etsy love: a wardrobe_remix-themed etsy treasury by (Into) the Fray!

anyone who has hung around wardrobe_remix for even a little while has no doubt noticed that the community is rife with creative folks…superb photographers, amazing artists, fabulous clothing stylists and designers, and extremely skilled thrifters with a penchant for beautiful and unique vintage finds. man, people, you make me PROUD! *beams*

and wouldn’t you know it, many of those wardrobe_remix(ers) sell their great handiwork and finds on etsy, everyone’s favorite independent marketplace!

fashion blogger ambika of (Into) the Fray, a wardrobe_remix contributer and fan, just made and posted an etsy treasury filled with the work of those exceedingly creative w_r(ers)! see ambika’s post about the w_r-themed etsy treasury she created here.

Picture 1.png

that’s so terrific, ambika! you rock!

go check it out!


  1. Caroline

    Hurrah! A dress from my shop made it onto this excellent treasury! Thanks to Ambika for taking notice, and thanks to you, Tricia, for spreading the word…

    Oh, I just could not be more thrilled!