omg!: some picks from interweave crochet magazine’s winter 2009 issue




shown here are some of the stunning, on point, ridiculously amazing crochet patterns featured in the latest issue (winter 2009) of interweave crochet magazine. i’m absolutely obsessed with that last sweater and it’s ginormous, delicious oversized bow. and that ruffled neckwarmer thingy?? holy gods it’s fan-freakin’-tastic. *faints*

i saw these photos as previews on their site sometime back in the middle of december (get a gander at these and more here) and was so haunted by them that…i proceeded to jaunt down to my local borders nearly every single day over the holidays, hoping it had arrived (they were slow getting it on to the stands). i can be a tad crazed when i really want something!

now, to find the time to obsessively work on such pieces… hrm!


  1. vasiliisa

    Oh, I really love these! I have bought some issues of Interweave Crochet because most patterns you can find in Finnish are for doilies; however, I soon noticed following a pattern in English is a bit much for me :p

  2. katie

    That bow cardigan makes me wish I could figure out how to crochet! It is luscious. I try and try to hook, but I just can’t. I can knit, but not crochet!

  3. tricia

    sarai: good question! i am wondering the same thing. perhaps the relative stiffness of crochet or the fiber lends some body to said bow? i hope it’s that sturdy in reality. it’s just the bee’s knees!

    katie: why not take a class? i learned to crochet via a private lesson at a yarn shop. it was well worth the money. what i didn’t get from the lesson, i was then able to teach myself. perhaps that would work? just like knitting, once you see how the stitches are formed and so forth, you’ll understand how it works and why it looks like it does.

  4. Susan

    I’m with you on the bow sweater. It is quite fantastic, and pretty easy to make. Best of all, it’s a show-stopper.