le bebe royal: poppy beatrice

poppy beatrice royal
poppy beatrice royal

sorry for the long silence on my end…things have been quite, shall we say, “interesting”. hah!

it was a long, challenging end-of-pregnancy and a pretty harrowing birth (particularly for her momma!), but me and the mister got the greatest gift EVER at the end of it all: our new little baby girl, poppy beatrice. she was finally born on 8/19.

it may continue to be quiet ’round these parts for a little while, as we all get adjusted to our new lives with one another. πŸ™‚

thanks for all your well-wishes and kindnesses. i miss you all tremendously.


  1. auntie lisa

    YAY!!!!!! finally. i have been on pins and needles, hoping to god that all was well with you and the baby. i am so glad to see it!!! i finished a very beautiful quilt for her the day before she arrived. i’d love to bring it over soon so she can wiggle around on it. she’s gorgeous. and congratulations again my dear friend!! p.s. she has pete’s mouth!!

  2. Hyena In Petticoats


    Congratulations Tricia! She’s absolutely gorgeous – so pleased to hear that all is well, and to meet your beautiful wee girl!
    Poppy is such a brilliant name, in fact it’s one I’ve always been fond of, should a little lady choose to bestow herself upon me one day…..

    Lots of love to all three of you, and here’s to a good long, well deserved rest!

    Leah xxx

  3. celia

    Oh, this post is so sweet! I do even like the tiny feet in the sheets, lol…
    SO sweet and pretty Poppy Beatrice!
    Congratulations and have a good rest!, lol…

  4. barbara

    hooray! allez la famille royal! she looks adorable- and completely relaxed πŸ™‚
    look after yourselves and enjoy your new life! xxx

  5. Lisa

    hooray! Poppy is lovely. Your photos remind me of the first morning I woke in hospital after my daughters birth to see her sweet little face through her clear crib and I thought – Yes, finally we are together.

  6. lady coveted

    oh my goodness! what a beautiful girl! i was just thinking the other day if you’ve had your baby yet, and here she is!

    best wishes to your new mom experience!

  7. ninainvorm

    Congratulations with your sweet babygirl! I’m a big fan of your photos on flickr and blog, and these last day I checked your stream and this blog almost every day, was so curious! Well, you have a beautiful daughter now, and I’m really looking forward to see her in all the beautiful little clothes you made her! Have a lovely time with your little family!

  8. Casey

    OH!!! Tricia–I’m so excited for y’all! She is gorgeous, just like her momma. πŸ˜‰ And I love the name you picked out for her! Poppy is so apropo for someone that is going to be surrounded by such exciting color and design.

    My congratulations to you and your husband! I’m just so happy (I have a big grin on my face right now! ;)!

  9. Anna

    I was just thinking of you yesterday, and wondering if the new little one was here yet. What a sweet face! Congrats!

  10. Sal

    Let me be the first to say it here, though I’m sure I won’t be the last: Tricia, she’s GORGEOUS! Look at that pout. I wanna eat her for breakfast. And what a superfantastic name. Believe me, I don’t say that to everyone. Poppy Royal is definitely someone I’d want to be friends with. Congratulations! And we miss you, too. Gobs.

  11. Bee

    oh! oh! when i saw on my bloglines queue that you had updated, i started to do a really freakish hand-waving routine. thank you for updating us! your little girl is lovely and i wish i could knit her a sweater.


  12. misshoax

    long time “lurker” of sorts – but wanted to finally chime in and relay a very hearty congratulations! she’s beautiful…

  13. ellie

    congratulations, tricia! look at those cheeks! who would want to be on the internet when you could be holding your beautiful new baby. the best of luck to the three of you. the world needs more loving and creative families.

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  15. Helena

    Congratulations for your baby girl Beatrice. She is absolutely gorgeous.
    Wish you and to your family the best of the world. xoxo ! πŸ™‚

  16. Gladys

    Beautiful, simply beautiful!!

    We miss you as well, but take all the time you need to rest and adjust. And never, never feel guilty for simply sitting and watching her sleep. Those days pass far to quickly—

  17. hilary-hermsprong

    a beautiful baby! and what a fantastic name! huge congratulations and well wishes to you all.

  18. Rorosto

    Oh! Too good! She looks so very sweet. Congratulations, I hope you all find so much happiness in your new little family together.

  19. geriann

    ooooooh she’s sooooooo gorgeous – i just want to smell her all up. congratulations to you and peter. you keep quiet as long as you need to…

  20. Giselle

    Aaaww! Hi little beauty!

    Congratulations, Tricia, you must be so proud, your baby is gorgeous! I wish you only the best in this new phase of your life.

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  22. leslie

    yay!!! i’ve been waiting anxiously for the news and here she is – absolutely gorgeous and with the cutest name ever : ) love her pouty lips!

  23. AnnaBananaCupcake

    When I saw these photos on flickr the other day I just gasped and was so excited that Miss Poppy (perfect name by the way) had finally made her debut. I couldn’t help but to think about how fast it all seemed to happen… reading your blog for so long, then hearing about your pregnancy and watching you grow in shape and with the excitement we all felt. I know time will fly and soon enough we will see her in little dresses and tottering around creating magic. I can’t wait! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.

  24. Summer

    I have been waiting to hear the big news- congratulations, dear! You are such an inspiration and I’m sure your little one will be the most beautiful and fashionable girl! Xoxo.

  25. kat

    Congrats! She is beautiful. I absolutely adore the name Poppy. All the best to you and your family πŸ™‚

  26. belinda

    wow, what a stunner!
    congrats to you and the mister-
    poppy beatrice = perfect.
    take good care tricia.

  27. angiemontreal

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, you must be soooo happy and proud! Take your time getting back to us, one look at that little sweetie and how could we not understand!

  28. sarah

    congratulations, tricia! I have to admit, the only thing that stayed my hand from typing and asking “is everything okay?” was worry that maybe something had gone wrong and your silence was grieving. I am SO glad that you both made it through safe and healthy and happy. Congrats again!

  29. Liss

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful, and so are her names. I’m glad all went well. I wish you all well in settling into this new phase of your lives together.

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  31. Mieze

    Oh wow she’s one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen ❀ Congratulations Mom and Dad πŸ™‚

    aaw ❀

  32. jae

    congratulations! she`s gorgeous!!! as soon as i clicked on the link for your blog & those pictures of her loaded up, i cooed out loud. look at those little lips! already looking bee-stung! what a sweetie:) i wish you all the best with her, & a swift return to blogging with that (though we all understand if it takes you a bit longer than expected to get back to blogging)!

  33. Jessica

    congratulations! She’s exquisite! And what a wonderful name. I hope you’re recovering nicely and wish you all, all the best.

  34. Rhiannon

    Congratulations!!! She’s beautiful, and her name is so creative and so very you! I love it.

    Can’t wait to see the clothes you’ll make for her!

  35. katie

    Wow what a beautiful baby girl! I freaked when I read her name as just the other day, quite possibly the day she was born, I was thinking about what a unique, pretty name Poppy is. I kind of got the chills when I saw her. Anyway thanks for the update and I wish you all the very best. PEACE.

  36. m.bibelot

    i left a comment on one of your photos this morning, but i had to come back because i seriously can’t stop thinking about your little bebe and her wonderful name!! i’m so happy for you and your family!

  37. Laura

    Congratulations, Tricia! Poppy is a lovely little lady, and I’m thrilled for you! Do you check your info*at*bitsandbobbins e-mail? I sent a message there a while back. I think we went to HS together, and I’d love to reconnect once things have settled down at your place.

  38. Tammee

    She is beautiful, beautiful!

    And her name – I really like it. On anyone else Poppy could be a hard name, but somehow with what we know of your vibrant personality, I feel like it really fits. (I know you asked no opinions, but I wanted so much to share how much I am happy for you and your newest addition to the royal family!)

    Congratulations, and it’s nice to have you back online!

  39. lulu

    Felicitaciones! I have read your blog fΓΆr some time and I like it so much, so inspirational and now I wish you all the luck and happiness with your baby!

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  41. (sour)bunny

    congrats, trisha!
    she’s gorgeous. absolutely. i hope she grows up with yr creativity and eye for style.

  42. Amy May

    She’s the best thing you’ve ever made. I hope you feel proud! You are very lucky to have such a beautiful daughter and she is just as lucky to have such a wonderful mama. Congratulations!

  43. Tesha

    Congratulations! We are so excited for you! What a stunner little Poppy B is. Alice is looking forward to meeting her.

  44. Shelley

    Is it ever too late to say what a gorgeous little girl? She is so precious…I hope that you two are having the time of your life with her. Lots of love!