faves and obsessions

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so…i’m back.

more or less. emphasis on the less for now.

my little poppy girl is now 10 weeks old! she’s still keeping me and her daddy quite busy, but we’ve gotten to know her (and she’s in turn gotten to know us) and we’ve all finally started to fall into a routine of sorts.

i have found that i am now able to find a few minutes here and there to get online, and browse around. i’m hoping that i will occasionally be able to find more time to write/blog a bit here and there, too.

it may be a little bit before i’m back here in full effect, but hey…baby steps. πŸ™‚


some faves and obsessions of mine of late:

-thrifting. it’s been months since i’ve been able to go, and i am aching to comb over the racks and cases for sweet little finds. not having gone in so long actually hurts, as i used to try to go a couple times a week pre-baby…

-blood oranges = sweet happiness.

-flats with ankle straps.

-the fashion-y quotes sarah zucker posts on her lil tumblr blog, farpitz.

-this blog, entitled bugheart. the photos therein are perfectly poetic, as is the text. go look, you’ll see.

-my daughter’s perfect, tiny ears. i like to examine them as i nurse her. i never tire of looking at her. she’s amazing.


how are you?

i’ve missed you.


  1. Tara

    WELCOME BACK!! we have missed you and the vibrant dose of color you inject into our lives! (by we i mean me, but i am sure there are others!)

  2. Alison

    I’ve kept checking your blog every week since you took your much-deserved break, and I felt like celebrating when, today, I was met with a new post. Yay!

  3. sara

    oh, tricia, you are too sweet. i’m excited that you’re back, but you know how i’ve felt about your other [and more important] jobs!

  4. whitney

    i can’t even tell you how excited i was to open my google reader and see new posts from b&b!!! this is my favorite blog and i have missed you so…

  5. Anouk

    ItΒ΄s so good to have you back! Im really excited!
    Good to hear you and Poppy are doing fine. I checked your Flickr and shes adooooorable!

  6. Amber

    We’ve missed you too, Tricia! Glad to hear you and Poppy are doing well. Here’s hoping you get some thrifting in soon!

  7. adad

    I was expecting an extended goodbye as one prepares for a long winter. This hiatus was merely a jaunt. You were missed. A warm welcome back.

  8. Sal

    TRICIA!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been checking in because I didn’t know how long you’d be away. Imagine my surprise and delight to ginf that you’d returned!!! So glad you and Poppy are in a good groove, and ridiculously glad to have you “back.”

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