JPG magazine photo challenge: wardrobe_remix: the results!

remember the JPG magazine wardrobe_remix photo challenge i posted about a couple weeks back? well, the challenge closed the week before last!

as you might recall, JPG asked me to be a guest editor for the challenge.

i selected what i felt were some stunning photographs from the large pool of those entered…all taken in the spirit of wardrobe_remix and it’s attendant ethos.

here be my final selections!:

JPG mag w_r.png

my selections from the wardrobe_remix photo challenge are up on the JPG magazine site here, and you can view them much better as a pdf file via their site. allegedly, my selections will also be in print, in their actual factual magazine, in the near future. i’ll give you a heads up when the issue with said article hits the stands.

thanks again, JPG magazine!


  1. Christy

    I’m so honored you chose my photograph as one of the top ten. There were so many really good ones to choose from. 🙂