stylish quotes

i posted these quotes in my tumblr blog…but i feel like they bear repeating and sharing here.


hel-looks quote.png

paulina, age 22. featured on the always amazing hel-looks.




-from an article in the washington post entitled the flamboyance of simplicity by writer robin givhan about the implications of the style statement made by the women of the recently raided polygamist compound in texas. (which incidentally, is very much worth a read, if you’re so inclined.)


  1. madam0wl

    That Washington Post article is interesting… I had mentioned to a friend (living in San Angelo) by email that I was intrigued by the dress of the YFZ members. I like the last line of the article also, “Ultimately, these self-consciously understated clothes with their high collars and ankle-shielding hemlines speak louder and more flamboyantly than anything on a runway ever could.” Could relate to anyone who dresses based on personal style instead of trends, etc.