(not so) random links

quiet few days for news, apparently! just a few for you for now.


-a bits and bobbins reader (thank you!) tipped me off to a very cool-model search going on in the UK: the bbc is looking for “eight women with disabilities compete to prove they have what it takes to become a mainstream model”. the chosen few will be featured in a television program, called britain’s missing top model, and the winner of the competition will get to participate in a high-fashion photo shoot, and will get a magazine spread. it’s apparently a subversive take on the “top model” franchise, and really, an idea whose time has come. “imperfection” is beautiful! (see also the suburban queen‘s call for disabled and “different” models)


not couture asks, is millinery back? i say ‘duh’!!! see these old posts (one, two, three) of mine about vintage hats and making your own hats in general way back in early 2007. the more hats, the better, i say!


the quick and oh so dirty:

make do and mend by gail bryson: a perfect print to suit your savvy sewing space (via design is mine)

some handmade crochet goodness trend-spotted on etsy by crochet today‘s brett bara

an interview with danielle of final fashion by jill of the laboratory, two amazing THINKING fashion bloggers i admire greatly having a conversation.

how to feel miserable as an artist by keri smith (via design that kills)


  1. Alita

    Hey Tricia —

    I have a quandary I thought you might be able to help with – my sweet boyfriend got me a few sweater dresses at a sample sale. I would say they are 80% wool, 20% stretch? Not sure of the exact mix, they don’t have labels.

    They are great, but they run extremely large – I am swimming in them! So – is there a way I can shrink them safely? I did accidentally pop one (that fit me well) into a dryer for 10 minutes, and now it’s shrunk to too small.

    I wonder if I put the too-big ones in the dryer (wet or dry?), if they will get perfectly snug? Or should I just try to take them in on the sewing machine?


  2. vasiliisa

    Thanks for the link to the disabled models competition.
    I’m happy that the BBC has taken action. I still feel sad that there has to be a separate category for “disabled beauty”. But, a sign of progress, nonetheless.

  3. jill

    Cocktail hats: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Check out my post on two girls in cocktail hats at a wedding, and see a St. Patrick’s day cocktail hat with class. Millinery: Preach it sister!