RIP, adorn!

i found out yesterday that the DIY style magazine, adorn, published by soho publishing, is no more…

so sad.

no one from the magazine told me anything (not that they had to, of course).

i found out the magazine folded by visiting the adorn website yesterday. as you can see, it’s virtually non-existent. my curiousity was peaked, and via a little googling, i found a thread that mentioned the magazine’s demise in the adorn magazine flickr community. i then emailed some contacts to find out more info…

and suffice it to say, the bad news was indeed confirmed.


thus, the remix_redux articles i wrote for the mag featuring select photographs from wardrobe_remix are no more.

remix_redux in adorn magazine

wardrobe_remix in ADORN, summer 2007 issue

remix_redux/wardrobe_remix article in Adorn Fall 2007 issue

remix_redux in Adorn -- winter 2007/2008


thanks again to all the wardrobe_remix(ers) who were featured in the articles i wrote. i could not have done these articles without you, of course!

and a BIG HUGE thanks to adorn for giving me the opportunity to write for them. it was great experience for me, and a heap of fun.


also: my sincere apologies to those wardrobe_remix(ers) who were slated to be in the remix_redux article in the (now) non-published spring 2008 issue. had i known anything, i would have passed on the news to you sooner.


  1. Anna

    I went to renew my subscription at Christmas and they sent my payment back. I knew something had to be up then.

  2. laura

    oh, that makes me really sad… ): it’s even worse that no one told you. i would have loved to be in an article by you. the best magazines always go.

  3. kayte

    i was sworn to secrecy but now that the blog is down there’s really no faking anymore.
    i posted something on my blog today too.

  4. tricia

    kayte: so sorry it had to end, especially for you! i wish you the best going forward. and anyone else involved with the magazine. from what i know, everyone is doing well.

    i am curious as to why they were keeping it such a secret! it couldn’t have hurt to make a final post or just say, “the magazine is no more” in plain language. oh well. 🙂

  5. lady coveted

    hmm… that’s really too bad. i guess a lot of magazines are having a hard time in recent days… though, small magazines always had it tough.

  6. kayte

    hey tricia:
    i know! susan and linda and i just kept asking, “when can we make this public?” and no one would ever get back to us! it was so frustrating.
    wishing you the best too… i guess we’ll all land on our feet!

  7. Alexa

    I am so sad about this. Another one of my favorite crafty voices has bit the dust (the other being creative techniques). It seems the hipper/younger DIY mags are going to the wayside. There are so many mags on the shelf right now and so few that really get me. The ones that do only feature a small amount of DIY stuff.

  8. Erica

    This is sad news indeed! It makes me wish I’d purchased more copies of the magazine, now I really have to archive the ones I have.

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  10. heather

    This might be totally weird, but I would be happy to print the remix redux in the next issue of CROQ… is that weird? love, Heather

  11. Kimberly Dawn

    this makes me sad! good thing i ordered all the back issues last year! tricia..i really enjoyed your page! your site and ideas are always an inspiration! keep up the good work!!!
    love from BC in Canada’s wet coast.

  12. patrick

    that’s too bad. there are a lot of magazines throwing in the towel just now. as a magazine designer, i find that somewhat worrisome! Oui c’est triste.

  13. LC

    Oh no, I hate seeing great magazines go down the drain. I want to be in magazine and I worry that there aren’t going to be any magazines left! Oh no!