stylish (& colorful!) quotes

i was browsing through meg mateo ilasco’s book, craft, inc., and saw this quote from modern quilt master denise schmidt. said quote really resonated with me…and i wanted to share it with you. especially you who are afraid of color and you who have any preconceived notions about color and it’s use:

DS color quote.png


i wholeheartedly believe that hel-looks shoots the smartest, most stylish people on the planet. case in point, this quote from a gal named sikuri

hel-looks quote.png

and it’s true, *anything* CAN be stylish.

OPEN YOUR MIND, your wardrobe will follow.


  1. Sal

    I love Love LOVE that quote about color. So many of my friends are constantly swathed in blacks, grays, and browns. Try as I might, I cannot convince them that navy is a wonderful alternative to the Triumvirate of Color Gloom, and will make other, paired colors sing instead of shrivel. No one believes me that magenta and olive green look amazing together. It’s a bloody uphill battle, I tell ya. 😉

    I’m especially inspired by the idea that we should just dive into creating our own color combos. I’ll admit to stealing many of mine from books, mags, and passing beauties on the Mpls streets. I’ll have to go home tonight and play with the contents of my closet!

  2. patti

    A fun book to read about color and our (a western culture) historical baggage with color: Chromophobia by David Batchelor

    A visiting professor gave it to me back when I was a painter in grad school making very colorful paintings.

    It’s on google books:

  3. Jane

    I love that quote: “Open your mind, your wardrobe will follow.” What we wear is who we are. (Or how we are feeling!)