22.5 weeks pregnant. or so. almost 6 months i guess? seems like i wore this dress recently, if my w_r flickr photos are any indication. not really…i just hardly ever take w_r photos b/c i find myself wearing the same damn jeans over and over! i’ve entered the stretch pants era of my pregnancy. the belly is growing…but the chest is growing faster. *groan*

hair still in need of a haircut. so long i can make little pigtails with it.

-orange acrylic hoop earrings: UO many years ago
-vintage beaded pin: alameda antiques and collectibles fair
-gray sweaterdress: thrifted
-orange tank top: AA
-orange leggings: AA
-gray boots: UO
-orange bracelet watch: nixon


  1. Jaime

    Okay, I have to do it. I am requesting a belly photo. A side shot, that is. I want to see the progress!
    Also, you look REALLY cute! I love orange and grey!

  2. jennifer

    it astonishes me that in about three months you will have a little human. pregnancy is such a miracle that i can’t comprehend. that baby is growing fast!

  3. Sarah

    Ok, I know you can’t wear them now, but J.Crew has bright yellow jeans on sale for $20! I would never have looked at bright citrus jeans if it wasn’t for you and all the creative mixing here on w_r! Thanks again for putting a smile on my face every day.

  4. sarah

    lovin the grey and orange!

    So do you trim your bangs yourself? However long your hair may be (cute mini-pigtails!), your bangs seem perfectly neat and even!

  5. Casey

    You seriously do not look six months pregnant. πŸ˜‰ I love those tights–I have a pair in a similar hue, and just haven’t gotten up the guts to sport them!

  6. tricia

    thanks all. if only you could see a side view…it’s a bit more obvious there…at least to me. it’s funny though, no one in real life believes me either! but indeed, i am with child! πŸ˜› now you can see why i am yearning for at least a tiny bump (only in front!) that makes me look pregnant (and not just chunky and uber busty). soon enough, i guess!

    sarah: i have my hair (bangs included) done professionally. i never cut them myself! i’d hack them all up, probably!

  7. Jaime

    That side shot is so cute! I love it! You look so good! Your skin is glowing and your hair color compliments your skin and eyes. Damn!