goodbye…for now.

some may have noticed it’s been a couple weeks since i last made a post.

the reason would be…my new baby girl.

she’s 4 weeks old today.

she’s a total doll, and i love her more than words can even express. she has changed our lives in so many ways, already.

but the truth is, her needs are too great at this time. i can do little more than meet her needs. basically, my days are devoted almost completely to her and are spent as follows: browsing the internet with one hand, watching tv, and reading whilst poppy sleeps on my chest. i can do little else.

poppy is a super cuddly babe, a total sweetheart, but she’s one of those babies who cannot, and will not be put down. not for long, anyway.

while i savor these tender moments with my little flower, i must admit that i envy the mommies (and daddies) who can put their babies down for a split second to attend to their own needs, that have babies who can soothe themselves and sleep some by themselves. we do not have one of these babies. it’s just the way it is. it is life. it’s her way.

pete and i know that this closeness is just what our special baby needs…and so, we’re making do, giving her what she desires right now. it’s what has to be done, so we’re doing it. even if it’s challenging for us.

many, if not all of my interests, hobbies, and activities have had to take a backseat. for the time being.

and honestly:

i can count the number of times i’ve left my house in the past month on two hands.

sleep isn’t what it used to be, to say the least.

i barely get dressed everyday, and i don’t bother with the makeup anymore. nothing really fits quite right for now, anyway, and on top of that, it has to be nursing friendly. not much is, sadly! what is style? heh. i’m in fashion purgatory at the momento.

also, i sometimes forget when i last went to the loo.

how glamourous, right?! πŸ™‚


all that to say:

many, if not all of my interests, hobbies, and activities have had to take a backseat. for the time being.

fashion and creative endeavors (i.e., making stuff) are things i love, but they are of the lowest priority for me at the moment.

and blogging…sad to say, is low on said priority list right now. i wish i could say otherwise! there’s so much i want to talk about and discuss with you, so much i aching to write, but i don’t have the time or the energy to do anything of the sort right now.

and i don’t really know when i will have the time or energy for such things again. i can’t make any promises to myself, much less to others. i’m just not sure what the future holds. i just have to take it day by day and spend time with my girl.

so, for now, until further notice, this blog is officially on a hiatus.

i will probably be back, but as to exactly when, i cannot say.

it’s all for the love and needs of my little girl.


thank you for being a fan, a friend, a commenter, or a critic of this blog.

thank you for being a fan or a follower of wardrobe_remix.

best to you all.

i miss you already.


  1. Nadia Lewis

    Miss you too! Your blog inspires a lot of food for thought as well as expressing your very strong and distinct style. I love both reading and drinking in the photos. Have a good mat leave, Tricia! See you on the flip side. πŸ™‚

  2. nancy

    oh tricia! my little love was one of those babies too. i barely left the house for three months. i’m thinking of you- let me know if you ever want company! i got pretty stir crazy in my house, in the glider for so long…

    but as hard as it is to believe right now, you will be back! possibly to a pared down list of things that really make you happy, but you will be back. and in cute clothes again too (though i still don’t manage makeup most days)

  3. Nadine

    I’ve been exactly where you are. This time is precious (and it goes so fast!). Make sure you enjoy it. Once your baby is gone, they’re gone forever. Your site has been a huge inspiration – thank you for all you have done.

  4. Christy

    You will definitely be missed, but it’s wonderful that you have this new joy in your life. Congratulations again and enjoy your time with her!

  5. Laurie S.

    Aww, take care of yourself and your sweet baby. Please take care not to become too isolated – that happened to me when I had my one and only 13 years ago. I would do it differently if I could.

    It might seem, now, like there is no end in sight to this isolation and to baby’s neediness. But the time will come when it won’t be this hard. Promise. My friend called it “the third trimester” and now that you have completed it, I think you understand what that means. It will get easier, I think you will notice a difference very, very soon.

    One thing that helped me — a former co-worker gave me a bouncy-seat – I don’t know the correct name for it, it sits on the floor or on a table, strap baby into it, it moves a little if she moves, it is very safe, very sturdy, very comfy, my little guy loved it and he was about 5 weeks or so when I put him it. He liked to be held, a lot, and did not sleep much at all (except at night).

    Again, please take care of yourself and try, try, try to get out of the house even if just for a short time. If you can find someone to come over and help you with Baby or hire a nanny for a few hours a day, even, do not hesitate to do it.

    Enjoy these sweet days. They really do fly by (in hindsight, anyway!) πŸ™‚

    Laurie S.

  6. cecilia

    congratulations and best of luck with your little poppy. like someone else said, enjoy these precious moments with your baby… i’ll miss you, like many, but your baby is way more important – kudos for being a good mama!

  7. Dollface

    Have a great time raising Poppy! I’ll keep your blog on my RSS feed and if and when you return to blogging, I will be sure to check it.


  8. michelle

    Hang in there. It’s a this-too-shall-pass kind of time. Not that you want it to pass, but you do want to go to the bathroom now and then. A shower would be nice, too. When she’s a little bigger, you’ll find that being a mom and blogging are a workable combo.

    Take care, and ask for help.


  9. leslie

    aw tricia, you do what you have to do and what little poppy bea needs, she’s only going to be this little once and you may as well soak up all those sweet cuddles. i hear ya on the nothing fitting properly, it’s been 6 and a half weeks and i’m in a weird fashion limbo – my post pregnancy stuff is all a bit big but my pre pregnancy stuff is still too small. boo. and i’m sure a million people have suggested this to you already, but have you tried a sling? we have an ergo baby carroer with the infant insert and it’s pretty much the only 100% way to get mae to sleep. and she really only started sleeping well on her own at 5 weeks, before that she was sleeping on me or on grandma all night long and being held all day too so there is hope yet!

  10. barbara

    oh 😦
    but absence makes the heart grow fonder!
    all the best to you and your wee one – ours was one of “those”, too – i know how tiring it can be, but you’re right, it’s just the way she is and there’s not much you can do about it.
    now our son is 5 and he’s venturing out on his own, i miss the clinginess πŸ˜‰

  11. MzTallulah

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never left a comment until today; I will miss you too, but being a new mom myself, to an almost three-week old baby girl, I understand you fully. I am lucky, because my baby naps quietly for long stretches of time, but I too have mastered the art of doing everything with one hand while holding her with the other arm… Take care, spend as much time with your baby as you need, and rest assured that we will be waiting for you when you are ready to come back.

  12. Emy

    I too have one of those babies. Do you have a baby carrier? They are miracles! I wonder how I ever got along without one for my son! I use a mei tai that I made. I love it so much that I made a second one so I can have one in the house and one in the car. It is seriously that good!

    It will pass quicker than you think and before long you will be able to squeeze out tiny amounts of time for crafting. πŸ˜€

  13. Sal

    We will miss you terribly, of course – already do – but completely understand. Little Poppy certainly needs you more than we do! Enjoy your time with her, as much as you can, you poor sleep-deprived lady. Hope you’ll be back again someday …

  14. rachel

    my mom said that when she had new babies she would shave one leg one day and the other leg the next day because she barely had time to shower!

    don’t feel guilty, i’m sure everyone understands!

  15. Patti

    Tricia- You are such a beautiful, sweet person. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too!! Take all the time you need. We’ll all be here when you return

  16. jaime

    Aw, mama, that’s rough! The first month after my son was born was so incredibly exhausting! I felt like I was hit by a truck.
    Honestly, I don’t think many babys can be put down without crying for at least 2 or 3 months. I was a nanny for years, and all of them were like that and some for longer.
    But really, I remember the first couple months and those were very hard. Nothing fit, I could barely take a shower, when I ate it had to be quick and usually it was crappy cans of soup. Nothing soothed him, not even car rides. Everyone elses baby would sleep once in the car and mine would FREAK OUT. I couldn’t go anywhere because I was so tired and my nerves couldn’t take the extra crying brought on by the car.
    I cried a lot, I remember that.
    Do you have a sling? I loved the sling once I found one that worked for me. I ended up with a New Native sling for when he was under 7 months old. Check that out.
    Little Poppy just isn’t used to being still. She was being rocked around in your belly for so long that it freaks her out to be put down. Try to cut yourself some slack. But if you feel bad, that’s okay. Totally normal. I highly recommend Ariel Gore’s books: The Mother Trip and The Hip Mamas Survival Guide.
    You probably can’t read much but those two books saved me.
    You probably have many friends out there but I live close, in Oakland and we be pumped to hang out or email back and forth or help with babe.
    I was totally isolated for awhile after I had my son and even the friends I did have just didn’t get it because they didn’t have kids.
    I know it’s kinda weird because we don’t really know each other but if you have questions or need anything, let me know. It’s so much easier when you have many people to ask for help.

  17. Ke

    My little one just turned one today, the time has just flown!
    Mine too never wanted to be put down for long, he never slept very much at all and nursing takes it toll. Leaving the house? ha! Getting a shower? ha! We felt like it would never end but finally around 6months, our little man started gettig better at sleeping for longer, being put down for a little more than 5minutes. At the time, it was quite hard for us and you really don’t ever think it will end but it does and that is when you enjoy them so so much.. It’s not all bad, soon enough it passes quickly and you wonder where the time went. We’re expecting our second in March of next year, I am secretly hoping this little monkey will be a better sleeper than it’s brother! πŸ™‚
    I used to love your flickr and webs but got a new laptop a while ago and forgot all about it, I stumbled upon your flickr again just a week ago and was so surprised to see gorgeous Poppy!
    Best wishes to you all, hope you’re back soon! x

  18. Casey

    You will be very much missed, Tricia! But I agree that taking a pause with blogging is more important than loosing these precious moments with your little girl. πŸ™‚ Enjoy this time!!! Best wishes to you and your family…

  19. Anouk

    I will miss you… but Im sure you will be back with a vengeance sometime when the time is ready! Best of luck for you and your little family!

  20. Vicki

    I hear ya sister!! I had twins (B/G) 5 weeks and 6 days ago after 4 months of bedrest. I keep blogging though for my own sanity. Stop by to see Hollyhocks. I post with one hand while the other soothes a baby and another baby is in the bouncy chair…

  21. vasiliisa

    I’m not a mother, but I know many… And so I’ve learned that babies are truly small for such a short time. I think it’s great that you can take the time to focus on being a mom now. See you soon again!

  22. Erin

    Tricia…there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The first two months are the hardest and most exhausting on Momma and Daddy. Treasure every moment with her at this baby stage as it will be gone in a blink. To help you get through this part, I highly suggest you get the book “Baby Whisperer”. It helped us get our baby on a schedule. Also, check out the Dunstan Baby Language website or video. Learning your baby’s language is a lifesaver. Happy Baby Time!
    Best to you both.

  23. Hayley

    enjoy this time! Once your baby smiles back at you it is all rewarded exponentially! Do try and find a mom’s group around town- some hospitals offer new mom’s groups or try I started going at 6 weeks and wish I went sooner. Also check out Rookie Moms- I love the book and have used it countless for new mom/baby entertainment.

  24. meli

    Oh Tricia!
    I feel your pain– My little girl was just that way. I got really proficient with just about every kind of baby-wearing option– mei tais, pouches, slings, and backpacks. Thank god for babywearing. If not for that I think I might still be in the rocking chair.
    Giving this time to your baby will reward you in the end.
    And as many have already said– no matter how it feels right now, you will once again be a normal person, who showers & dresses, makes things, goes places, and has a social life-however different it may be from the one you had before!
    Love & hugs,

  25. Maria

    Have a wonderful time with your baby (and as much rest as possible)!! I’ll look forward to seeing you back here sometime in the future. πŸ™‚

  26. Jocleyne

    Enjoy the most precious of moments with your sweet darling. I am a fairly new reader, which means I have a lot of archives to keep me busy. I look forward to your return one day, until then, live it up with your sweethearts! San francisco is a amazing place, at home or not. Take care of you and your lil gal.

  27. angela

    Totally understood. Time seems to crawl in these moments when sleep is scarce and responsibilities to a wee one are vast. But you will have some of your time back soon. You are wise to prioritize, savor your daughter, and take care of yourself. I will look forward to peeking in here again when Miss Poppy lets her mommy remix it once again.

  28. Helena

    Go, Tricia, go ! Your little love needs you!
    But listen, donΒ΄t forget to take care of you too… πŸ˜‰
    We will await for you!

  29. Kat

    Tricia, i just discovered your blog and flickr group and was quite amused cause my son turned 6 weeks this saturday, too. i know exactly what you’re talking about cause he won’t sleep at daytimes without me either. that’s why i got a hint for you: i carry cosmo around half the day in a sling (or pouch, i don’t know the exact word cause i’m no native speaker. here’s also a quite cheesy picture if you don’t know how slings look: cosmo simply loves that thing and falls asleep within minutes. it reminds babys of the womp, it’s warm, they can hear the heartbeat and it’s comfy. with the sling i can update my flickr account and surf the web without guilty conscience cause he’s always by my side. and at least – i enjoy this time and love my son but i would die if i would be forced to be ONLY a mother. wish you all the best! πŸ™‚

  30. Lauren Hawley

    Congratulations on your baby! As others have said, I remember it well. I had my 4th last October (and I’m not even Catholic, Mormon or a farmer!) MOST babies need the kind of attention you are giving your daughter. There is no more important place to be right now than where you are. The first baby is such a joy and wonder and at the same time the most difficult to adjust to. Suddenly you don’t even have a thought of your own. That little creature is on your mind always. It does get easier, but be kind to yourself in the meantime. It’s okay to be “just” a mom for now.

  31. Amy

    I love your website and gorgeous creations. Congrats on your baby girl. I have so been in your shoes with three little boys who are 3 and under. The newborn phase was the hardest for me–a person who craves alone time to create(or just have a cup of coffee). The other posters have said very true things. It is so short-lived, try not to panic. You will get your groove back. But I know those words of advice are cold comfort when you’re lacking sleep and showers. The best thing I did for myself was get out of the house with the baby whenever possible and get to know other mamas. The other stuff will still be here. And just about the time you think you might seriously lose your mind, it’ll get just a little easier… and then easier still. Hang in there!

    crafty mama

  32. inge

    Haha! Every new mum has this decitions to make! Feel good with yours!!! The first baby year flies fast!! By the way – believe it or not: You can train your little flower to feel comfortable by herself… You: rest(!!!) – enjoy your new live & be creative every second she gives you the freedom to. There are many mummies out there who feel & act like you do.

  33. jo

    Congratulations! When my boy was a month old, he was one of those babes as well, who refused to be put down. Why do I care, I loved holding him. πŸ™‚ Enjoy this time, I totally know where u’re at now.

    And I bet you will be back… πŸ™‚ Blogging might just keep u sane in the future.

  34. iHanna

    BIG congratulations about the little girl. I think you’re doing the right thing, and if you have a minute to write maybe it could be about your little girl and your days. They are fleeing you know, and should be saved and savoured. Maybe you’ll post soon with some baby fashion? πŸ˜‰

    /a fan

  35. Lex

    Don’t worry! I’ve got an eight month old and until he was about five months old or so, I was in the same position. It really does get easier day by day, and you sound like you’re doing the right thing having a break.

    And yes, fashion does take a back seat. God, you should see what I wore for the first few months. But slowly, slowly, it does come back. Good luck!

  36. VioletteCrumble

    Good for you for trusting your instinct and putting Poppy’s needs first. My son was the same way, and a lot of babies are too. Treasure your moments with her, strap on your sling, and ignore the telephone along with “helpful” relatives and friends who tell you to just put her down and teach her to sooth herself. Babies that young cannot sooth themselves, and they need mamas like you. It will get easier in time, so hang in there and rest when you can.

  37. kpriss

    Ooooh, that’s so lovely! You should indeed stay with your little treasure but you have to make time for yourself too! Trust my-mother-of-three word! πŸ˜‰ (the little one is 5mths 1/2 !)