threadbanger: patterns, burda syle and compai’s book release party

i personally don’t find patterns or the art of dressmaking hard to decipher (having 20+ years of experience in sewing under my belt at this juncture), but i know MANY folks out there do find it all to be quite the challenge, and i know people are craving instruction or just any help with this craft, period. i hear it all the time.

so, to boot and bolster those begging for help and inspiration, see this: in a recent episode, the ever awesome threadbanger checks in with some creative folks who promise to make that pattern-following process easier: burdastyle, who offers fabulous free patterns (with lots of great instruction to boot), and compai, who just released a new book of explicit ideas on how to rock and reuse a scarf.

(apropos of nothing besides the contents of that video, i’m totally grooving on nora of burdastyle’s plaid blouse! check out the opposing plaids in it’s yoke! anyone with me? ha.)

right on, rob and corrine! good stuff as always.


  1. Raphaelle

    I also loved that blouse! I’m going to try to find the pattern (maybe on burdastyle?) but even if I can’t, the juxtaposition of the two plaids is totally awesome! 🙂 And I just want to add, even though you probably know it, that ThreadBanger is doing an episode every day this week!

    I can’t wait to see the outfits you rock as your pregger belly gets bigger bit by bit. 🙂 Such a beautiful thing.

  2. emily august

    The girls from BurdaStyle recently presented at a fashion show in Jersey City. They were dressed so smartly, and sure enough everything they were wearing seemed to have been made from BurdaStyle patterns! They would be talking and then they would say “This skirt/shirt that I am wearing, for example.”

    You can link to pictures of that event on my blog:

    My roommate and I are attempting the skirt challenge they have up now on– produce a skirt by March 15th from a specific pattern on the site (“Sidonie”). Its so easy, printing and taping the pattern together was really fun (Ruby cat loved to sit on the patterns as we pieced them together!). Half the trouble of sewing is overcoming the inertia involved in all the prep work. I am realizing that I know a lot more than I think I know, because I am helping my roommate (who really has no clue about sewing) to understand patterns and fabric.

    BurdaStyle is such a great resource so far just for looking up how to explain terminology. We will upload our creations to the site when we’re finished (even if it past the deadline).

    Kudos to these ladies for bridging the gap with Open Source patterns and help!
    …And for always looking so darned cute so that we WANT to sew these things, too.

  3. laura

    i knew most of the things they explained, but i still thought it was a great episode for beginners. those girls from burdastyle are super-cute, i love their blouses!

  4. Casey

    This is a great resource for beginners; I’ve had several people email me lately about learning to sew–I forwarded this to them! 😉

    And I love that plaid blouse too!!! Awesome play on the fabric direction. 😉 I’m always inspired when people take a “directional” fabric and do something really different with it!

  5. sarah

    ah, me too! I was totally attempting to read and check out that yoke at the same time. Needless to say, I had to read this entry twice – opposing plaid always wins out in a battle for my attention.

  6. super kawaii mama

    Yeah Trisha, I am loving that blouse too. Although I think I would probably end up over embellishing mine, as often happens when I deal in plaids. There is something so costume worthy in those plaids I love. And as for Threadbangers – Those guys are Fabulous. I always find something there to inspire yet another project.

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