(not so) random links

sorry so quiet this week. this time it’s my fault…i’ve got a beastly head/chest cold and pretty much zero energy. bah.

but here you go! tons and tons of links to make up for the lack of post-age on my part!


-not many fashion announcements of fashion lines get me all excited and stuff, but damn, i’m looking forward to the much talked about marimekko/h&m collaboration, available in h&m stores starting in april 2008 (via the telegraph). beats all that target/go-international stuff by a mile, i say! marimekko! mid-century modern finnish goodness! WOO HOO! let’s hope it lives up to the hype, i might actually cave and buy some. *crosses fingers*

see also: a preview of the marimekko/h&m collection at nitrolicious


-marc jacobs and his designs for his various labels have been so hit and miss/been boring the hell out of me for most of the last several years/seasons (what happened to all the good stuff he was churning out in the early 2000’s? i miss the old, unfit, more creative marc! come back, old school marc jacobs!). one of the more interesting things he’s churned out of late were the LEGO accessories he showed during the spring 2008 show. such a thing is so easy to copy it’s silly! c’mon, who’s he kidding, anyway??

so on that note: morgan of panda head shows you how to DIY your own marc jacobs-esque LEGO belt on a recent post on brightest young things…in this case it’s WAY better than dropping a gazillion bucks for the real thing.


get a gander at what those studious smarties over at university of california at berkeley are wearing right now by checking out this slideshow of such over berkeley.edu. those berkley beauties have also launched their own fashion mag, bare, that comes in a quarterly format.


-a curious but slightly non-sensical body art trend that reminds me of those strangely popular inner lip tattoos: tooth tattoos! (via offbeat ink)


vanity sizing: why does this still persist?? (via the seattle times) why can’t we just pick a number for a size and stick with it? NUMBERS DON’T MATTER, whether something FITS you does. sizes are a joke. if i ever have my own line of clothing (ha!) it’s all gonna just have measurements (bust, waist, hip, whatever’s applicable to said garment)…none of this arbitrary random number crap.


-inspiration, ahoy! outsapop has posted 99 pages of clippings from her inspiration book. i suggest following her suggestion: also check out the inspiration book flickr group. some time ago (years now? wow.), i also posted some snaps of my favorite pages in my fashion clippings book (they start w/ that photo, scroll through). maybe i’ll do that again. what catches our eye says so much about us, just like what we wear, collect, eat…and everything else!


-cycle chic is hitting critical mass! (pun intended) it’s a good thing too: biking is good exercise, and good for the environment. forgo the odd spandex shorts, people: you can and should look stylish while pedaling around! make the effort! garner inspiration from the likes of london’s cycle chic, copenhagen cycle chic (who’s been mentioned here before, back in november!), and flickr’s velocouture.

see also: this round-up of ridiculously cute bike baskets on cool hunting

and check out: wardrobe_remix‘s own madebytess, one of the most fabulous fashionistas on two wheels (or off!)…

Wardrobe Remix Day 107/Velocouture!


william good (the san francisco area goodwill venture that restyles discards that i mentioned here this past fall) is looking for a new lead designer. if i had 3 years of actual factual design experience, i might apply! perhaps you or a friend qualifies? spread the word.


quick quick and dirty dirty:

-i don’t give a crap if shrugs are ‘out’, this nob hill shrugy pattern thing on knitty is lovely. and something that a preggy person with an ever-expanding belly like mine could actually wear *right now*. ‘cept in a bright color or somethin’, natch.

a video about how “buttons are made” (via craft:). starring indie goddess miranda july. hee, hee, hee!

a tutorial on linoleum printing on indie fixx. do it up on some fabric and make yourself some clothes out of it! yeah!

-these mary jane baby booties are so twee they make me squee!! i plan on making several for le girl bebe with various bits of leftover yarn (of which i have much).


again, send me your links! heard or seen anything cool around the nets you want to share? tell me and i just might put it here in a future (not so) random links post.

(need some ideas? send over bits of interest or suggestions on websites, cool links, other people’s blogs, and news that others might find interesting too…fashiony, stylish things of any of those descriptions that you just can’t keep to yourself!)


i’ll post the highlights some of your sent-in links in another future post! (thanks to those who sent some my way!)


  1. arlene

    Apply for the job with William Good…they post wanting the moon but know in reality they will get stars…GO FOR IT GIRL…

  2. heather

    vanity sizing? If only I could shop at places that offer sizes other than small, medium, and large! I’m a size 12 and I’m okay with that number.

  3. pamela

    When I clicked the William Good link I got a photogs site by the same name. Just sos ya know.

    That job sounds so fun…!

    What!?! Shrugs are OUT??? *covers ears, sings la la la la…*

  4. Megan

    I am digging the cycle chic thing! I’ve been looking into commuting on my bike (eventually – not now, as I work a mile off the highway down a dirt road frequented by gravel and log trucks – not so safe) and have all the usual questions like how can I make my hair look decent once I get to work, etc. I think it’s a great way to get people to exercise more – show them that they don’t have to wear the spandex and such.

  5. Ashe Mischief

    And gah! To spam you once more… it’s interesting to read about the vanity sizing, because even “Plus” size stores like Lane Bryant are becoming guilty of it. Their new line of jeans are sized 0-5 and run smaller than the special measuring tape. Personally, I like your idea of buying based on measurements– it’s really the easiest way for it to be done, than try to magically guess what size you’d wear based on cut, cloth, company, and more.

  6. ambika

    Thanks for the knitty link. That might actually encourage me to pick up my needles again. & definitely in a bright color–berry red comes to mind. Or maybe a crazy violet.

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  8. d

    I was thinking the same thing about that knitty shrug. My belly hasn’t popped out yet, but then again, it’s not quite shrug weather here yet. It snowed again today… sigh.

  9. emily august

    This is going to sound weird but I like the Mens Collection from Marimekko better than the Womens. I think the Womens clothing is a little tired as far as design goes.

  10. Tess

    Thank you so much for including me in this Tricia!! And Megan and anyone else who is curious about what to do with your hair once you’ve gotten it all sweaty after bicycling. One solution is to make sure you arrive 10 minutes early to work so you can cool off and then restyle . The sweat really isn’t such a big deal, I guess if it’s an issue maybe a dry shampoo would be nice?? My hair m.o. is a ponytail, so it’s fairly easy to reconstruct after bicycling.

  11. meli

    hola trish.
    I am a always happy to come across knitting links, I dont knit nor have the skill, but my mom has knitted for decades, taught by nuns in the 60s she busts out all these crazy patterns in all these scarfs I have, and have given to friends throughout the years. She doesnt knit much anymore, but gets happy when i (print, she does no internet) snail mail her some projects I come across the web.
    Anyhow, after I saw the post of the get-together@the thirsty bear and local people in the remix, I think im goin to stop being flickr-shy and start posting, and show off some scarfs šŸ˜‰

    Love and congrats in your pregnancy.
    A fellow frye-shoe lover. meli

  12. vanessa

    I will pipe up here to agree about Marc Jacobs. I think of him as an interpreter of street trends, not a designer. I mean that in a good way; I think he makes the pieces that women want more wearable and available. Lately, though, I can only think it must be a social experiment to see what he can get away with. Thank you for wardrobe_remix, v.