makes them smile. it’s fun to get a reaction because of that.

  2. Hailey

    I love love the red cardi and jeans being exactly the same shade!! Also red with purple is always great, a more sophisticated version of girly!

  3. sarah

    Just perfect. The red-orange and purples together are literally putting a big smile on my face, sick as I am, so thank you! I am waiting for my Lisa oxfords to arrive in the mail (I almost got the gold, too! but I caved at the last minute and went for ecru). Gosh I hope they fit. They are so cute!

  4. tricia

    sarah: cool! i quite like mine…i find them very comfortable and they are very, very well-made. i don’t wear ecru myself (it’s actually the one color i can’t stomach, believe it or not) but i am sure you will rock them well!

  5. GlamaRuth

    Wow! Poprocks for the eyes! I love to wear color it what often seems like an all-black work world, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only rainbow brite out there! You are really a color inspiration (of course, I’m wearing all moody silvers and greys as I write this, but you cheered me right up).

  6. Karen

    Red and purple are my favorite colors. Now I’m definitely going to have to try purple with red-orange!