mafuyu: (inspiring loops)

i am in deep, deep love with these wearable knitted bits and bobs by japanese knitwear artist/designer mafuyu:





(photo credit: mafuyu)

(bonus factoid: mafuyu is also one of the artists behind the knitted homes (officially entitled ‘my town in my home’) that made the rounds on the internets some time ago.)


  1. emily august

    There is something really wonderful about these images. So much so that I think this is my favorite post of yours lately. Perhaps it is the concept of “knitted bits” that kills me, particularly because I’ve been focusing on embroidery in small batches. Nice aesthetic, also, with the way the tops are modeled. One interesting side effect is that I want to wrap knitwear around my head right now, and its about 60 degrees outside.

  2. belinda

    oh wow, these are gorgeous!
    and interesting too, got me thinking about construction and process- love it when that happens.

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