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so, i’m back. sort of!

last week was VERY crazy. i was running around all week long, attending all sorts of appointments, trying this and that to get le girl to do the right thing and keep my own head on straight at the same time. in the end, bebe royal was physically flipped about last thursday via a version at the local hospital by the skilled hands of my doctor…the procedure was a success, thank goodness. little bit made it through it like a champ! it took ME days to recover, however…i felt like i had been run over by a mac truck! šŸ˜› the holiday weekend came and went for me w/o a bang, literally. i was physically one with the couch for most of it.

anwyay, there are three more weeks (give or take) of preggy-ness left for me.

there are so many things left to be done, things i need to get and do, and much freelance work i must finish. unfortunately, on top of all that, i’m also very swollen and uncomfortable and ever so tired. every day is a challenge now, wow!

i feel like things will (continue to) be a bit slow around here for a while. how long is that while? i don’t know…

i’ll post when i can. here and there. maybe even some this week if i can find the time and the energy. maybe.

sadly, i feel like blogging and computering in general must take a backseat right now…even though there are so many things on my mind and things i want to share with you and show you!! ugh. oh well, priorities, priorities. work and rest and baby and life, really, have to come first…no rest for the wicked…err, the hugely pregnant…


  1. Sal

    So glad to hear that you and the bebe are both OK, if a little worse for wear … take care of yourself, and here’s hoping there isn’t too much hotness out there in SF. I’ve got two girlfriends at 9 months, and they are CRANKY in the Midwestern humidity.

  2. Hayley

    The hugeness is the last month was brutal for me- but to keep sane I swam. In a bikini, at a public pool. I was in that pool right up to my due date. Best of luck!


  3. pamela

    Oh, so they still do versions. Wow. Yeah, I can totally sympathize. I whimpered through the whole process. Loudly. Relieved to hear your bebe weathered it well. Say hello to the couch for all us, your readers! šŸ™‚

  4. tricia

    thanks all!

    sal: luckily it’s not TOO hot here, comparitively, but hot *enough* that it’s contributing to some swelling. i can’t win! šŸ˜›

    hayley: i WISH i could go swimming! alas, i live in a part of SF where pools are few and far between. i’d have to trapse across town to dive in and i’m simply too tired. if only my building had one! oh, i’d be so happy right now!

    pamela: yes, indeed, they still do versions. ouch is right! šŸ˜€

  5. Casey

    I’m glad the little bebe was sucessfully turned about! šŸ™‚ Do take care of yourself–those last few weeks are the hardest (or so I’m told). šŸ™‚

  6. Rowena

    All the best Tricia. Pleased to hear the babe is facing the right way (phew!). Let me know how you get on – I’d be really interested to hear. Not long now! Excited?!

  7. valentina

    congratulations! version was too freaky for me. i’m very happy that it turned out well (pun not intended). rest. enjoy the last few weeks. it’ll get hectic enough soon enough. and don’t apologise too much for your absence (not that you’re not missed), but you’ve got more important things to do now. like rest up! šŸ™‚