(not so) random links

before i launch into this most recent bunch o’ links, i want to say thanks for the HUGE response to my why do we wear what we wear? post early last week. i guess i touched on something there! i am constantly floored at how intelligent and creative and diverse you all are. thanks for reading! and for sharing and discussing. i’m constantly humbled by the fact that you stop by and are in some way interested in what i blog about or…really, anything i post!

now, on with the show!


the bay area maker faire, put on by make: and craft: is this coming weekend, may 3rd and 4th, down in san mateo, california, at the san mateo fairgrounds. are any of you bay area denziens planning on going?

fun fact: i spoke about wardrobe_remix at last year’s maker faire! it was a blast.

and looks like they have a TON of great craft demos and crafty happenings going down this year too, including the bizarre bazaar. my in-laws are due to visit this weekend…maybe we’ll drag them down there for a look-see! *evil laugh*


-reason # 7658934563 that fashion trend pronouncements are a steaming pile of stinking TRIPE: the fashion industry (well, really, idiotic fashion editors, designers, and their ilk) is now claiming that the dress is “OUT” (via the new york times). seriously?? like people are going to stop wearing dresses because some dolt like anne slowey claims they are “out”??? just thinking about this and how inane and non-sensical such a statement is makes me want to slam my head against the wall repeatedly in frustration. (via a dress a day) dresses make up a very broad and diverse category of clothing, so to say all dresses are “out” as of this coming fall (??) just sounds completely moronic. like, are all brides going to forgo the trad wedding DRESS in lieu of wedding PANTS, for starters??

now do you understand why i constantly say “trends” are just a bunch of garbage? this kind of thing TOTALLY proves my point…if nothing else i’ve ever written to this end hasn’t worked in convincing you. 😛


and a big old stack of the quick and dirty!:

-i love love LOVE this how-to on hand-dying trims, by a little imagination and a pile of junk. bright, and happy…and could be used in so many ways. your imagination is probably the only limitation! (via craft:)

this knitted food by artist ed bing lee looks scrumptious! (via fly)

-check out this inspiring sweater recon by one pearl button. i can think of a million stylish ways to riff off that idea…again, the possibilities seem endless!

-some super-duper pretty dahlias made from rick-rack, by made with love by hannah. would be lovely as a brooch, hair do-dad, or hat decoration, methinks!

threadbanger’s blog has a great round-up of ways to make handmade shoes…check it!

-the human ecology collection of the university of wisconsin-madison has an online archive of vintage dressmaking, fashion design, costume design, millinery (aka hatmaking), and sewing texts provided in full available for your perusal right here. an AMAZING resource for makers and designers, to say the least.

check out this patchwork/collaged chair tutorial by dutch artist jane schouten on design*sponge. i’m literally drooling over it…so covetable, and so do-able!

the coveted dishes out the deets on a slew of great ebay sellers who specialize in designer and vintage goodies. worth a peek!

-there’s apparently a new (to me?) SF street fashion blog, called san francisco style (via design that kills). what makes it different from the pack? a huge amount of commentary by the authors on the stylish who were snapped on SF’s streets.


  1. Maven

    The NYT posted a barfy follow-up to that thing about dresses, in which the writer (a dude) suggests that women should keep wearing dresses because men like to look at them. Never mind that some of us choose our clothes based on personal aesthetic, comfort, convenience, etc.

  2. Jeanne

    I will be at Maker Faire! I went last year and had a great time; I’ll be there on Saturday. This year I’m bringing a big bag of clothes to Swap-o-Rama, since I didn’t last year!

  3. chloe nightingale

    Whoa. At first, I though you wrote ‘this dress is out,’ so I went to see which dress was ‘out’ and I see that all dresses are out. (I haven’t read the full article yet.) What about skirt-top combos that look like dresses at first glance? Do they really think they can pull that off? How are they going to break the news to the maternity industry? I loathe nearly all maternity trousers and own only one pair (very comfy drawstring maternity thermals, they are great for lounging around when it’s chilly, but I’m going off-topic).

    I wear skirts and dresses more often than I wear trousers, so obviously, I think that declaration is a load of bollocks. Actually, I think it’s really funny. What other clothing ‘standards’ can we say are out? Howabout t-shirts? ;p

  4. lady coveted

    oh dear i read that article about dresses! i can’t imagine one particular item of clothing being ‘out’…
    what is ‘out’ anyway?

    i haven’t heard that since jr. high…

    anyway, thank you so much for the link love!

  5. kristin

    hi lovey! are you going to makers? marie (agent lover) told me she is coming up to visit and i want to meet her and as you know i’ve wanted to meet YOU forever too! and thank you for the link love love love!

  6. tricia

    kristin, marie, etc.: as i said in the original post, i’m going to TRY to be there…but my in-laws are in town. we may see if they want to go, as we do want to drop by ourselves, but we have to play it by ear and see what they want to do while they are here. if we do come, it will probably be on saturday.

  7. Maria

    I think trends can be fun – but it is silly to base your whole wardrobe experience around them. Everyone should try and develop their own style based on their body type, color preference, way of life, etc. I try not to fall prey to trends . . . but, every once in a while, it’s fun to see a new trend b/c sometimes I think, “oh, I forgot that (gladiator sandals, prairie skirt, cigarette pants, shift dress, etc.) looked good on me.” Or it will encourage me to try it for the first time and then it becomes part of my regular repertoire. But, yes, it is silly when fashion writers write things like “the dress is out.” I think that is more a reflection of the public being over-saturated with all the “fast fashion” (I mean, really, how many seasons are there now? Like, 8?) and so the writers need to say *something* to get attention. Oh well. They have to earn their living, too, I guess.

    But, what I really want to know, is what are your thoughts on this whole Gossip Girl fashion thing? I don’t have a TV so I have never seen the show, but I have seen many fashion bloggers (and others) blog about it. Thoughts?

  8. tricia


    eh, i just am sick of how fast everything moves. sure, we all see things around that we like, on trend or not, but these ridiculous dictates just blow my mind, especially when they are as moronic as that one.  it makes me want to just shove it all…i loathe being told what to do, especially when it comes to being told what to wear.
    i have no idea what “gossip girl” even is!! seriously. so i guess my answer is, “i don’t care?”

    i’ve seen a handful of the same posts and i am totally clueless (and uninterested, really). i am pretty out of it when it comes to the latest “in” things like that…tv shows, films, whatever! i do watch a little tv but it tends to be primarily science and history documentaries, and i rarely go see films or i see them really late. guess i am a bad “fashion blogger”/pop culture follower! 😛

  9. Casey

    amazing links as always! thanks especially for that link on painting lace trim; I have a stash of “ugly” thrifted trim that I love the design of, but hate the color… I think I’ve found a solution! 😀

    it kills me that designers have pronounced the “dress is out”, considering they’ve pushed it so hard for several seasons. I think, like pants, dresses are a basic wardrobe item, despite what high-and-mighty fashion editors might like us to believe. besides, I like dresses too much–I’m not going to let any talking head who has an agenda. 😉 lol.

  10. Natasha

    My word, did that dress article make me mad! Indeed, even for trendhawks, ‘dress’ is far broader than ‘wide leg’ or ‘ethnic print…’ What a load of garbage.

  11. sarah

    thanks for the links! That patchwork chair is to DIE for. My piano’s bench is in SERIOUS need of recovering, and this is seriously inspiring me – can you imagine how unexpected this would be on a lowly piano bench? Oh yes, yes yes!

    re: dress is out? HAHAHA. Well, I guess I’m out, then! This is just utterly ridiculous. I can only imagine some stressed out fashionista desperately trying to create some new kind of pronouncement for fall. What to do, what to do, what to do? I know, let’s ban an entire GARMENT!! Oh, it’s so laughable. Some of the commenters on dress a day make a good point: perhaps the more independently-minded can make a serious dress haul at the thrifts and consignment this autumn.

    as I type, some chartreuse-painted lace trim is on the dryer on HIGH, curing before I attach it to my new DRESS that I won off ebay, yippee…