favorites and obsessions

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as i mentioned in the most recent wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week post, i’ve been quite busy this week with personal stuff. mostly work, dr. & midwife appointments, and the like. and just resting some. so i am a little slow with things like etsy love posts and such, and for that, my apologies! will of course resume posting with some regularity soonish…my backlog of to-be-posted posts can attest to the fact that i have at least been making a stab at this blogging thing! life just happens. 😛


but on with the obsessions:

-the biggest one, the one that’s been unspoken to a large degree and as yet unmentioned here but HUGE for me this week: we found out that we are having a little GIRL! i am so insanely happy about that, i can hardly even speak. now that i’ve had a little tiny peek at her (via ultrasound this past monday), i’ve fallen in love with her even more, and i feel like i can actually start preparing for her arrival with the making of twee baby dresses, knit or crochet garments, blankies, and other needs. i had sort of had a moratorium against making such until this juncture, out of fear (long story). the little sea monkey seems happy…she’s kicking me with vigor regularly for a couple weeks now!

-finding clothes that actually fit. i’ve finally started to bust out belly-wise and regular jeans and skirts just don’t cut the mustard anymore. if you can believe it, i was still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans somewhat comfortably up until about a week ago (with some clever macgyvering, natch). but such rigging measures have finally lost their efficacy. *sniffle* i’m slowly acquiring new garments that more comfortably accommodate my changing shape. i am wanting to write about my experiences thus far and more about pregnancy style. i hope to do so again sooner rather than later. so many ideas, yet, so many things to do and too little time! ha.

-going to hawaii at the end of april. oh yeah!!! looking way forward to that. resting and relaxing on the beach, woo! with a ginormous belly, woo! it will be good. i need a break from life and i think that little vacay will be just the ticket for me and the mans (and a calm before the storm that shall be a new baby in our lives).

-and, reading. voraciously. right now it’s born in the usa. it’s deep, it’s medical, it’s kinda political. it’s sort of my regular fare at the moment (baby/birth literature). unsurprisingly.

(ok, it’s almost all baby- or pregnancy-related. oops!)


  1. jani

    OMG! A Girl! How Lovely!
    As a mom of 3 boys, let me just say, YAY for you!!!!
    so happy for you guys, be healthy and happy.

  2. Lies

    Ah ah ah! A girl, congratulations, a fashionable mum like yourself couldn’t be more happy eh!
    I would like to send you a little hand-crafted dress for little miss wee. Check our blog (I share with a friend-illustrator)out first if you like : http://www.anemonecrafts.blogspot.com. If you like my stuff, please send me a little mail with your details.
    I love your blog mama!!!

  3. Margaret Cook

    Congratulations on your baby girl. I can tell you are soooooo excited. May she be as fashionable as her mom

  4. Chloe Nightingale

    Ooh, congratulations! (I’m having a boy and I was convinced I was having a girl until I saw the ultrasound.) I think know how you feel about being hesitant to get or make baby things. I had some serious paranoia (although for no medical reason) and although that paranoia has lifted, I haven’t made anything for the little doodlie. In fact, I’ve bought a playpen/portable cot/bassinet and nothing else.

    If your pregnancy-body behaves anything like mine, you will have a wee belly for about 2 months and then suddenly overnight have a gigantic belly. I need to post flickr pictures (when we’re done moving and the internet is back up), this belly is insane and I still have 9 weeks to go!

    P.S. I don’t know how it is in SF, but here, thrifted baby clothes are even cheaper (loads cheaper, actually) than adult-sized thrifted clothes!

  5. leslie

    yay, a girl!!!! me too! isn’t it exciting to think of all the sweet clothes out there, i’ve been hitting the thrift shops like crazy since i found out 2 weeks ago : )

  6. The Waves

    Congratulations on your baby girl! I have been reading your blog for a while and finally managed to join wardrobe_remix as well. You are a true inspiration to everyone who is out there trying to be creative with their own personality shining through! Do you mind if I link you?

  7. Kira

    Not sure if you’re aware, but the RSS feed for livejournal for wardrobe_remix is broken…

  8. J.

    De-lurking to wish you well in your pregnancy and coming birth. My 2nd daughter is just 3.5 weeks old, and my 1st is 21 months. I had them both in an American hospital and managed to give birth naturally both times. However, I did feel that this was successful largely because I am very committed to natural childbirth and was armed with quite a lot of knowledge. I see you have a midwife, which hopefully means that you will have support in this area, but if you would be interested in hearing a few thoughts on the subject I would be happy to write you a short email. I was prompted to de-lurk by reading about your current reading-matter, but don’t want to write a very long comment if it would just be burdensome to you.
    All the best, in any event!