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-the fashion industry and upscale designers whine and bitch and threaten suit when they are copied…and yet, they are so very often also guilty of copying other people’s work themselves. sometimes rather blatantly. on that note, how the HELL is belgian designer martin margiela getting away with pretty much ripping off an iconic t-shirt silkscreen image almost exactly, and then charging $1395 for his version of said t-shirt? (via the la times) anyone else think that’s pretty ridiculous, not to mention audacious? am i missing something? also…who is buying this t-shirt? aren’t there better things to do with nearly $1400 in this day and age? just sayin’…


-those wardrobe_remix(ers)…they are such smarty-pants(es). they make a wardrobe_remix founder/mama hen so proud. *sheds tears* check out these deep questions they have been discussing over in the wardrobe_remix discussion forum of late: what makes your style distinct? and how would you start over? [if you somehow devastatingly lost your whole wardrobe?]

spill your thoughts on those deep questions here!

or, if you’re so inclined, or join wardrobe_remix (if you haven’t already!) and add your own thoughts to the aforementioned discussions, natch!


-as you might surmise, if you’re a particularly astute reader, i’m not so much into discussing (or even wearing many of) the latest seasonal trends or regurgitating and picking apart the latest offerings in the way of mainstream designer wear or posting runway photos. i feel like that’s usually best left to those who enjoy talking and digesting that sort of thing. instead, i find that i have more of a penchant for smart, high-level, conceptual discussion of all things fashion: fashion theory, fashion history, the business of fashion, how fashion and culture interact and influence one another, how real style really happens, and of course, how real (read: non-industry, non-famous) people dress and why they dress that way.

taking all that into account, either previously or now, you might guess that i am generally more interested in reading intelligent fashion blogs that concentrate on said subjects, and whose authors share at least some of my interests and ethos. sometimes i stumble across these smart blogs…and sometimes they find me. the latter is the case with threadbared, a fashion blog from the minds of “two clotheshorse academics who write and teach the politics of fashion and beauty”…one of their authors (mimi!) emailed me this morning to bring their blog, which focuses on said topics, to my attention. and hoo boy, i’m so happy she did. nevermore was a blog totally up my alley. thanks, threadbared!

prey tell: what are YOUR favorite *intelligent*, offbeat, and/or academic(!) fashion blogs? care to share? please, please, please?


thee quicke and dirtee:

-ever seen knitting maverick elizabeth zimmermann’s february baby sweater? ever wished it came in big girl sizes? like, to fit a ‘grown-ass woman’? well, wish no more: flint knits has designed an homage to said sweater, the february lady sweater! and it looks flipping amazing. the pattern is FREE. woo! if i can find the time sometime this lifetime, i want to knit one for me (and maybe a matching one for le bebe royal?).

-the summer 2008 issue of knitty is live. get knittin’, kittens.

-i bought the latest issue of readymade just because i was obsessed the god’s eyes on the cover! relatedly, design*sponge recently posted a tute on how to make them, here! you can’t wear god’s eyes…can you? 🙂 maybe a teeny weenie one with thread and silver or gold “sticks” would make a cool necklace? yeah!! anyway, if nothing else, god’s eyes are def. a lovely way to use up all the yarn you have left over from those other knitting and crochet projects…hmm!

free people is running a bag design contest. check out the details on the contest rules and such-like here.

swan diamond rose made a post this week that reminded me to mention zigzaggers…a cool blog i read about somewhere on the internets a while back. it’s mission is to serve as a resource for those who own and buy used/old/vintage sewing machines. it’s full of reviews and opinions on a myriad of machines. similarly, whether you’re buying a used or new machine, it can’t hurt to also check out the sewing machine reviews on patternreview.com.

-fan of knitty gritty on DIY, hosted by vickie howell? allegedly, there’s some talk of canceling the show (can anyone confirm this?). not sure how much this will help, but apparently there’s a petition to protest said cancelation and advocate for a better time slot for the show, here. probably wouldn’t hurt to write a personal letter to the network, either, imo, if you really care.


  1. Meggy

    I’ve been a huge fan of Mimi and her writing for at least a decade now, and I’m so glad to see that her new blog is getting attention from great fashion blogs like yours! Awesome. (Also: love the redesign — it’s very easy on the eyes.)

  2. Ali

    http://footpathzeitgeist.blogspot.com/ the Footpath Zeitgeist doesn’t post very often, but it’s good when she does. I guess she sort of looks at how & why trends evolve, and in an intelligent way, not like “Oh my god Karl Lagerfield made this skirt then Kate Moss wore it then it was on Gossip Girl then my favourite blogger bought one and then H&M ripped it off and oh my god now I have one! look at me!!” ahem. bit of a rant there, sorry.

  3. Eva

    This Margiela business stumps me, and makes me angry as well. It’s one thing to be inspired, but another to take a whole image and just substitute an Indian for some rock clusters … I really hope the artist gets his due and that the Mountain company sells heaps of T-shirts! 😉 Something similar happened with Dolce and Gabbana and Marimekko’s Unikko print. I think it’s “interesting” that a brand as so blatantly copied as D&G would do something like this.

    As for my favourite fashion blogs … I’m a big fan of Galadarling’s site and her fashion posts and also The Suburban Queen had a post with some really nice Finnish blogs in English language recently which were fun to browse.

    see for a pic of the D&G Unikko here: http://thestylepage.blogspot.com/2008/05/d-dolce-gabbana-poppy-print-dress.html

  4. AngieMontreal

    Have you ever heard of Worn Fashion Journal? It’s based in Montreal, and was started by a great girl (and friend of mine) Serah-Marie. Oh actually scratch that, she just moved to Toronto, so now I guess it’s based there, booo! But anyways, it’s a quarterly magazine that focuses on the academic, historical, artistic and philosophical side of fashion. I think you would just LOVE it. They also recently started a wee blog. It’s not updated every day or anything, but good reads none-the-less. Here are the links:

  5. Mimi

    Tricia, thanks for the lovely mention! I’m so glad you liked the blog, and I’m enjoying these other suggestions so much! Footpath Zeitgeist promises to distract me from writing my book for hours and hours…

  6. sarah

    hey tricia! I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve read Dorinne Kondo’s book, “About Face: Performing Race in Fashion and Theatre.” I have a copy of this slim (but dense, or so I’ve been told!) volume on loan from a colleague that read in a theatre seminar a couple years ago, who thought it might be up my alley, and I’ve been meaning to mention it to you, too. (excuse the run-on sentence) note: it’s not just about performing race, there’s significant emphasis on gender, too.

  7. Natasha

    I definitely think lawsuits in the fashion industry are usually unwarranted, especially since it thrives on competition.

    This one is definitely different…why on Earth would someone buy the expensive version?

  8. Casey

    haha. Why am I not surprised that the design industry is hypocritical about “copying”?? Somehow, one gets the impression that they believe since they are creating “high fashion” they are somehow exempt from observing the rules and regs. And yet they cry foul when someone copies them! *sigh* This is exactly one of the reasons I have gravitated further and further from the traditional fashion scene… :p

    Thanks for those links, btw!! I really am digging the Zigzaggers blog!! Where was this resource years ago?! lol.

  9. Eva

    Ooops, Tricia, your post may well have been where I read about the Unikko business in the first place …! 😀

  10. Sal

    Audacious indeed! Issues of copyright and ownership of intellectual property can be so dicey, but damn if this one doesn’t seem pretty cut-and-dried. I hope Penfound gets himself some justice.

    I am enamored of so many style blogs, but I think dreamecho is one of the best written, most insightful, and most beautifully illustrated. Many posts are truly thought-provoking, and even the playful help me examine my own style in new and different ways.

  11. mary

    seriously! and it’s not likie martin margiela was the first to do the ironic nature company style tee. hipsters have been doing it forever, so he’s just producing a way higher priced version of a thrift store trend.

    or you may even say this trend kind of started when stella mccartney for chloe did tacky airbrushed tees like ten years ago.

    however, it does make me think a lot about how fashion trends trickle down more rarely these days, and seem much likelier to trickle up.

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