wardrobe_remix in BUST magazine

whoa!: there’s a fashion spread in the latest (aug./sept. 2008) issue of BUST magazine that mentions wardrobe_remix and features some sassy, stylish wardrobe_remix(ers)! very cool.

i didn’t know anything about it until said issue arrived in my mailbox, at the end of last week (i’m a subscriber). i feel like i’m the last one to know about these things sometimes! hee. 🙂

here be the spread:

wardrobe_remix in aug/sept 2008 issue of BUST magazine

wardrobe_remix in aug/sept 2008 issue of BUST magazine

wardrobe_remix in aug/sept 2008 issue of BUST magazine

sadly, BUST neglected to mention the url for the group. what gives, BUST? 😛 but, thank you anyway, for the coverage, such as it is. it’s much appreciated!


and, congrats to the gals featured in the spread: the snail and the cyclops, sally jane vintage, boboniaa, and ami mai (whom i don’t know/recognize to connect her with a flickr handle! can anyone help? there are so many w_r’s posting these days, almost 10k! yay, but eep!).

you certainly deserve the recognition, ladies! congrats.


  1. Hailey

    I can’t believe they forgot to mention the url, weird. But type in wardrobe remix on google and you’ll find it anyway. 🙂

  2. Katherine Strickland

    I realize that you are far too gracious to say this, so I will…BUST should have given you LOTS OF CREDIT! possibly a byline? You had a great idea, executed it and continue to nurture it and you are awesome. thank you.

  3. tricia

    hailey: true. if people know how to google. 😛

    katherine: eh, while i may have started it and continue to maintain it, i can’t post to it with the frequency others have managed. not to mention, said others are far more fabulous and fashionable than i could ever be. at this point, i guess the community is more about the fabulous members, and by and large that’s what the world focuses on. me? i’m frankly forgettable! 🙂

  4. Sal

    You are SO not forgettable, Tricia! I, too, can’t believe they didn’t give you a shout-out. Great for w_r and a super-cute spread, for sure, but sub-par journalism. I expect better from BUST.

  5. GlamaRuth

    I gave an involuntary laugh of joy when I saw this in Bust yesterday, but wondered that you hadn’t mentioned it was coming on your blog. Now I understand. As the founder and nurturer of the fabulosness, you shold defianlty have gotten credit – and it would have made for a more interestign article if they had bothered to find out about you and ask you about starting wardrobe _remix!

  6. miin :)

    hey gorgeous!
    been reading your blog for ages now, just thought i’d pop in and say congrats on the soon-to-be-mommy stage of your life!! all the very best of course.. your style and sass should be passed on to the next generation 🙂

    i thought you might like to check out my sister’s online ecostore which sells ecofriendly cloth diapers which besides being good for the environment are ultra trendy and cute! http://www.tinytapir.com.. more for interest really because she runs her company out of malaysia.. i’m sure she has links to other sellers in the states.

    peace, love and light!

  7. The Steel Crew

    How fun!!! I wonder what it’s like to have an outfit profiled for a magazine. But as for as credit goes, you know you’re fab regardless. You’re a tastemaker and a trendsetter. Congratulations!

  8. jennifer

    tricia– when is that little bit coming out? we’re total strangers, but i randomly think of you in my daily life and wish for a safe and healthy delivery.

  9. tricia

    jennifer: the baby’s EDD is august 1st. however, she’ll come out when she wants to. 🙂 i’ll keep you (and everyone else!) informed. 🙂

  10. mollie

    oh Tricia- no credit to you? That’s unforgivable. I’m finding from my own experience the great chasm that exists between so-called “journalism” (print magazines) and the blogosphere. While the journalistic world likes to look down its nose at bloggers, it’s clear that bloggers are acting far more professionally in terms of fact-checking and giving credit where credit is due. And in responsiveness to their readers. Thank you for what you do and keep it up! (and take a little credit) 😉