(thrift) finds

found over the past couple weeks, here in san fran, at goodwill and thrift town (aka my usual haunts).


these clip-ons reminded me of little doilies:

lacy-look enamel clip-on earrings


handmade acrylic pins, part of a larger cache of oversized 80s acrylic jewelry i scored all at once (including MASSIVE earrings, not shown here):

80s acrylic pins


ikat is one of my textile loves. and i have a thing for clutches, oh yes:

vintage clutches


always a sucker for polka dots and le orange (natch):

vintage crinkly scarf


almost fluorescent vintage slip. probably the greatest vintage slip i’ve unearthed as yet:

vintage orange plaid slip


a lovely silk dress, originally from banana republic. giant orange flowers, oh yes! doesn’t fit my currently burgeoning pregnant bod, but will *hopefully* fit afterwards. i’m crossing my fingers and toes!:

thrifted silk dress


  1. Times of Glory

    Hi, I came across your site and i really enjoy reading it —– stylish and interesting! My fashion weakness is polka dot, so I really love that scarf. Also, the first pair of earrings is seriously delicious! A great blog!

  2. Jimena

    Those clip ons do look like doilies. I’m a crocheter, so I’m inmediately in love with them.

    That polka dots scarf is beautiful…. I share the suckerness for polka dots.

  3. pamela

    You got some great stuff there. My purple-obsessed friend taught me to love purple, but I had to come a long way. I already liked orange; now I’m beginning to love it too.

  4. Casey

    woah… those are amazing finds!!!!!!!!! 😀 I think that slip is my favorite… I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. 🙂 great finds!!

  5. Khamra

    The three tiered pin in the second picture reminds me of ancient Bedouin jewelry. It’s funny how things are recycled!