(thrifted) stuff

some recent thrift finds (if recent means within the past month or so):


i’m obsessed with these funny handmade earrings. they’re made of polymer clay, i believe, and are iridescent teal. i found them just after the holidays in san jose, california at a goodwill while visiting a friend/co-worker who lives in that area.

funny teal earrings

they were the kind of thing i liked enough to buy, but later i found myself wearing all the time…like had turned to deep, deep love. i’m wearing them in this recent wardrobe_remix photo.


some handmade symmography (string art) in a lovely spattering of purples. handmade in the 1970s (according to the hand-scrawled script on the back).

thrifted bit of symmography

i have a soft spot in my heart for handmade things that get donated to the thrifts. i feel a compulsion to buy them and love them, knowing how much effort went into making them.


  1. Pasha Plum

    I have that same compulsion! Usually for handmade baby clothes with “made with love for my angel” tags in them. Why don’t these people save the clothes for their babies or at least cousins or something?

  2. Casey

    Those earrings are amazing!! Isn’t it always funny how you buy something, and then find yourself using/wearing it almost compulsively?! I’m doing that with a pair of earrings I bought at the MET last summer… it seems like those are my “default” selection because I love them so much! lol.

  3. Lindsay

    I believe those earrings are made of “Friendly Plastic” which was this sweet-ass crafty stuff that used to be around in the late 80’s-early 90’s. It came in a big bucket of plastic strips with iridescent coatings, and you could cut them into shapes and then heat them with a hair dryer or in warm water and the coatings would become all rippely and awesome and you could mold it. I remember making TONS of these kind of earring with my mom when I was about 10 years old. Oh, Friendly Plastic, you were so awesome. I just did a little google and apparently it’s still around…


    many a handmade awesome (and many hideous) earring set has been made with it. Not to mention monster iridescent brooches & headbands! 🙂

  4. Susan

    If you didn’t have to sit in that chair, I’d say leave the string art picture there permanently. It is a completely amazing display!

  5. Angela

    yes, I too share that compulsion! Also, my favorite Goodwill is in a neighborhood with a very aging population, and I’m always compelled to buy things that I sense have been donated by unappreciative heirs. Like old photos and vintage aprons. And if I see an entire set of beautiful old china, my heart just breaks.