4.14.2008, now with more leela!

big and pregnant. fun!

doing the best i can…the whole pregnancy style thing has been more of a challenge than i had hoped (mostly because my chest is now even more monstrous than it was before this journey started…it eliminates so much that i used to wear that might still fit if they hadn’t grown so much).

24 weeks.

-orange wool cowl: hand knit by me
-empire waist denim dress: handmade by me. finished yesterday. from a 1964 vintage pattern, using the backside/wrongside of the denim rather than the alleged "correct side".
-maternity jeans: thrifted and skinnified by me
-brown vintage boots: thrifted
-acid wash denim belt: thrifted, pilfered from a pair of overalls that don’t fit anymore at the moment because i’m w/child
-wooden hoop earrings: thrifted
-orange bracelet watch: nixon
-blue glass ring: MOMA website
-dopey look and flat hair: totally mine.


-someone who’s doing a better job of looking fabulous during pregnancy than me? the stunningly beautiful midoritsuru (who posts regularly to wardrobe_remix). she puts me to shame, pregnant or no. i bow down to her stunning regal-ness, now and forever.

-and another gorgeous woman in waiting: rosiepop, who i mentioned here recently. i can only dream of looking as gorgeous and fashionable as she does at the end of her pregnancy.


  1. Erica

    Aww! *blushing*
    The bigger I get, the more challenging getting dressed becomes. I’m down for trying my best though!

  2. Hyena In Petticoats

    I think you’re still doing a fine job – and as long as your colour combinations survive the transition, you’ll always look fantastic – that’s what sets your outfits truly apart, and the reason I drop in here to see what you’re wearing!

    Leah xx

  3. Angie

    I love your haircut. It’s so unique and…red! 🙂 Great outfit too. It would be difficult to be stylish and creative with what you wear when none of your clothes fit anymore. I think you’re doing a great job.