25 weeks tomorrow.
off to do some shopping/thrifting/grocery-ing.

-huge gold doorknocker hoop earrings: fred flare
-black wool/sequin cowl: handknit by me
-black and white striped tank: old navy
-red-orange cardi: zara
-gray high waisted skirt (in a size up for the belly): AA
-black leggings: AA
-black leather "fanny pack" (haha!): thrifted
-gold oxfords: frye
-gold/clear lucite cocktail ring: pierre boisset, paris (bought in paris a year ago)


  1. tressie

    Those gold frye shoe-boots !
    I’m wearing my leggings as long as the weather stays a bit chilled. That and I haven’t waxed yet…..

  2. Susse

    Your look fantastic..
    I am 38 weeks pregers so only two weeks until I pop..
    Totally appreciate the wardrobe crisis as your body changes.
    Lots of mixing and scratching up a new look each day is certainly needed.

    Looking forward to seeing mini-people wardrobe remix 🙂
    when your wee one comes along.

  3. Rowena

    I love the gold shoes and the belted effect (bagged) on the cardigan. You look most radiant. I am trying to get the baby to hurry up and come now by taking long bouncy walks etc!!