(not so) random links

-when i am 65, i want to look as incredible and stylish as this sassy grande dame, leena, who was recently posted to that always and forever inimitable finnish street fashion site, hel-looks:


this quote from the lovely lady pictured above is, to me, spot on:

I like fashion and have lots of clothes. I never buy ordinary clothes. I keep my clothes for decades and never throw them out.

when clothes are unordinary and lovely, they can become transcendently timeless, even extraordinary. an argument for continued wear, indeed. i don’t imagine her being tremendously into disposable, trendy junk.

i adore it when hel-looks, or ANY street fashion blogs, make a concerted effort to post photos of people of all ages, especially those who’ve got several decades of living under their belt (read: more than 20, or even 30). undeniably proving, yet again, that all those immature whippersnappers who say fashion is only he domain of the young are full of sh*t.


-guilty of buying too much stuff (clothes, records, books, whatever) and never getting rid of it? if so, you might relate to this vimeo video i spotted a couple weeks back via boing boing, called possessed.


and of course, the quick and dirty:

wisecraft gives us a peek into natalie chanin’s (formerly of project alabama, now working under the name alabama chanin) new sewing/craft book, alabama stitch book. me want, as me have been big fan of natalie’s work for years and years. yes!

-a commenter (rosiepop) who’s also with child tipped me off to the maternity wear of designer isabella oliver. stunning and sexy doesn’t even begin to describe her threads…all the draping in her tops and dresses makes the full, abundant figure of the pregnant woman look the picture of a classic greek or roman goddess. wowza.

-i agree with yarn over movement/stay fancy free, this oversized shrug designed by rowan yarns is mighty stunning.


  1. sarah

    I just ordered my copy of Alabama Stitch book on amazon last night! I’ve been waiting for this to come out, yes yes yes!

  2. Isabella Oliver

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. We believe pregnant woman should be able to look and feel sexy throughout their pregnancy. Many women develop amazing curves while they are pregnant and our collection is designed to reflect and celebrate this. We’re so glad to hear you love our collection. Thank you again.

    Warm Regards
    Isabella Oliver

  3. Unicorns have whiskers

    She rocks. I love it when people have a kick-ass style that is sort of timeless, or age-less. I wish I’d see more old people’s styles in the net, and also pregnant women’s styles. Women are still women, fabulous and stylish, when they are old or pregnant or fat or disabled.

  4. Donna

    So many good links…thanks especially for the link to Isabella Oliver, I’ve just requested a catalogue. Was a bit despairing recently when I read wardrobe advice in a pregnancy book suggesting it would be a good idea to borrow your partner’s jogging trousers, stating ‘you can even remove the elastic and replace it with cord to allow room for expansion’!!!! That’s just grim! I’m looking forward to more of your pregnancy style tips (which will hopefully banish all thought of wearing jogging trousers from my mind!
    D x

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