so serious! hah.

seen here about to go get some hamburgers in hayes valley with pete and a friend.

-vintage lee striped denim vest: thrifted at thrift town this week
-gray sweater dress: thrifted at thrift town this week
-black tank: AA
-black leggings: AA
-brown vintage boots: thrifted at thrift town this week
-heart pins: thrifted
-black disk earrings: thrifted
-gold angel wing earring, only in left ear: thrifted

used these skinny jean pant clips i made to tighten the back of the dress.

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  1. Frances

    I know you were complaining about frumpy maternity wear the other day. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this brand – there’s a store around the corner near my house in Edinburgh. They’re not super-exciting (and kind of expensive) but they do have some cute and obviously well-made things.


  2. Leah

    I so love this outfit! I hadn’t seen the tutorial on how to make those clips before, but now you’ve given me two reasons to try it out! It’s interesting to see how you’re dressing yourself as your pregnancy progresses. I see you’re on the right track as far as birth choices go with the Ricki Lake movie up there. Way to go!