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preparing for baby is busy work! i seem to have something to do all the time, and almost every day…some preparation class to take or event to attend, some little baby-related errand to run. more so of these things the closer we get. whew! it’s tiring. it seems to be all we can think about! but it’s all good. the anticipation is sweet, indeed.


other things i cannot stop thinking about:

-in a fashion-related sense: interesting neon stuff like this and these, cool glasses, and patterned leggings. i also would really, REALLY like to wear a high-waisted skirt with a vintage button-down blouse tucked into it. kind of NOT gonna happen for a while, yes. but, soon, soon…i hope!

i feel like i’ve had to take a vacation from style for a while. but it’s okay, all for a good cause…

african fabric. wow, it makes me so happy just to look at it. i want to use it for everything. here’s more.

-purple and red, together.

-bowls of cherries. whee, cherry season is upon us!
now, where are the cheap nectarines? i’m dyin’ over here! there’s nothing like a super ripe, almost disintegrating, juicy nectarine in the summer. mmm, mmm.


  1. jenny

    hi stranger.
    i want to hear all about your baby preparing!!!

    i too am a busy thing. some days are easy- lots of really good chunks of time during really great naps where i can take care of things- nothing major, just the basics that have piled up during the less easy days… the ones where i don’t know where the time went, a blurry repeat of nurse/burp/change a diaper/settle a crying baby/nurse some more/coo, cuddle, hope for baby smiles/oops, another diaper to change again-repeat. some days i don’t even get around to having breakfast or getting dressed till breakfast time is long since gone. 😛

    the favorites are gorgeous as usual.

    love to you and baby!

  2. ana

    Hello Trisha,

    I love african prints too and these have inspired me to make some tunics and other stuff with this lovely fabric. I have a shop on Etsy and cutxpaste also sells my stuff. My name is artilugia. At the moment I’m on hold, busy with events with my 3 kids, but I’ll get round to making some more. Congrats on your present happy state and make the most of the time you have now on your hands. If you think you’re busy now…..!


  3. toveb

    Preparing for the arrival is the best way of keeping busy. If I didn’t have knitting and sewing I’d probably be scaling the walls. How do other pregnant women survive without handicraft or hobbies? 😉

    Mmm, cherries are nice. I’m having strawberry cravings at the moment.

    Those high-heeled shoes in the middle of your favourites collage are to die for. irregular Choice just release some new shoes…

  4. ann

    i can’t wait for you to have this little babe! i’m expecting tons of posts about baby fashion.
    i have to admit, i’ve been a little disappointed with the lack of maternity fashion, miss wardrobe_remix!! you could have inspired a revolution of fashionable pregnant women everywhere!

  5. tricia

    ann: sorry to disapoint you, but i am pretty sure that bits and bobbins is not going to explicitly turn into a baby fashion blog…i suppose a baby thing may appear here on occasion, but it’s not going to take over the content. if you want to see baby things or more “personal” stuff, you might just want to just check out my flickr page.

    as far as not seeing me so much lately, well, that’s because i have been cutting back on photos of myself due to some negative comments from other commenters about the appearance of my pregnant body. plus, i have not really been feeling too fabulous lately. as the pregnancy commences, i’m feeling it more and as such, not feeling like photographing myself with any frequency.

    in lieu of seeing me posting pictures of myself, however, you could check out this flickr group: pregnancy style and in particular, one of it’s most gorgeous posters, midoritsuru. she puts me to shame stylewise, pregnant or not.

  6. chantal

    I really love African fabrics, too. I feel really lucky in that the perk of my husband being an African historian, is that on each trip he takes, he brings me back tons of fabric.