favorite etsy sellers?

hey all!

i’m moving quite slow this week…busy trying to get things done and also still unbelievably fatigued! i am dreadfully behind with everything at my life at the moment and for now, posting is generally taking a back seat. hopefully things will return to normal soonish. 🙂

also, thanks again for the kind words concerning le future bebe. i read each and every one and appreciate all the warm words and advice. you guys are so friendly, and so fab. and that, my dears, is really an understatement! much love to all.


on another note:

i have a request that’s especially directed at you who are fans and members of wardrobe_remix, and etsy!

what are your favorite etsy shops/sellers?

i have noticed that some wardrobe_remix(ers) mention etsy-sourced WEARABLES (THINGS YOU CAN WEAR, i.e. clothes and accessories) in their wardrobe_remix photo descriptions. i’m looking for suggestions for shops that have handmade clothing and accessories, not really so much vintage shops.

but that said, feel free to offer the latter if the latter is too amazing not to mention, if you know what i mean! i wanna hear it all.

the sooner the better…chime in today if you can, but do add a comment tomorrow and beyond if need be.


ok, GO! 🙂


  1. alicepleasance

    Hi Tricia 🙂
    I post a reply about my favorite Etsy sellers one moment ago on your W_R discussion.
    Also, I often write about Etsy seller and finds on my blog.
    Hope it helps!

  2. Lisa

    My current favorite etsy shop is FuzzyBunny! I have ordered a couple of times now and everything arrives beautifully packaged AND the scents are amazing, the soap is luxurious and you smell and feel awesome afterwards.

  3. Amanda

    The Cussin’ Crafters Co-Op makes really adorable wool diaper covers, I just recieved mine and I love it!


  4. Heatherly

    Well, I just recently discovered Belle & Boo (belleandboo.etsy.com) so they’re pretty great.

    I also highly recommend myself 🙂


  5. Elizabeth Rey

    I am loving http://www.mvknits.etsy.com right now. They have a sheep farm on Marthas Vineyard and you can buy a share of their next shearing. You can even come when they shear the sheep. I bought one and I joined a ravelry group of other members. It’s a really cool way to buy yarn.

  6. Kira Shaner

    There are so many wonderful and talented sellers on Etsy. This makes it very hard to pick just one. The one that comes to mind is Spiderlily Clothing. This is an Etsy seller worth looking at. I haven’t purchased from this person yet, but love love love what she has. Her work is so unique and modern. When I can I will be purchasing from her.


  7. Sivabella

    I have TONS of favorite shops!! My newest fav is http://www.Europods.etsy.com – very unique jewelry & a really cool seller. My all time fav is prolly http://www.louiseblack.etsy.com – she makes stunning clothing! Then there’s http://www.TimothyAdamDesigns – he does fantastic metal work. I also love http://www.MaisyBrownReproRetro – very cool vintage inspired clothes & a very sweet seller too! I could go on forever!! I have to include my shop too ~ http://www.sivabella.etsy.com ~ I make metal, glass & stone jewelry & I LOVE etsy 😉

  8. Elizabeth Rey

    Oh Jeeze! I am such a dork- I just read the “favorite esty” part and blew right past the “wearables” 😦

  9. Amy

    I am loving the funky & bright paper goods from the new shop My Milk Money!
    I adore anything with bursts of color and this store is flooded with it!

    My items came carefully wrapped with a personal note 🙂 It felt like Christmas to me!

  10. Tara

    It was hard to choose just a few etsy shops to recommend here, there are so many wonderful sellers! 🙂 But, these are some of my absolute favourite sellers;

    – madcitysue.etsy.com – Her products are absolutely incredible, and she’s a very sweet seller as well.

    – leavesofglass.etsy.com – Amazing jewelry! I definitely admire her work.

  11. Angie Montreal

    Well, I have my own Etsy shop selling clothing (as well as some pillows, plush toys, purses and jewelry) Actually I think the “Charles & Emily” necklace is totally you, but maybe I’m projecting…

    My shop’s called “I Heart Norwegian Wood” (yes, the song, plus I’m part Norwegian, and my line of stuff is called Norwegian Wood:

    Also, check out my friend Yanas shop. Most of her stuff is sold out right now because she’s taking french classes, but look in her sold items, so cute!


  12. Ashe Mischief

    Wow! I’m going to have to go through these more carefully to find great new sellers. The ones I list are all clothing/bags/hats&scarves, as opposed to jewelry and other accessories. Sorry I didn’t do links, but there are just too many!

    Favorites of mine include:
    Boring Sidney
    Boudoir Queen
    Dismantled Designs (duh)
    Louise Black
    Tortilla Girl
    Frock Tarts
    Oak Clothing
    Lori Marsh
    The Candy Thief
    Black Rabbit NYC

    I’ll be doing posts on several of these for Miss Malaprop in the next week, if you want more informatino on them.


  13. Jeanne

    My favorite all-time Etsy seller is pequitobun.etsy.com (wearing a pair of earrings from her today, actually!), but I’m also a big fan of kathrynriechert.etsy.com (just ordered from her for the first time yesterday). I also love my wire-wrapped birds-nest ring from starrydesigns.etsy.com. Another favorite is curlygirlglass.etsy.com — I have a pair of her Amazonite curl earrings that I’ve gotten lots of compliments on.

  14. Raphaelle

    Toybreaker (Cyberoptix Tie Lab)
    Miss Braches, Inc (awesome clothes)
    Debby Aram Designs (recycled-technology jewelry)
    Groglmann (Fun Retro Jewelry)

    Those are my favourites so far. I’ve only purchased from Toybreaker (a gift for my boyfriend) but the other guys have amazing stuff. I really want Miss Brache’s Mod Jumper Dress. SO CUTE!

  15. jill

    i second the treehouse28 etsy seller, but i don’t think she’s your personal style. i lovelovelove her stuff!

    i also like Silvia66 from italy for shrugs and scarfs and stuff.

    and i adore gayeabandon’s arm warmers! especially the super colorful ones. 🙂

  16. Mrketa

    Hello Tricia,

    Here is a few of my favorites



    Treehouse 28 (LOVE LOVE LOVE this one)



    And of course KissCurl

    Cheers, and hope you are doing well. And Congrats as well 😉



  17. Jennie

    My favorites are girlpirate and lorigami- both creators of beautiful jewelry, and people I have found through LiveJournal.

  18. erin taylor

    hi Tricia! I have come to know of your site from your lovely treasury today on etsy! and I love your w_r site!! as you mention, it reminds me of the *fruits* book…

    some of my favorite etsy designers include:
    desirapesta- especially the cirque dress,
    Kcoline…I’ve only begun to discover all of the other designers on etsy…



  19. monkeeboo

    hihi, tricia.

    i’ve been following your website for a while. this is the first time i’ve posted a comment. congrats on your impending bundle of joy!

    i just started my own etsy site last month and selling eco-friendly tote bags and fleecy animal scarves to keep out the chill. hope you check it out when you get a chance!

    keep the wonderful posts coming. hoping to see you post baby stuff you like to in the next couple months.


  20. Jamie

    Original artwork;

    Handmade jewelry and accessories;

    &&& my all time favorite;