having a little fun.
off to work!
25 weeks.

-orange acrylic earrings: UO ages ago
red-orange wool cardi: thrifted at goodwill, SF
-black and gray dip-dyed sweatshirt fabric bubble dress: UO
-shiny leggings: AA (oooh, a variation on the leggings! hah!)
-two-tone gray canvas and leather brogues: we who see
-orange bracelet watch: nixon
-gold/clear acrylic cocktail ring: pierre boisset, paris


  1. emily august

    The variegated colors of your dress made me think of ombre rugs and then in turn of Prada Fall 2007 and then in turn of a favorite coffee mug that I accidentally stained with a lack of proper care. Why the rugs came first, I have no idea.