28 weeks preg-tastic! 🙂

off to work.

the second one is for my husband, who loves to take pictures of me looking like a complete arse. 😛 and naturally, it proves what a nut i really am (as if it wasn’t already abundantly clear!).

-rainbow striped recycled resin hoops and bangle: r. sobral
-orange bracelet watch: nixon
-crocheted orange wool scarf: crocheted by me
-blue silk dress: thrifted, restyled by me (sleeves shortened, elastic placed in hem)
-straight leg dark denim maternity jeans: paige
orange snakeskin wedges: paolo iotorno
orange hawaiian quilted bag: bought in hawaii a few weeks back


  1. tricia

    rowena: oh, i feel fine! just the minor discomforts of pregnancy now and again (aka, urinating a bunch, feeling ravenous, round ligament pains and leg cramps now and again). i escaped a lot of the really nasty and typical stuff. i chalk it up to making a teensy effort to eat decently and get at least some exercise (walking, yoga).

    otherwise, i’m doing well and really thankful for that. however, i’ve got three months to go, it could all go to shite from here! haha.

  2. Birdie

    Are there yoga exercises especially for pregnant women? I love Yoga too and wonder how I could still do that when I’ll be pregnant (in hopefully three years from now). You look beautiful, even on the second picture! 😉

  3. Winona

    I love your top! It’s my absolute favorite shade of blue.
    p.s. Your spam protection just ruined my self-worth as it took me approximately five minutes to figure out the sum of 5+9.

  4. tricia

    thanks all. you are very sweet! 🙂

    winona: sorry about the math problem problem. 😛 you are priceless, my dear!

    birdie: many yoga studios offer pre-natal yoga classes, and a fair amount of yoga poses can be used in the context of pre-natal yoga. we do a lot of work on hands and knees (puppy pose, downward dog, cat stretches), hip stretches, work on the arms…and i know for sure we do variations on warrior 2. i’d suggest googling around and seeing what comes up for “pre-natal” yoga for more info/specifics. i LOVE doing yoga when pregnant….it REALLY helps with all the muscle pains and aches that come with the pregnant state and with mindfully relaxing and breathing, of course. i always feel great when i leave class.

  5. Casey

    you look *fantastic*, tricia! 😉 I love the second photo… I’m always so tempted to post my “silly face” photos of myself, but never do. haha.

    I love… no *covet*… those shoes!

  6. kyutie

    Hi! Wow! Those are really pretty! From your top to shoes… I am inlove with the colors.. the blues, oranges.. it just attracts me.. it looks really good on you too… I love your hair as well…

    You’re so chic and unique.. keep fashion rockin’

    take care,