tracey neuls: [dip] dyed

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Picture 11.png

i’ve long been a fan of the footwear stylings of british cobbler tracey neuls. she creates foot fashions under her own name, as well as the moniker tn_29, the latter being her arty, conceptual line (the current season of said additional line is inspired by the work of joseph beuys). tracey creates handmade shoes that have a thoughtful, idiosyncratic, arty vibe.

these dip-dyed kicks really resonate with my own personal tastes: i love the pairing of the neutral, natural colored leather and the pops of intense color that cap off each end of the shoe. that indigo blue! so perfect, so reminiscent of the color of inky, dark raw denim (would go great with such, too!). the shapes she uses are classic, but each pair seems to embody a design twist that makes it’s look individualistic and totally tracey neuls. on that note, see the shape and construction of many of her heels: the heel and main part of the shoe appear to be as one. the result makes her shoes look a little different. different is (always) good.

you can find some of tracey neuls’ work (and other great footwear lines!) at canadian retailer gravity pope.


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  2. Tara

    Hi there!
    I have been a lurker for quite a while…. love having a window on your colorful life and am delighted you are back to blogging, now that baby here!
    It is funny… even though we have never met, I am constantly running into things while at vintage stores that make me think, “O Tricia would love this!” I am envious of your unique but fully identify-able style (does this make sense?). Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. ambika

    These are just brilliant. Especially here, where the water often makes your shoes look like this anyways! I’m especially loving that blue, too.

  4. Sal

    Man alive, I love every single one of her designs. Just need to knock over a bank right quick so I can get one of each …