aesthetic inspiration via the LIFE magazine photo archives







a recent post on the craft: blog mentioned the LIFE photo archive @ it’s a huge collection of historic photographs that were published in the famed magazine in years past. one can virtually dig through said archive using keywords.

i had a fun time plugging terms into the search field on the site, such as: sewing, fashion, dressmaking, crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, needlework, quilting…and i got a kick out of the images that turned up (the results of some of those searches are shown above).

interesting, inspirational, and fun to look at, eh?


  1. vasiliisa

    Oh, I love these, especially the crafty men. I once had a man that could sew but I let him go… I guess I’m still not sure it was a good decision 🙂

  2. Ruby

    Rosey Grier doing needlepoint! I only even know who he is because my dad was a big guy who had a crewelwork phase, and everyone compared him to Rosey Grier. What a funny little memory to uncover.

  3. Phalla

    wow. I have that exact dressform in the last picture. i mean the exact same dressform! It’s probably that old too because it’s literally falling apart.

  4. SwanDiamondRose

    wow! i LOVE the sneaker needlepoint. where i work we have a lot of needlepoint & rughooking & paint by numbers. i love them but i really don’t like the designs. i love more 70s designs for all of these. this guy is great!