(thrift) finds

some choice picks from my thrifting haul this week…that happen to all be knits!
found at goodwill and out of the closet thrift store, here in san francisco.


an orla kiely wool sweater!

thrifted orla kiely wool sweater

i saw it from afar…and had a feeling it was something good. i mean, HELLO, it has orange polka dots on gray, people!! you KNOW how i feel about orange and gray (if you’ve been lingering about for a while, anyway!). a peep at the tag confirmed my good luck. YAY!


a sleeveless turtleneck knit shell with a PIXEL print (omg!)…

thrifted pixelated sleeveless turtleneck top


a simple red-orange wool cardi:

thrifted red-orange wool cardi


and a mustard-colored drop-waist tunic…

thrifted 80s mustard tunic sweater

it doesn’t look like much, but i loved the color. and i figured this would fit over my ever growing belly, and would be cute over slim/skinny jeans or leggings or whatever, plus, with a cowl of mine over the neck…one of many layers to keep me warm here in chilly SF.


  1. Casey

    oh wow–those are fantastic!!! I just can’t believe that Orla sweater–I mean those retail for major $$. haha. the thrifting out this way has been a little disappointing lately, but I’m keeping up hope because yard sale season is just warming up. 😉 lol.

  2. okjk

    Hi! 🙂 I’ve been checking out your site for the past week, and have finally decided to stay. 🙂 It’s fantastic to see you exploring and expressing your creativity through fashion: knitting, crocheting, thrifting, restyling… your house/abode must definitely be a colourful, colourful place!

    I particularly wanted to mention how impressed I am w/ your wardrobe-remix posts and your positive encouragement towards your ‘models’. Fashion definitely is a very individualistic thing, and in trying out different styles and expressing ourselves in different ways, fashion mistakes do happen, but it’s rare that people recognize this and accept that as part of creative living. So kudos to you for being such a positive encouragement.

    AND LASTLY – I *love* the drop-waist tunic. The mustard yellow is fantastic, and I think it’ll go really sweet with your hair colour. And the pockets are just adorable! Two little pockets to place little goodies for when you have your “I’m-pregnant-I-want-this-now!” cravings!

  3. sarah

    I bow before your amazing thrift karma! Orange polka dots on grey … and with elbow patches? It’s like the grail of thrift-sweater-scores. What a find!

  4. LC

    What great finds! I love the mustard tunic the most! I almost never find anything at thrift stores anymore!