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this post ranting about clueless PR people by a dress a day really hits home with me.

i’ve started getting a rash of PR and product/brand shilling emails this past year, and i’ve got some tips for those people, on the off-chance they might actually be reading this (fat chance, i know):

a.) first, spell my name right, or heck, address me with my actual name…it’s at the top of the blog if you need a refresher.

b.) take a look at my blog to see what i actually like, talk about, and post about. only about 1% (or less) of the pitches i get via email are relevant to the subject at hand here or are relevant to me or my design sense. i’m not into rock music, teeshirts, cellphones, celebs, or super trendy fashion stuff. if you’re sending me anything on those topics you’re wasting your time. DO RESEARCH. make the email you’re sending to me personal. and that means more than a sentence saying “your blog is GREAT!” you probably say that to everyone.

c.) take the time to spellcheck and make sure the email is reasonably grammatically correct. (see erin’s post above for reference to why the converse is crazymaking).

anyone else (who blogs regularly, i guess?) get these pitches and such? how do you feel about them? i feel like this is a really common thing, i can’t be the only one who finds it a little maddening! or maybe you like them?


-seems there’s a growing trend for not washing your hair. meaning, forgoing the shampoozle. i am in this camp…i had no idea it was something gaining popularity! my hair is dyed red…in order to preserve the color i only wash it 1x a week, pop a showercap over it most other days, using bumble and bumble hair powder (in red, natch) and a blow dryer in the interim. anyone else embrace the dirty daily, or are you an everyday hair shampooer?


-pamela golbin, curator in charge of of the musรƒยฉe de la mode et du textile in paris shares a choice tips on how to preserve one’s vintage clothing pieces (via the wall street journal).


ooh, ooh! some quick and dirty:

-“stop, drop and drool” (over your shoes) is right! especially when it comes to these chie mihara lovelies (thanks fashion is spinach!) and finsk for topshop stunners (scroll down).

-delicious subversion: how graphic designer/artist scott king would sink american vogue (via creative review, via someone else whom i forgot, eep!). if only this would really happen. HA!

these mottled beads you can make from old newspapers are rather intriguing…they look like stone! i’m almost compelled to make some giant ones and pretend i’m wilma flintstone or her gal-pal betty rubble. (via a storybook life, via craft:)


  1. Maven

    There’s definitely something in the air right now w/r/t hairwashing (or not). A few weeks ago I ended up reading someone’s extensive and very informative lj post about giving up shampoo and cleaning with baking soda solution and apple cider vinegar rinse. As someone who believes that 95 percent of hair and skincare products are bunk, I have to admit that I am completely intrigued. If I try it, though, I’m a little concerned about appearing in public while my hair is adjusting to the change…

  2. tricia

    maven: what about appearing in public with unwashed hair is concerning? just so i have a clue. ๐Ÿ˜› mine is unwashed more days than not…it’s not something anyone can tell, i assure you.

  3. Karen

    Re: the hair washing, I stopped washing my hair about Christmas time, when I got my hair cut at Devachan and they gave me the whole spiel about how girls with curly hair should NEVER wash their hair. (The founder of Devachan wrote the Curly Girl hair book.) Lo and behold, my hair has been soft and my curls fat and glossy (but not greasy!) ever since, and my scalp, which used to be sooooooo itchy, has stopped itching. I do massage my scalp vigorously in the shower every day with a little conditioner to loosen any dirt or grease and keep the scalp healthy. Then I finger-comb conditioner into the ends and rinse, but not all the way. Once every week or two I use No-Poo from Devachan to get rid of any buildup (I use a lot of product), it’s like a shampoo but with no detergents or lathering agents. I dry by scrunching my wet curls in an old tank top – no towels, brushes, or combs on my hair. Keeps the curls in and the frizz away!

    Just sharing my hair tips with another non-shampooing redhead! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Tess Lee

    I’ve long been a member of the unwashed hair brigade. It started in High School in UT, it was always WAY to cold to walk to school with wet hair…and I was too lazy to wake up earlier enough to blow dry. In those days, I washed every 2 weeks which probably wasn’t frequently enough but meh, teenagers. These days I go at least 4 days, sometimes 5. 1/2 my head is vivid pink, and the other half is my natural color over-dyed with pink. I put way too much effort and expense, even doing it myself, into my hair to have it fade quickly! I haven’t tried dry shampooing, but I’m going to look into it so I can extend my hair to 7 days. Personally, I think dirty hair looks much nicer! My hair is naturally wavy/out of control so a little natural oils weigh it down a bit and tame frizzies. No need for silicone products and other anti-frizz voodoo.

    tricia, I LOVE your (not so) random links and look forward to them! I always see something interesting or totally covetable. . .

  5. Frances

    Hiya. I also only wash my hair once a week, not because of colour but just because it seems to prefer it that way. It can get a bit oily on the 6th day but it is in its best condition 2-4 days after a wash so I reckon washing it more often than every 4 days is a bit unnecessary and counterproductive. I read something in a newspaper recently about foregoing soap and shampoo for sorbolene and conditioner only. I don’t think my hair would like conditioner only, long term, but it does seem to be a trend!

  6. sulu-design

    I read your blog regularly and am beyond inspired by you and those who share photos here. Don’t know why I’m delurking today, other than to say that Bumble and Bumble hair powder rocks. It kinda changed my life. Kinda. Thanks for the fun posts, Tricia (I spelled it correctly!).

  7. Ashe Mischief

    Sadly, I have to wash my hair every-other-day to daily, just because it’s so fine & oily. By day three, it feels like it is practically shellaced to my head! However, I do color my hair, so washing regularly is a bother for me.

    I may have to look in to this Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder– it sounds like exactly what I’d need! A means of absorbing excess oils, makes my hair more manageable & easily styled.

  8. tricia

    ashe: my hair is fine and thin as well…the hair powder is the answer to combat the limpness. it comes in a black color, a blondish color, and red, as far as i know. it costs me about $30 for the large can, but that lasts about 1-2 months or so.

  9. patti

    I wash my hair 1-2 times a week because I hate blow drying (I have thick wavy hair that requires straightening of my bangs. I leave the back to dry naturally.) I just started using some oil based cleansing conditioner (fig oil) in place of shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave in conditioner. I saw the products on QVC (I know, cheesy!) when I was at my mom’s catching up on my cable tv. I usually deep condition my hair a lot so I thought it might be cool to cut out all the different products I use. I tend to get split ends easy. My hair stylist explained that curly or wavy hair (coarse) has a different shaped hair shaft than straight hair and it is prone to split. The product that I got is suppose to be great for color treated hair or coarse hair. It’s only been three weeks so I’m not sure if it is just weighing my hair down (which is good for me) and/or actually repairing.

  10. laura

    i love wilma and betty! (: if you really make that necklace, show it to us. (;

    i don’t get these PR-mails, but i absolutely understand how you feel about them… sounds pretty annoying.

  11. michelle

    I was reading this post when you commented over at mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My hair looks better after a week of not washing it. If it’s clean I have to add products to dirty it, make it more manageable. I don’t use products on my face, only water.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how you dress during pregnancy. I think it’s possible to look great the first time — it’s the second time that suffers with its lack of time for self. Of course, people like my sister would probably find the time.

  12. morgan

    that bumble and bumble stuff is PURE GENIUS. my sister used to keep me in stock when she worked in salons; now my connection’s dried up and i actually have to shower…boo!

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  14. Nichola

    I get those kind of emails now and again, they go straight in the trash bin! I’ve played with not washing my hair on a regular basis but it always looks greasy, maybe i need to get some of that bumble and bumble stuff.

  15. Leslie

    I am one of those lucky ducks who were fortunate to be born with thick, silky, gorgeous hair(though not much else). In my days as a child, I used to despise washing my hair, and would only wash about once a week. However, the quality, to be honest, became quite gross (greasy and occasionally scalp-aching, when the weight of my hair would pull at my head). Now I wash my hair everyday, and t’would be a lie if I said that the quality has decreased. It’s still as silky and soft as the first day I remember running my fingers through my hair! After shampooing and conditioning it, I usually give it a quick rub with the towel and blow dry it until it’s almost dry. Then I’ll tie it back and keep it in a bun until I go to bed. Then in the morning, I run a little water through it and give it a quick blow dry and voila! Flat and tidy!

    I fear the consequences of skipping my routine for a day.. Maybe I will give it a try and see if I am able to cope.

  16. VappuAneri

    I’ve always had dry scalp and thick hair that is prone to be dry and sucks up moisture, so it doesn’t need to be washed so much. And I’m lazy so the longer it gets the less I want to wash it because it takes forever to dry! I probably wash once or twice a week.. I don’t really go by how many days it’s been , but how it feels. As long as doesn’t look or feel gross it’s okay by me! usually I wash before it looks bad because it starts to FEEL bad before looking bad..
    But also I think that Europeans are maybe not as concerned about this as Americans, in general??

  17. Susan

    I wash my hair every single day and will never stop doing so. It’s coloured and it’s fine and it gets limp and gross and acquires that disgusting sweaty oily hair smell after even one day without. I should buy stock in Pantene!

    As for Chie Mihara, I have a black dull-patent pair of low-cut lace-up Mihara oxfords I call my sexy nun shoes. I wear them EVERYWHERE.

  18. Stephanie

    I’m a daily hair washer, but I have very fine hair that gets greasy really quickly. Sometimes if I’m in a major rush I’ll just wash my bangs and sprinkle a little talcum powder on the rest…I’m definitely intrigued by the dry shampoo, though.

  19. jill

    1. yes, i agree, the PR spam is offensive. i often quickly search for an unsubscribe link or just delete it. sometimes, i write to tell them how silly their approach is since they have completely mistargeted me as someone remotely interested in their product, but usually just delete and move on. i suppose not publishing our emails and using contact forms would help to diminish this, but that seems a little removed…

    2. cannot go more than two days without a wash. scalp gets itchy. although my friend just started using a powder she bought at sephora.

    3. on preserving vintage clothes… get a landlord who maintains the roof!! two of my closets just leaked and i almost had a heart attack! didn’t discover it for a few days. luckily the towels and luggage got the brunt of the damage, but when i started to tally up the potential loss of 70 dresses, yikes!

    4. you cannot go wrong with chie mihara. i have three pairs, including the ones i bought over six years ago in spain from one of her first lines. timeless.

    5. cool beads. love to recycle, but i barely have time to cook dinner, not sure when i will get to newspaper.

  20. Mallory

    I totally agree about the PR emails. Most smaller designers (Etsy people and the like) are pretty good about being a little more personal and thoughtful with their emails. And I’ve had some people with PR companies that are good about it too. But yeah, I’ve also gotten emails for stuff that is TOTALLY unrelated. And the emails we get for another blog I write for (not my own) are even worse, since it gets MUCH more traffic, so the stupidity factor is WAYYYY higher. Usually I just trash emails that are totally unrelated and seem to have no clue what my blog is about. The hard one is when people subscribe me to their email lists. If it’s someone whose stuff I would normally like, but they’ve subscribed me to their list unsolicited, I feel almost bad unsubscribing. But I even have a disclaimer on my contact page now, and it still happens occasionally.

  21. jill

    okay, back again with some PR spaminator news. this post and an email I received from a reader last week inspired me to take action. the reader advised me not to put my email on my site, but use a contact form to avoid the clutches of the email harvesting programs. i had entertained this before, but thought it seemed really formal and might not be aesthetically pleasing. but now i have one.

    the results can be seen at my contact page here… http://danyelle.org

    i used… http://www.mycontactform.com/

    i customized it on the site and then f*%@ed around some more with the code it generated. it is clean and simple and doesn’t look too ugly.

    maybe other bloggers want to try it…

  22. Prรƒยชt-รƒย -Porter Prostitute

    i remember back when i only had candid cool, i briefly put up my email address. it was annoying getting emails from a British based t-shirt & shorts sort of eshop asking me to promote their website when Candid Cool is a street style blog based in South Florida. Completely irrelevant to what my blog is about.
    So yah, i took it down after that.

  23. Danielle

    1. email stuff – some of it is actually good. Ever since the Chanel trip that Adrian and Susie Bubble got to take, I’ve been more forgiving of the spamlike stuffs in my inbox. I am willing to just delete and move on the bulk of the stuff for the occasional gem, though I’ve had not missives from Chanel as of yet. I’m not so popular that I get a barrage of email, so deleting 5-10 emails a day doesn’t get my heart rate going.

    2. Hair – part of my lenience with PR folks has allowed me to stop buying shampoos in favour of whatever freebie is being offered. Not all of the shampoos are good for my hair particularly, but having the opportunity to try several has allowed me to discover that I really like the pricey salon shampoos that I can’t afford.

    I’ve gone through non-washing stints in the past too, and I’ve discovered that shampooing every 4 days or so seems to make my hair feel and look its nicest.

    3. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can’t wait to see some wardrobe remix pics of your lucky kid.

  24. sarah

    I’ve heard that after a few days or weeks, the scalp adjusts to not being washed daily and that oil production goes down. I don’t know – I’ve never made it more than 2 days without washing (saving cases of illness when it has been physically impossible). I might skip a day on the weekend, but my hair gets stringy and looks like it has gel in it by the end of day two, particularly if I’ve been. Normally, I shampoo every day, use conditioner every other day or so, based on how oily I am, and just let it air-dry.

  25. Chloe Nightingale

    I didn’t realise not washing hair was a trend! I’ve had a few people ask what my secret is for having nice hair and it is definitely that I don’t wash it. I wash it once or twice a week, depending on length and how greasy it gets. I have to wash it more often (usually 3 – 4 times in 2 weeks) now that it is more than a couple inches long in front.
    My husband’s hair gets greasy and stringy really fast if he doesn’t wash it every couple of days, but he is a greasier person in general.

  26. pineapplelisa

    the longer i go without washing my hair, the happier it is. and i’m talking longer as in months. my hair is thicker now, rarely greasy, and just plain happy. every few months it’s dr. bronner’s, and a few days a week it’s conditioner, most of the time i just rinse with water and rub my scalp. i like to rub my scalp when it’s dry too. i used to think i needed to wash daily, but scalps stop producing so much oil if you don’t remove it all the time with shampoo. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’ve also discovered my body doesn’t need much soap to get clean, but that’s another story i suppose…

  27. Casey

    Interesting about the hair washing! I’ve been trying to skip at least two or three days between shampoos for my hair lately. My biggest problem is that my waves/curls flatten out after a few days. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol. I should try it for more than a few days though… just to see what’ll happen! ๐Ÿ˜€