dee and ricky’s lego jewels




saw a bit about these simple, smart lego-heart brooches by dee and ricky on a recent post on style salvage….i see they also make lego belt buckles, too! totally whimsical and cute.

it almost goes w/o saying these would be easy-peasy to just make oneself, though, right? whether you pony up for these ones, that have already been lovingly made, or diy…you’ve gotta admit they’re pretty darn fun.


  1. Valerie

    I love the idea of this, and think it’s totally cute that you can make your own design.

    I would totally wear my own heart shaped lego buckle with some cute jeans and a sweater and my gorgeous diamond earrings I bought from and show off this hip look when I go downtown with my girlfriends.

    Very clever, I can totally see this at urban!