(not so) random links

hemlines are perhaps inching down, eh? i find this intriguing, as i’m kind of liking the idea of wearing really long dresses (like, down to the floor!), which is odd because i usually favor my skirts above the knee. the only length i loathe? that one that cuts right at the widest part of the calf. makes a short stuff like me look even shorter! (from the international herald tribune)


this article sheds light on exactly how zara keeps churning out new styles faster than ever. fashion fashion, indeed. (from the wall street journal)


smaggle style asks a sensitive fashion question: Is it okay to steal your style from other cultures? could wearing certain items that are symbolic or significant to other peoples be considered an affront? the discussion that follows is enlightening.


how to properly fit a bra. chances are, your bra’s the wrong size for you! get measured (every single time you buy bras, because yes, sizes can change!). it’ll shave 10lbs off you, at least, make you stand taller, and make you look absolutely amazing. ignore the size, and hoist those gals up properly! you’ll thank me. (from her room, which incidentally has bras for gals of larger busts. YAY!)


-hey, you fabulous full-figured gals! take note! emily august of gogo distro and an etsy shop by her same name just wrote a trends piece for etsy’s storque entitled what’s the skinny? towards a more size-friendly etsy. her post champions etsy sellers who offer plus-size clothing, and also gives heaps of tips to plus-size buyers and the positive potentialities of being a plus-size etsy seller. the tips also apply to the particular petite amongst us as well. right on, emily! go read, chime in over yonder, and spread the word, y’all!


plus, some quick links, hand picked for yooooou!

some street sourced cuties on the streets of bejing (from WWD)

the sewing machine song! this is what i sing when i’m stitchin’, natch. (ok, not really. but maybe now i will!) (via craft:)

pretty colors and dots by the hands of essimar


  1. Jackie/fabfrock

    Hmm…lowering hemlines could be cool…I have one skirt that comes down to my shoe tops and I love it; it’s some crazy 70’s sort of brocade-esque print that reminds me of the 18th century. But I’ve passed up some other long skirts because I just couldn’t see wearing them ever and closet space is at a premium.

  2. Prêt-à-Porter Prostitute

    i love long dresses. I think zara is an incredible company in the way that they do business. And unlike H&M, when I went to H&M i was underwhelmed and wasnt that different from what I’d find at f21 some of the stuff. Zara stuff is actually of pretty impressive quality for an amazing price.

    As for as stealing style from other cultures, to just put it bluntly, it’s something white people need to be careful with. But really regardless of race it goes more on the intention behind it, and that anybody that’s going to take something from another culture needs to be mindful of its connotations. (Ex: cameron diaz in peru)

  3. Casey

    I love how elegant longer hemlines are!! That would be so nice if they became more widely available; then I wouldn’t quite feel like such a freak walking around in my *long* skirts. lol!!

  4. deirdre

    Long skirts = bad news on the economic front. Traditional wisdom says the longer the skirt hem, the worse the recession.

    Get those hems back up!

  5. Ashe Mischief

    I’m excited to read this article on Etsy for the fuller-figured gals! One of my biggest pet peeves is to see a beautifully designed dress or blouse, only to find it doesn’t go larger than a 36″ bust or a 28″ waist. If my sewing skills were better, I would complete devote my time to making more clothes for girls sizes 10/12 and up!