threadbanger: quilt/fiber artist caroline hwang

on the latest episode of threadbanger, quilt/fiber artist caroline hwang demonstrates how to do english paper piecing (a quilting technique). more detailed instructions for the english paper piecing technique that caroline hwang demonstrates can be found here. caroline uses the technique in her illustrative art pieces, but the same technique could surely be used to embellish clothing, methinks…as always, use those noggins!


  1. Casey

    I watched this the other day and have been fighting the urge to try English paper piecing since! 😉 I just love how she integrates traditional techniques in her work–so inspiring!

  2. jennifer

    i love english paper piecing. it’s very soothing and very geometric. it appeals to my sense of organization. i’ve been working in a paper piecing project for what feels like forever. that’s the only thing about this technique; it’s very slow going.

    and a hint to all those people who are newly interested in quilting: your first one will not be perfect, it will be hard to make. don’t give up!