22 weeks tomorrow. hiding it.

i can hardly believe i’m standing right now…as i mentioned in my (not so) random links post yesterday, i’ve felt very sick the past few days, suffering from a beastly head/chest cold.

but i need to leave the house: i’m on a mission to drop off some shoes at the cobbler. and buy new bras, as being pregnant precludes such purchases. *sigh*

-red-orange vintage enameled hoop earrings: thrifted
-red-orange vintage flower pin: thrifted
-purple, red and lavender striped merino men’s sweater worn as a scarf: thrifted
-gray sweater coat: thrifted
-purple knit tunic: old navy maternity
-black leggings: AA
-black boots of amazingness: frye


  1. Ashe Mischief

    Your outfit is amazing & delightful. Even not pregnant (though often asked if I am), I’d wear that in a heartbeat. Love the pairing of red/red-orange with that vibrant orchid purple.

    Feel better.

  2. Natasha

    My, your pregnancy style is so graceful and lovely! I love that you are able to stay so true to your style. Feel better soon!

  3. Cat on a hot tin roof

    Hello, I just added you to my favourites because I really like your blog 🙂


  4. super kawaii mama

    Looking lovely Trisha. Sorry your not feeling well but think of all the anti-bodies the baby will develop. (If it works that way). I think you’re doing very well just to keep us updated at this stage, cause I know how draining the whole pregnancy thing can be. sending some love your way.