(not so) random links

yes, it’s been a long while! i know…

and it may still be a while before i can devote the time (and mindspace) to the typical lengthy lists of deep questions/long, insightful (heh!) observations i usually pose along with the links in question in my (not so) random links posts.

why? because my newly born babe needs me! 🙂 and, honestly, it’s only been about two weeks out from her birth, and i am still recovering. it took me days and days to put this together (it used to take just a few hours, max)! oy, how times have changed.

anyway, i thought i’d share some notable stuff i’ve come across in past weeks, albeit in what i feel is a very truncated fashion (for the time being). those pesky links are piling up!!


-uk-based fabulous mag asks: so which woman has the perfect body? seems women favor a skinnier figure, whist men favor more curves. is there such a thing as an “ideal figure”? what’s YOUR idea of the “perfect figure”?


-according to WWD (who FINALLY have a nice selection of free content available online, yay!), (fashion/lifestyle) magazine circulation is down, down, down. magazines may not want to face it, but…is it possible that the increasingly fast and easy digital access to visual/design/fashion content is honestly doing print mags who specialize in similar fare in? whatever the reason, it’s clear their bottom lines are suffering…


SF indie fashion suggests 10 cheap, simple ways to up the eco-fashion ante


-remember tavi of style rookie? i mentioned her here a while back. the NY timesT magazine recently published a round-up of adolescent style bloggers you might want to take note of


-according to counterfeit chic, the UK’s house of lords has issued a “speeding ticket” to fast fashion:

“in its report on ‘waste reduction,’ the rapid production of cheap clothes involves the use of low quality materials in garments of high complexity, which makes it difficult to capture any value from the material at the end of the garments’ lives. mr alan wheeler, National liaison manager at the textile recycling association, commented that “fast fashion” items were “harder to re-use” and that there was “not much thought about how recyclable an item is at the end of its useful life.'”

more on the same from the independent


and of course, the quick and dirty:

-jamie is my friend and former neighbor from my bushwick, brooklyn loft-living days. he’s the man behind the known universe. he and his (new) wife, deborah, recently acquired a mannequin that looks suspiciously (and apparently, intentionally) like model kate moss. they are having fun dressing faux kate in deborah’s outfits. answering the pleas of some of his friends, jamie’s started a fluffy little blog called kate moss mannequin modeling deb’s outfits daily, that documents these dress-up sessions, replete with descriptions and stories about the featured threads. jamie and deborah, you guys are, uh…silly. but…it’s awesome. i’d love to see where this ends up going, if anywhere! ha.

ETA: keep updating, you guys!

-i like the catorialist better than that snooty sartorialist. *grin* (via buzzfeed)

-who knew? apparently wallace and gromit are the latest style icons…they’re featured in an ad campaign for harvey nicols (an upscale department store chain in the UK). i’m tickled, for one… (via the daily mail)

-this discussion, where do you buy bras? in the ravelry group the bust line (where it’s all about fitting and flattering the bustline you have) is FAB-U-LOUS. good go-to suggestions for gals of small and large sizes alike.

-on the subject of knitwear, the telegraph just offered up a PDF of 5 free, updated, chic vintage knitting patterns taken from lise-lotte lystrup’s new book, vintage knitwear for modern knitters. i’m particularly in love with the fine gauge zig-zag scarf pattern! but the sweater patterns on offer in said PDF are pretty darn sweet too.

how to bleach your jeans, a tutorial by that’s just my vibe. awesome. what would be even more awesome, imo? wearing your awesome bleached jeans with one of the aforementioned vintage sweaters, knit by you…

-meta knitting ala slip slip knit: knit a scarf made from i-cord. (via craft:)

-that ever-so smart and savvy nubby twiglet shows us how closet organization is done…go girl!


  1. Nadine

    Love your work darlin’, and appreciate every post (these links are fantastic), but seriously you just had a baby! Don’t apologise! It’s only been 2 weeks!

  2. Casey

    Oh wow–thank you so much for posting all these (I know you’re so busy! :)!! I just love those free knitting patterns you pointed out especially… Wowza! I can just see a Tricia version of that zig-zag scarf… bright and definitely colorful! 🙂

  3. Jamie

    Hi Trish! Congratulations again on the little critter. Glad it all went well.
    The Kate Moss blog is going nowhere fast, I’m afraid, but thanks for the linkage. Hope you guys are enjoying your new hobby! heh.

  4. viola

    Ooh, the catorialist 🙂 The sartorialist is still on my bookmarks list but he seems to shoot more vogue editors and runway show attendees and less random people on the street. Way less interesting methinks… dare I say a bit on the fashion victim side.

  5. Sal

    YAY! I missed this.

    My ideal perfect figure for MYSELF is one that doesn’t make me cringe when I walk past the mirror. I know that sounds melodramatic, but it’s totally true. I loved that little article/survey – as quasi-scientific as it was – and linked to it, too.

    Seems like a segment of the fashion mag-reading population is transitioning to online. When style.com scoops itself, it makes sense that anyone interested in knowing about trends first would favor online over print. But personally, I can’t imagine giving up my cheap thrills style mags – I love flipping through them on my back porch at a leisurely pace. And I think there will always be gals like me to keep the print mags afloat, if not booming with profitability.

    Glad to see that some real thought and rhetoric are being aimed at fast fashion. Will be interested to see what transpires, if anything.

  6. mary

    The NY Times article (which I thought was bad/uninformed and am planning on writing a post about…)also mentions wardrobe remix! Though, like Bust, they didn’t give the url or anything. Still, not bad!

    Congratulations on your new baby. I find it hard enough to write blog posts on an everyday basis when I’m doing nothing, I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to find the time!

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  8. danielle

    oooh! the catorialist…haah!

    bras- I typically buy my bras at Nordstrom rack. I love Natori bras, I found one I loved and bought it in 5 colors (i also love that it was available in purple, light blue, pink, brown, navy – the gamut….). I once bought a Victoria’s Secret bra because all of the girls in my office were raving about this Ipex bra and I thought it was the most uncomfortable thing I’d ever worn; the shoulder strap wouldn’t stop rubbing against my should blade.

  9. rachel

    Hey Trish! Wore one of your necklaces this morning and thought I’d check out the website… Congrats on the new addition to the family! Amazing 🙂