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-hey, all, thanks for chiming in last week with your suggestions for smart fashion blogs! you rock. one of my favorite suggestions of the bunch (and wow, they were ALL so good!) is the oh-so relevant retail recovery. i love how it’s author asks thought-provoking questions at the end of each of her entries. fashion mission astutely describes said blog, saying this (which seems to be right on):

retail recovery [is] a blog about slowing down and thinking about personal style, what inspires you, identifying style and taste and preferences, recognizing when you’re manipulated, challenged and stimulated by fashion.

if only EVEN MORE blogs that dealt with fashion did the same or similar…wow!

style *can* (and should, imo) have substance.


will fast fashion retailers, with their low-prices and high-style-turnover, ultimately be the ones to benefit from the current economic downturn? writer diana zlomislic of the star thinks so.

how does this need for and continued demand for cheaper threads from consumers in the west mesh/face off against the increased awareness of and call for ethics in the world of fashion (referring to sustainability, ethical treatment and pay of workers in the developing nations where much of this ‘fast fashion’ is produced)?

on a related note, did you know that, overall, clothing is cheaper now than it used to be (accounting, of course, for inflation)? (via the new york times)


-seems sort of like old news to me…but apparently more and more folks are choosing to buy their fashion online. so says the indepentent, anyway. i’ve been shopping online for years and years…it’s just so easy, especially for hard to find items. i started doing so when i lived in the cultural and retail wasteland of north florida many, many years ago, in order to find interesting clothing and accessories, and haven’t stopped. and it’s great, because there’s so much more out there now to be had via the web. there are cons, but overall, it’s one of my preferred ways of shopping, given a choice.

how much would you say you shop online? more than you used to, or less than you used to? or, do you prefer to do your shopping in person, so you can see, touch, and sense the quality of the goods?

what would you say are the advantages and/or disadvantages of each style of shopping?

do you think that more online shopping by more people is the wave of the future? will we eventually do all or most of our shopping via the web?


-you know i like to often bring up the notion of living with less (for no other reason, maybe, than to remind *myself* to do so!)…

on that note, see this article from time: how to live with just 100 things.

how do you corral and organize your stuff? or, conversely, do you just let it all be clutter? be honest!

do you try to consciously curb what you buy? if so, how? or do you just spend with abandon and cull out stuff later when it all gets to be too much? (this isn’t really about the fact that you can’t spend…but that you’re choosing not to spend or spending more carefully…)

has all this talk in the media and the rising trend of people claiming and showing that they are trying to live with less impacted or inspired you in any way?

since we’re talking about stuff…and you:
do check out nubby twiglet‘s recent treatise, does your stuff define who you are?
well, does it? what say ye?


the quick and dirty:

-remember me mentioning in last week’s quick and dirty that it might be cool to make a mini god’s eye and wear it as jewelry? apparently i was psychic! readymade magazine posted a DIY how-to last friday in their blog on how to make mini god’s eye jewelry! ha.

-check out this etsy video covering the in’s and out’s of stencil printing, featuring printmaker/designer lotta jansdotter. (via craft:)

-do you like african wax print fabrics, too? find more here, @ ananse village.

make some eyeglass pins! (via indie fixx)

-more from indie fixx: their guest blogger jessica gonacha covers the subject of greener screenprinting.

-i still have berets on the brain! check out THIS super cute puff stitch crocheted beret pattern from her name was greta.

lemon tree tales has a fab post on sewing room ergonomics. lesson: you don’t have to break your back to make your duds (and other goodies)! i’m looking at you, people who cut out patterns on the floor! it’s bad, bad, BAD (for you!)!


  1. mary

    i like buying on ebay, at small secondhand stores, at garage sales and flea markets because the money goes directly to people instead of to whoever owns forever21. it’s a much more intense, personal experience. additionally, buying old or vintage things seems much more justified to me because you’re probably the only person who will own what you’re buying. the fact that all my vintage dresses are unique makes me feel much less guilty about being a consumer, and makes me appreciate what i have all the more.

    i’m willing to say my stuff at least partially defines me! i love my stuff! that’s what expressing yourself through your aesthetic sense is all about.

  2. D R E W

    I have never really bought fashion online, other than tshirts. I have been too worried about fit, etc. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to shop for clothing online? Thanks!

  3. pamela

    You’re pretty graphics are broken. They’re over the text box so that I can’t read everyone’s comments. 😦

  4. crystal

    On the ‘Live With Less’ note, there is also the ‘Buy Nothing New’ movement. It’s along the same lines, and originates out of SF. In fact, you’ve probably heard of it… basically, you buy nothing new for a certain amount of time, only things you can get second-hand. It greatly reduces the time needed to spend in a mall, where most things are bought on impulse anyway. (except, of course, for personal hygiene products and so on.) I tried it for a month, and it was really challenging… it ended up changing my habits in the long term.

    go to http://sfcompact.blogspot.com

  5. stina

    aw, thank you for linking to my beret! that totally made my day. i’m looking forward to seeing your take on it.

  6. lady coveted

    oh wow… that 100 things challenge is interesting. recently i shed all my belongings to what would fit into two pieces of luggage. it was a strange feeling. but to tell the truth, now, i’m wondering why i had so much stuff.

  7. Sal

    The Western world in general, and the U.S. in particular, seems unwilling to do the math when it comes to cheap, abundant goods. We want our gas, our steak, and our jeans to be affordable and ubiquitous. It’s what we’re used to, and we don’t care HOW it happens just so long as it CONTINUES to happen.

    I can’t remember who wrote about this (might’ve even been you, Tricia – forgive me, if so!), but I recall a recent passage about how, since clothing is so much more expensive in France, shoppers are forced to be meticulous and selective. As a shopper who occasionally buys bargains for the sheer thrill of getting *something* for virtually *nothing,* this really made me stop and think. But I believe it will take a massive shakeup of some sort to change the Western mentality from “entitlement to” to “examination of” cheap, abundant clothing.

    Like Crystal, I’m tracking the no-new-goods trend among bloggers and truly mesmerized. It’s such an admirable undertaking, and yet, I don’t feel ready! Someday soon, I hope …

    As for my personal spending, I keep want/need lists and try to stick to them. Anything not on the list has to be truly spectacular to make it through. 😉

  8. Sue

    Fashion online – have always shopped ebay from day one, I was there at the beginning (back when it was new and only the diehards used it – no mean people, just those who really loved vintage. The deals I got on awesome stuff…sigh…miss that…

    Etsy is so wonderful – lovethem!!!

    Have recently been buying basics online as the selection in brick and mortar regular stores has gotten horrible. It has become such a chore to find something as simple as a basic v neck t-shirt of a decent weight fabric without spandex. I have a large chest and those silly thin “layering t’s are useless to me , as are the spandex in EVERYTHING tops as they create odd bra area bulges/gathering – not the look I am after.

    If stores want us back – they need to give us clothing we actually want to wear. Otherwise it’s online for me.

    Over -consumption – It isn’t just the US really, other western countries all have their cheap stores, H&M is not a US chain after all – they source from Pakistan rather than China…but it’s the same deal. Throwaway fashion is not worth it for me. It’s just cheap filler.

  9. Rachelle

    I wish I could buy more clothing online, but I can’t because nothing ever fits me correctly. I am really petite! Oftentimes, I end up going to the kids section, but even that is dicey because I have hips, dammit.

    I buy clothing online if I already know how it fits me. I found this type of Levi’s that fit me perfectly at my old thrift store in Brooklyn, and afterward I went online to buy up the same kind in different colors.

    However, I do buy a lot of accessories online at Etsy. I could browse around on that site all day!

  10. candid cool

    I love Retail Recovery! I read it every morning while I’m eating breakfast.

    I have a love hate relationship with online shopping.

    I do a good amount of online shopping, because I’m usually looking for something specific that is hard to find where I live. Also it’s convenient; I do it at 2 am in my PJs.

    But I’m beginning to be annoyed with it. Not being able to try it on. Some stuff takes FOREVER to be shipped. And then the exchange process adds even more to that time. Plus the hassle of boxing it up and sending it back. I think it’s been a month now waiting for a pair of jeans. Also some companies are quick to charge and then take another month to refund.

    I want to try to buy more in store because it helps people keep their jobs, esp in such a crap economy.

    I always think brick and mortar will be around because of people not wanting to rely on credit, identity theft worries, nothing beats being able to see and try it in person, and instant gratification of buying something in a store. I hate the waiting that comes with online shopping.