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wow, thursday again?
stay stunning, you stylish sweethearts.
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this here is the ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL weekly wardrobe_remix recap of the latest and the greatest from the wardrobe_remix community, from yours truly, the creator of wardrobe_remix!

any wardrobe_remix photos that find themselves here showcase great style + great photography = the two meet and merrily marry to make a perfect expression of YOU and your singular personal style! and i’ve said it a million times before, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it…the ticket is the confidence and sureness you exude when you express yourself the way that makes YOU feel most comfortable. that confidence shines through and is captured on film. so whether you’re wearing couture clothes from the finest designers, mass market threads, thrifted stuff, or even a shirt you found on the side of the road…rock it! it’s ALL GOOD and it’s ALL WELCOME in wardrobe_remix!


today's "capsule, dinner, party, band" outfit

annie hall pants

Liz Marie:
Alice in Wonderland Meets Heather's

5.28.08 Jeans for Hump Day

Looking at the camera...not sure how I feel about it.

sunshine loves you:


kasia wska:
the poncho:-)


thanks to everyone who’s been posting about wardrobe_remix or featuring fashions and folks from the group in their own blogs or websites. thanks for getting the word out. i am glad that wardrobe_remix inspires you! remember to give credit to the people in the aforementioned photos (if you use them in your blog posts, etc.) and to wardrobe_remix itself. it’s good internet/blogging karma! (plus it actually goes with flickr’s terms of service and a little thing called copyright!)


remember: you can click on the photo of any of these terrific wardrobe_remix(ers) to learn more about their photo or outfit, explore their flickr photostream, and beyond. all of the photos are owned by the awesome people who are depicted in them, of course!

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  1. pamela

    I’m completely fascinated with kasia wska’s poncho/cape thing. Too cool. I’m suddenly thinkin’ my yarn stash is not nearly big enough.

  2. gilda

    ahhh!!! that girl with the ribbon in her skirt is just so cute!! i need to post my photos up too. havent done that in a while!