threadheads: cal of hodge podge on how to crochet a neckline

this week’s threadheads vid features a how-to from cal of hodge podge farm, who shows the world how to crochet a bitchin’ neckline onto a tee, using scrap tee shirt fabric. the results are way inspiring…as are the tees she makes. she obviously shares my great love of doilies! ha!

check it out:

great work as always, threadbanger!


  1. emily august

    very interesting technique. it looks so easy.

    i love how i can always see these podcast episodes on the internet quicker than they download to my iTunes.

  2. Sarah

    Excellent idea…VERY inspiring. So I sat me down and crocheted me a neckline! Thanks for the post. Your blog rocks.

  3. The Fashion assistanat and her Camera

    Oh my goodness the video is sooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!