hey, look! they changed the cover.

remember that book (what i wore today: online fashion narcissism from beijing to berlin) we were talking about in the photographing yourself/your style = narcissism? discussion from a few weeks back?

curiously…it looks as if they changed the cover title, AND image.

it’s now titled what i wore today: fashion remixed online from beijing to berlin.

(image via amazon.com)

heh, “remixed”???

INTERESTING word choice. again.

(to me anyway!)


  1. emma

    hmm interesting indeed! i guess they figured the people that would most likely buy their book (fashion bloggers and fans of fashion bloggers) probably didn’t like being erroneously referred to as “narcissists” not that there’s anything wrong with loving yourself, mind you. not enough people do!

  2. stephanie

    Maybe they also saw the recent NY Times article on the overuse and misuse of the term “narcissism.”

    I was going to write a comment earlier that argued that the interpretation that narcissism is necessarily a negative concept is misguided, and that at least in Freudian psychoanalysis, some degree of narcissism is a requisite part of a healthy ego. The negative associations should only, technically, be associated with excessive narcissism. Not that terms can’t travel from an academic context to a popular one and change meaning along the way, but it drives me nuts when this happens and the meaning changes as to eliminate difference, and when the original meaning seems to be completely lost.

  3. Lady Smaggle

    Wow that is weird. I had never heard the word ‘remix’ associated with fashion until wardrobe_remix. That’s hilarious. I want to read the book!

  4. E

    From one ghastly cover design to another … is that type supposed to be on-purposely naff or punk rawk?

  5. tricia

    SwanDiamondRose: maybe! but it looks like they beat me to the punch, eh? in some way, anyway.

    Sal: they have to be clued in somehow to w_r…they asked a HUGE number of people from the community for permission to use their photos in the book, as far as i can surmise.

    hailey: i’m sure they did ask for permission…they asked for permission from other people who contribute photos to the community. plus, it would be in rather bad form if they didn’t (publishing folks (mags and books) should and usually do that sort of thing and are aboveboard about it…every single photo usually infers a release being signed).

  6. lady coveted

    wow… although it’s not unusual to change titles/covers before hitting the markets, i do find it strange that they would make a blatant attack on the very people who would be most interested in purchasing the book.

  7. angiemontreal

    The girl who was on the first cover is a WR-er (Sarah, can’t remember her screen name) who is from Montreal (like me). We’ve had a few “real life” meet ups and I’ll have to ask her if she knows the scoop! They asked me to be in the book as well, so I guess I’ll be part of this crazy thing too…

  8. Spandexpony

    Heh… perhaps you should approach them about the word “remixed” as it really doesn’t mean anything outside of the context of the group that YOU started. I liked the previous cover, was much less static.