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sorry for the relative radio silence ’round these parts of late.

bebe royal, while growing like a weed, has also decided to sit in my belly the wrong way around (aka, breech). fun times. so lately, i’ve been running around town, trying everything, hoping i can figure out how to convince her to do the right thing between now and b-day (which is approximately 6 weeks away atm, give or take a couple weeks of course).

wish us all luck…hopefully she’ll eventually cooperate! as one might expect, this recent turn of events (pun sort of intended) has been dominating my thoughts lately. if you’ve got any tricks or advice on flipping babies or personal stories that might give me and the hubs hope for her doing a somersault into the head-down position randomly, please pipe up! 😛 good vibes/prayers/virtual demands that encourage baby flipping are always welcome as well.


other things i have been liking and thinking about (when not thinking about the baby, ha!):

-on the fashion tip, i have been kind of/really obsessed with ankle-strap sandals/flats, like these, these and these. and i’m still coveting these.

-i love my husband’s tumblr blog. he always posts cool little links to this or that. he’s a software developer/architect…so some of what he links to has to do with that, but mostly it’s just random stuff and i think it gives the world a sense of his (slightly warped but awesome) sense of humor and brilliant mind. a lot of the stuff there is the links we send back and forth to one another during the day: funny, interesting, weird and serious links and whatevers. (we’re total info junkies/huge nerds.)

-i am busy with some freelance work at the moment, and i don’t have a lot of time before the bebe arrives, but i totally wish i had time to make a log cabin knitted blanket for her. who knows, maybe i’ll find the time. or maybe i’ll get around to it someday? or never? either way i think it’s cute as heck. ha.

-one of my secret cravings during this pregnancy has been carrot cake. MMM. this carrot cake recipe is for me, drool-inducing.


  1. meli

    At the birth center where I work we have a reflexologist that we send our moms to when the babes need flippin’. Oh, and they often see the chiropractor as well. I know the homeopathic pulsatilla helps with proper positioning. Best of luck!!

  2. Joanne

    I’ve had two pregnancies. First one, baby was breech until 35-ish weeks. I did moxibustion, acupuncture, breech tilts (20 mins/day) while playing music at my pelvic area to help baby turn towards it, flashed a light at my pelvic area during the breech tilt – again to attract baby’s head, and visualization of baby turning during the breech tilt. I was told that headstands and time in pools could work to. My baby turned and we found out when we went in to get an ecv (so we ended up not needing our midwife to turn the baby via monitored massage on my belly). btw, do not squat or baby may sit lower in breech position. At 40-ish weeks, I tried for a water homebirth but labored for too long and had a decent hospital birth with a few midwives and a lovely doula.

    btw, my second pregnancy was with twins! quite a different experience! special (as pregnancies can be) and positive!

  3. Joanne

    also, i went to a chiro that was trained in the webster technique. i highly recommend a chiro during pregnancy!

    yes, i took pulsatilla and maybe another homeopathic remedy. you could see a naturopath to get a proper diagnosis or google breech and homeopathy yourself. the naturopath could also recommend post-birth remedies.

    there are also flower essences that might work. rescue remedy is helpful mixture for pregnancy stresses.

    best of luck!

  4. pamela

    Oooh. My daughter turned the wrong way ’round too. This was 22 years ago, in the dark ages. I won’t be-night you with the remedy for this situation back then, just tell you that our lovely daughter arrived safe and sound; she’s a talented artist, and will turn 22 on Friday. On a hopeful note, she performed this little fetal sommersault about three weeks before delivery, so it’s altogether possible that yours will do another flip and get herself all settled in the right way ’round. I’ll make sure and say a little prayer for all three of you.

  5. Marketa

    OK, this is what my friend and her hubby did to get their bebe to flip. May sound a little strange, but it worked. They already named the her and have been talking to her all the while she was growing in the belly, so she knew sound of their voice. Soooo, the mommy got on all fours, and daddy started talking to bebe from the “direction” she was supposed to headed, asking her to turn to him. They had to do this couple times, but it did work. Or so they say 😉
    I KNOW it sounds crazy, but it was recommended by their midwife.
    Good luck!!!

  6. Casey

    wishing you and the wee one lots and lots of good wishes! 🙂 I hope she turns herself about before the big day. 😉

  7. Jane

    I’m sure the baby will be just fine. All my good wishes to you both! Keep eating carrot cake and other yummy things while you have this excuse to eat whatever you like!

  8. elflovebaby

    Both my babies were breech until the last few weeks. The pelvic tilts really DO work! You can either stuff piles of pillows under your bum while laying down or lay on an ironing board that is propped up on a chair or something, with your head down. It’s rather awkward and uncomfortable and you need somebody to help you, but it really works. If they are breech and dropped, they need the help of gravity to get unstuck and turn around.

  9. sarahjane

    My son suddenly moved into the transverse position (completely horizontal) around 34 weeks. The next time I went in he had moved back into the correct position. A few different friends told me that in the last 4 or 5 weeks the baby ought to move back (their babies all had). No worries!

  10. krista


    Mine wasn’t breech, but he wasn’t “dropping,” and the midwife just told me to spend all my spare time on my hands and knees. I watched tv in the evenings draped over an ottoman for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t too bad.

    Your babe still has time, so don’t freak out! There are so many reasons to try to stay calm, which is obviously easier said than done, but worth it.

    I love your site, by the way!


  11. valentina

    my baby (also a girl) was breech. i forget the exact timeline, as this was over two years ago. she was incredibly active and so it surprised me that she kept staying in breech. i was ‘trained’ for a natural birth, and so the world broke in on me when my doc scheduled a section (putting her birth at 10 days before eta). things recommended to try and make a baby flip are playing music and/or shining a light at pube level. i did that. i did not want to do the ‘mechanical turning’ (forgot what it’s called). the idea of a section nearly killed me and nearly killed my desire to have the child. i don’t want to go into much detail here, how this was messing with me, but in the end i had to stop trying. i decided to accept that she needed a section to get out and that it was probably the best and most stressless way for her to be born (stressless only, once i got my head wrapped around it).
    i don’t mean to tell you to embrace the section. i just want to tell you to do what you have to do to have the birth that you want, but at the same time, be ready and ok with the alternative.
    if you want some reassurance about a section from somebody who absolutely never ever wanted one, lemme know.

  12. valentina

    i meant to add, that your bebe still has time to turn. they like to keep us in suspense, you know. 😉 will be sending good vibes.

  13. Cupcake

    for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy my son was breech and everytime i went to the doc he would turn him (which hurt really bad) and my son would just go back to being breech >.< the stubborn lil bugga stayed breech right up until i was in labour when he did a massive FLIP and was right way round =]

    hope that helps put your mind at ease