17 weeks pregnant.
feeling a little blah today. some days are just like that, i guess!
my sewing machine broke…that always gets me down. once it’s fixed and happy, i’ll be happy!

i have belly envy (of others preggy bellies)…my belly bump feels so small!
oh well.

-green vintage dangling acrylic earrings: thrifted at goodwill
-red-orange wool jersey tunic with cowl neck, tied up with green rubber band: made by me
-red-orange wool cardigan: thrifted at thrift town, restyled by me (changed out the buttons, tightened it, shortened sleeves, and added hand-stitching)
-dark denim jeans: gap maternity
-orange snakeskin pumps: paolo iantorno
-orange bracelet watch: nixon


  1. Annika

    You look great! I had bump envy too, until about 20 weeks when I finally felt that my belly was big enough that I always looked pregnant.

  2. Jenn

    Sorry about the blah, but you look great (as per usual, really). I love the red-orange with the dark denim, and those shoes…*sigh*.

  3. karen

    i guess the good thing about belly envy is that you can be pretty sure you won’t have it for too terribly long. i’m encouraged that you’ve managed to find plenty of interesting stuff to wear so far.

    i can usually pretty much take or leave high heels, but somehow high heels on a pregnant woman seems extra badass to me.

  4. tricia

    karen: the high heels are not that high, at least as far as i’m concerned, only about 1.5 inches high max. i almost consider them flats! also, i find a slight heel much more comfortable than a true flat, pregnant or no, it must be something about my arches or foot anatomy, i guess. 😛

  5. Ashe Mischief

    Yum! Where do you find such delicious jersey fabrics from? And those orange snakeskin shoes are so lovely.

    You look fantastic; if it makes you feel better, when I squint really hard I can see the beginnings of a bump.

  6. tricia

    ashe mischief: i found the red-orange wool jersey at britex, which is a lovely (and often expensive, eep!) fabric store here in san francisco, downtown, near union square. i have found similarly lovely wool jerseys in various stores in NYC’s garment district, too, but that’s not surprising! NYC had the best fabric selection EVER (one more reason i’d love to move baccccck….. *groan*

  7. Chloe Nightingale

    I swear my belly grew up over night sometime during week 20. One day I was still looking wide, but not pregnant. The next day, I didn’t look nearly as wide and had a wee belly. I swear! It was weird. They even mentioned it at work.

  8. Samantha

    I just found your blog today and I was laughing at your bump envy! That is so cute. I had it too with my first, but after that no worries! With the other pregnancies people would ask me at 9 weeks when I was due!

  9. Veronica Darling

    Hey, haven’t checked in for a while, congrats on your pregs! Hope you’re feeling well, my pal was sick for ages early on! NOT looking forward to that!

    All the best, oh, and your hair colour is great ATM! Catchya! Veronica Darling xoxo

  10. Casey

    You look quite bright for feeling “blah”! 😉 hehe! I love the alterations you did to that cardigan; the stitching and button swap really make it!

  11. mjl

    lucky you! my bump was so small at seventeen weeks! in a few weeks tho, when you`re having trouble fitting into jeans, you`ll have to remember all the time that the baby has to grow…& that`ll cause you to stop wanting your bump to shrink.
    trust me.


  12. tricia

    mjl: if you read, i was saying it felt TOO small at 17 weeks…i wasn’t wishing it to shrink, i was wishing for it to GROW. 🙂 i know it has to grow…i want it to, most definately!