(not so) random links

again, it’s been a bit slow lately with the fashion news, especially that of the business-y, culturally significant variety.

anywho, i still have links for yoooo, albeit of the more crafty and DIY variety. which is always, always good! right? right.


-here’s the way to excite a long time vintage pattern junkie like myself! via burdastyle comes news of a commercial pattern archive hosted by the university of rhode island. said archive contains 25,000 scanned patterns, and the oldest of those patterns dates back to 1868. you can peruse the archive of these vintage patterns via a CD they have for sale. a small price to pay for a vast education of fashions of the last 150 years, i think! (more information on the u of ri’s COPA website.)


(image by laupre)

laupre has a how-to on how you can make your own sewn ‘legwarmers’…some sassy buttoned ones that to me look more like spats. spats are so, so chic, methinks. who doesn’t like a piece of leather or fabric that can turn a chic shoe into a boot (so to speak!) in a second? (via craft:)


onegirl, a fellow blogger, maker, and crafter, is expecting a baby girl too! and it’s just my luck (and your luck too, maybe!?), as she recently posted a listing of links of patterns to knit some sweet, easy little sweaters totally suited for little girls (and really, little boys, too!). more patterns for baby wearables can be found on knitting pattern central as well. baby needs to be chic too, and nothing is more chic for baby than a handmade sweater, right? πŸ™‚


and, hey…i’m putting out a call for YOU to get involved with this link fun!:

send me your links! heard or seen anything cool around the nets you want to share? tell me and i just might put it here in a future (not so) random links post.

not links to promote your own blog, really, ya?

but..more like bits of interest or suggestions on websites, cool links, other people’s blogs, and news that others might find interesting too…fashiony, stylish things of any of those descriptions that you just can’t keep to yourself!

got it? good!

comment away!


  1. hope

    hi tricia! i’ve been enjoying your blog since i found wardrobe remix several months back. sooo much inspiration! anyway, this IS a link to our blog but i thought your readers might get something out of it. we’ve started making downloadable tutorials available at the stitch lounge website (a new one every month!), and most of them involve refashioned vintage items. check ’em out, we hope you like them. πŸ™‚


    many thanks for a fellow thrifter, crafter, and SF resident!

  2. Lia M

    Thank you so much for these links! It’s only fair I share some with you.

    This is post from dreamecho has been really stuck in my mind:

    Like that wasn’t enough, she also does all these cool clothes shapeshifting stuff:

    Another blog I ADORE is hot chocolate and mint:

    Diana from So Fash’On did a full collection here–impressive, and we can even buy her designs!:

    Lastly, for the brainiac in you (and me!), SHOWstudio is doing this Political Fashion series:

    Hope you like πŸ™‚

  3. jani

    Hi Tricia,
    here is a cool site I found on Mary Englebreits mag. site,
    great handmade hats, thought you’d like them!


    also, I have been reading this cool blog about travelling the US in a travel trailer, (we have one too,) her name’s Bethany,& she sells neat vintage clothes on etsy,and has a vintage blog there too. I think you’ll like her, she’s neat.



    hope you’re feeling good, have a good weekend! j.

  4. Erica

    This is only marginally related to fashion, but recently I was reading a copy of Momentum Magazine (http://momentumplanet.ca/), a magazine out of Vancouver focusing on bike culture, and in an article about pret-a-rouler clothing I noticed a picture of felt spats made for biking. I couldn’t believe how great an idea this was, especially as someone who is loath to ruin clothing and shoes with bike grease! Unfortunately the online article (http://momentumplanet.ca/gear/return-rational-dress) doesn’t show the image, but I thought I’d mention it here since you just recently wrote about fashioning spats.