aloha from hawaii!!

aloha, friends!

since i find myself in paradise, i think i am virtually going to take a vacation too, it’s been a LONG time since i have really, really relaxed.

and…things are a bit slower here, especially my internet connection!


the view

so posts may be slow to non-existent this week. i shall resume posting with my return to real life…next tuesday.

on that note…the wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week post i usually post today is on vacation for the week as well. look for a big, lovely post next week to make up for it’s absence this week.

my apologies!



  1. Caroline

    Enjoy your time here in Hawaii…I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out just on the off chance I catch a peek of you out and about!

  2. *karen

    Hey, have fun in Hawai’i. That’s my home state :o). I dare you to eat a Spam musubi! I also wanted to put a worm in your ear about She makes fabulous clothes in Hawai’i.

  3. kyutie

    Hi! how are you doing? I love ALL of your Hawaii photos by the way… It looks really fun. … so have fun in hawaii! How long will you be in Hawaii?

    ** I have added you on my links (care for ex links?)

    Take care,