28 weeks preggo. OH HAI, third trimester!

belly is in full effect now.

man, it’s sunny today! however, its pretty typical SF, once the sun actually decides to make an appearance on a given day.

somehow i managed to squeeze into this dress i made 2 years ago, when i had a much skinnier bod. actually, i haven’t had to buy a lot of maternity stuff to date with this pregnancy, only jeans, really. a lot of my knits and whatnot still have enough give to fit without giving out. yay for that. still, there’s 3 months to go, so that may and probably will change… 😛

-sunglasses: target
-blue metallic oversized earrings: thrifted
-acrylic stars pin: thrifted
-black cowl neck vintage sweater with bell sleeves: thrifted
-african print sundress: handmade by me with thrifted fabric (it even has hong kong/bias seam binding on all seams! i’m a nut.)
-black leggings (yes, i am wearing them YET again. and, what??): AA
-red vintage t-strap wedges: thrifted about a bajillion years ago
-red resin cocktail ring: dinosaur designs
black leather bag: rabeanco


some shout-outs are in order:

yesterday was my daddy’s birthday. happy birthday, dad!

and happy mother’s day, mom!

i love you both. miss you completely.


  1. Yokoo

    Happy Mother’s day first of all!!!
    Second of all I love that dress!
    : )


  2. morgan

    YOU LOOK FANTASTIC. le bebe orangina is doing you right!
    happy mother’s day,

  3. Sal

    Wow, way to rock the bump! You and the bobbin-to-be look fab. I need to pass this post along to my girlfriend who just entered her 28th week, too … she’ll be so inspired. And maybe a little jealous.

  4. Sofie BN

    Hello Tricia!

    I really miss being pregnant when I see your stylish pictures! I gave birth to Elmer only ten days ago, I am feeling really great and enjoy being a mother, but still miss my state of pregnancy once in a while. i remember feeling like a model (did not happen too often pre-bump) and loved finding clothes that really showed off my belly. I did not buy much maternity clothing, except for the mummy-jeans, they were great! I use and refashion thrifted clothes myself and is was a good challenge trying to make clothes for the big belly!

    I wish you all the best and hope that you get to feel your best as pregnant!
    I follow your blog eagerly to see your creations and fashions!

    Sofie, from Finland

  5. lisa-gabrielle

    You look adorable,the 3rd trimester is the absolute honeymoon period so enjoy yourself! This was the time I dressed the cutest with the sickness being over and my body looking actually pregnant. Whats weird about it,is not the need to organize and ready the nursery,but the “nesting” urge to clean the oddest things.Seriously ,don’t be surprised if you find yourself scrubbing the toidy or down on all 4’s washing the base boards. For me this odd urge late in the 3rd trimester was at the top of the list for “weird pregnancy things”!